Name: Mike Paiva
Nickname: "The Full Effect"
Hometown: "The City of Champions", Brockton, Massachusetts
Weight: 145 lbs.
Height: 5'6"
Manager: Mercedes
Theme Music: "Push It" by Static X
Pro Debut: June 11, 1999 at the Whaling City Festival in New Bedford, Ma vs. Suicidal Siva and The Hi-Lite Kid in a Triple Threat Match
Resume: Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW), South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW), Main Event Wrestling (MEW), Atlantic Wrestling Federation (AWF), and Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)
Titles Held: YPW Lightheavyweight Chamion 4x YPW Tag Team Champion (w/ Curt Daniels [3] and Hi-Lite Kid)
Toughest Match: vs. Dr. Heresy (9/1/00)
Favorite Match: vs. Ricky Vasquez (7/06/01)
Favorite Quote: "DARE TO PLAY MY WAY"

    Mike Paiva and Curt Daniels became friends because of wrestling.  They both wanted to be a wrestler in the worst way.  After three years of friendship, Curt and Mike got a unique opportunity.  Curt's karate instructor, Paul Curtain had a twenty minute spot on a Yankee Pro Wrestling card during intermission.  Paul knew how much these hungry young men wanted to be wrestlers, so he let the two boys get into the ring after the exhibition was over and the two teens put it all on the line.  "We knew we didn't have much time, so we basically killed each other with big moves." Mike says.  Tatanka, of WWF fame was in the arena that night yelling for the two to get out of the ring.  After it was all over the crowd gave a standing ovation to the two young hopeful's.  Neither of them knew what would come of this occasion.  "This should have blackballed us from the business all together but it didn't.  We found out that when Joe [Eugenio] wanted to talk to us, it was to get us to start training."
    Once the two stepped into the ring, they received a rude awakening.  "Brickhouse" Baker was the trainer and taught the boys everything they know.  Mike's first match came as a surprise as he was only going to the Whaling City Festival to train - no one was there to train him.  Instead Mike was put into a triple-threat match with Suicidal Silva and The Hi-Lite Kid.  After that match he wrestled in a Battle Royal, and later in the day, wrestled Abunai.  From then it was onto the Taunton Roseland Ballroom where, Suicidal Silva and Mike talked about tagging together against the debuting Curt Daniels and Tex McCoy.  The match didn't work out for Silva and Paiva, so they quickly scrapped the idea of tagging.  
    For a few months after that there were no booking for Paiva.  "When I was sitting at home we [Daniel's] talked about the difference between the new South Coast Championship Wrestling and Yankee Pro Wrestling, and we decided to invade YPW along with a few other young wrestlers, at - where else - the Fall River P.A.L."  So on that night Mike Paiva, Curt Daniels, Damian Houston, Kid Krazy, and Frankie Armadillo stormed into the ring area and attacked "LLLLEEDDDDGGENNND" Robbie Ellis, Rob Roberts, and interrupting the main event that night.  Named the "New Wave" the five young wrestler vowed to take YPW by storm.
    On May 6, it was the New Wave's time.  Kid Krazy won the Lightweight title from The Hi-Lite Kid in a terrific match, and gave the New Wave their first title win.  But that wouldn't be the last.  Earlier in the evening the current tag champs weren't arriving at the building.  So the decision was made to give the titles to the last champs, Trent McNeely and Blackheart, and they would face the new team of - Curt Daniels and Mike Paiva.  "This was great news for us that we were facing them when we did because these guys are huge and it would take allot for us to beat them, but the fact was that during their last title reign they had tension witch led to several matches with the two so we figured it would be easier than we thought."  As the match progressed it looked like the former champs would take home the gold again, but in one mistake Trent hit Blackheart by accident, and when Trent wanted to go for a tag Blackheart sucker punched Trent in the face.  "We saw this as an opportunity to take the win at that point so we did."  With new Tag champs and a new Lightweight champ the New Wave was riding high.  
    After the match Reverend Redemption came out to warn the group that their days were numbered, and attacked the group.  This lead to a month later at the P.A.L. where the champs would take on the Rev. and "The Punisher" Don Vega.  The match was dominated by the bigger men and with help from a double-team maneuver they had won the titles.  Also on that night Kid Krazy lost his Lightweight title.  "That night basically wrote the last chapter on the New Wave, but I wouldn't say the book is closed."
    On October 6th, the Tag Team Titles were on the line.  "TNT" Terry Thomas and Alex Payne were going to defend their titles against the new team of Mike Paiva and The Hi-Lite Kid.  The new duo used their speed and agility to get the upper hand, and in the end they were victorious.  To show that they were not "paper" champions, Hi-Lite and Paiva took on all comers.
    To the surprise of all the team held onto their titles for exactly three months.  It was on January 6th at the Fall River Boys and Girls Club that The Hi-Lite Kid and Mike Paiva defended their titles against their toughest challenge of all - "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni and "Mini" G Kid Krazy.  The match was all Gino and Mini G beating on Paiva for most of the match.  When Mike finally got the upper hand on Kid Krazy he went for a moonsault.
    "I've wrestled Kid Krazy many times before so I knew what his weaknesses were.  When I went up for the moonsault I expected Hi-Lite to take care of Gino, but when I hit nothing but canvas I saw Hi-Lite pull Krazy out of the ring - I knew I was abandoned."
    Mike never got a chance to get his sweet revenge on The Hi-Lite Kid.  Instead he got someone else to be on his side - Mercedes.  Mercedes is new to the wrestling business and you will see allot more of her in the months and years to come.
    Curt Daniels and Mike Paiva grabbed the tag team titles once again from their arch rivals Kid Krazy and Gino Giovanni on March 24, 2001 at the Former Bank Street Armory in Fall River (former ECW stomping ground).  "It as such a thrill to win the titles once again with Curt, and it was even more of a thrill to win it where Curt and I once sat in the crowd and watched the greats of ECW battle it out."  Although they won the titles in controversial fashion they defended the titles several times showing that they were not lame duck champions.  On May 11, at the P.A.L. Hall in Fall River the empire began to crumble when Curt could not arrive to the building because he was too "wasted" to make it to the building from a party the night before.  "I talked to Andy [Jaxx] five minutes before the show started and he told me that Curt could not make it, and that he wasn't able to drive himself to the show.  So now I had the titles to defend on my own."
    Instead of a handicap match Mercedes offered to take Curt's place.  The crowd responded to a thunderous ovation and Mercedes was now in the tag team match against the newly crowned Hardcore Champion The Necromaster and Sinister.  After about ten minutes in the ring Mike tagged in Mercedes.  She stormed into the ring and gave her opponents low blows, and gave her finisher (a wheel-barrel bulldog) to The Necromaster.  Since YPW adopted the 24/7 rule, Max "The Butcher" Brannigan came to get what he thought was rightfully his, the Hardcore Title.  After knocking Necromaster out with a frying pan he got the pin and the hardcore title.  Mercedes saw an opportunity and got on top of Necromaster and got the three.   Mercedes retained the tag team title for Curt and Mike.
    The next night the heat between Curt and Mike boiled beyond belief.  "Curt acted like Andy was his partner more than I am.  I should have seen what was coming."  All night Andy and Curt yelled at the fans - something Curt never did.  Finally when they were set to defend their titles against The Score, Curt would not tag in Mike.  "Mercedes and I had to once again win the match without Curt's help.  After the match I thought that Curt was sincere in offering a handshake but I was dead wrong."  Curt and Andy proceeded to put the boots to Paiva and give him what they called "The Wedgie-Bomb."
    "Now that Curt and I are not on speaking terms to say the least, I don't know what is going to happen to the titles, we are still the champions....aren't we?"
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