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These stories are for adults only and include graphic and sometimes shocking content. The stories in this collection are provided for your entertainment. If a story does not amuse you do not read it. Many of the stories describe practices that could get you hurt or arrested. We assume that you are a mature adult who can enjoy weird fantasies without acting them out. If not, please leave. Each story with a has been singled out for merit.

If you want to write a story, please read Poison Pen's Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica. If you would like to submit a story for this collection, consult my Guidelines for Authors. In any event, be sure to read the Terms of Use for this collection and, if you have trouble with zip files, Information on Zip Files. Note that for files larger than 100,000 characters in size you may choose either a text file or zip file.

(B/D is bondage/discipline, D/s is dominance/submission, NC is nonconsensual, S/M is sadism/masochism, WS is watersports)

New Stories:

Maria's Adventures: Story One, Part One by Maria S. (Hetero sex, Oral, Toys, Light bondage, Interracial, Anal, Implied forced sex) added 6/30/01
Married with Children: Kelly's First Taste of Pussy by Bobbi Young (Parody, Lesbian sex, Younger girl/older woman, Toys) added 6/17/01
My Older Woman by Baloden (Young man/older woman, Lactation, First time, Impregnation) added 6/30/01
One Night in the South... by Sweethotcoco (Hetero sex, Vampires) added 6/17/01
Summer Clubhouse by Teens, WS, Exhibitionism, Anal, Oral, First time (Angie O'Day and Sivrag) added 6/17/01
The Bus Stop Diary of Jenny Young Pt. 2 by Jenny Y as told to Sivrag (Teens, Peeing, Exhibitionism) added 6/17/01
The First of the Month by Kimberly D. (Prostitution) added 6/30/01
The Initiation by Speed (Gangbang) added 6/17/01


Maggie Redux by Whiff (Interracial, Hetero sex, Boy/older woman) added 5/27/00
Magic by Dan (Hetero sex, Vampires) added 8/23/00
Mama Juju and the Black Mamba Man by Stormbringer (Black magic, Hetero sex, Interracial) added 10/16/00
Mandy (zipped) by Purplecat (Incest-family, Pedophilia, Group, Anal, Oral, WS, Fisting, zoo sex-woman/dog) added 5/13/01
Marci by Purplecat (Hetero sex, Rape, BDSM) added 5/13/01
Marian's Choice (Part One) by Sera (Lesbian sex, NC) added 2/27/00
Marines2: The New Rookie by Storyteller37 (Sci fi, Tentacles, WS) added 12/7/99
Married with Children: My Brother Bud, by Kelly by Bobbi Young (Parody, Incest-brother/sister, Lesbian sex) added 5/29/01
Martha by Purplecat (Incest-mother/son, Hetero sex, Lesbianism, Bi sex, Anal, Oral) added 5/13/01
Marty (Gainer)
Marty's Choice by Dave Stewart (Supernatural, Femdom) added 5/20/01
Mary Jane Johnson: Sorority Slut by Mary (Group sex, Breast sex, and Cum-guzzling) added 6/29/99
Marylyn Sends Joan a Dark Problem (Wrestling-female/female)
Match Point by Arthur Saxon (Exhibitionism) added 2/27/00
Match Point Two - Another Match Point by Arthur Saxon (Exhibitionism) added 3/17/00
Me and My Neighbor (Group sex, Incest-bother/sister) added 7/5/99
Mean Angela by G-Boy (Gangrape, D/s, Lesbian sex) added 4/24/99
Mei's Last Barbecue (Snuff, Cannibalism)
Mel's Dark Perversion by Barbwire (Hetero sex, WS, Vomit, Mild D/s) updated 6/20/99
Melissa by Purplecat (Slut wife, Group sex, Bi sex, Interracial, Lesbian) added 6/10/01
Michael by Kitty (Scat, Menstruation, Orgy, Lesbian sex, Zoo-woman/man/dog, Bi sex, WS, Aliens, Lactation, Plant sex, Incest - family, Impregnation, Sci-fi) updated 2/11/01
Milking Time by Gregster (Shemales, Huge penises, Masturbation, Lesbian sex, Mild D/s) added 12/11/99
Milking Time II: The Agony and The Ecstasy by Gregster (Shemale sex, Huge penises, Masturbation, Fisting, Lesbian, Mild domination) added 3/7/00
Milking Time III (zipped) by Gregster (Shemales, Huge penises, Masturbation, Lesbian themes, Mild domination) added 6/10/00
Milking Time IV (zipped) by Gregster (Shemales, Huge penises, Masturbation, Lesbian sex, D/s) added 8/7/00
Milking Time V (zipped) by Gregster (Shemales, Huge penises, Masturbation, Lesbian themes, D/s) added 12/25/00
Millennium Rape by Galemattias (Hetero sex, NC, Gang-rape, B/D, Incest-brother/sister) updated 1/6/00
Mindy's Humiliation by DamonX (Humiliation, Gangbang, Anal) added 1/13/00
Mirror Marlene by Ulyssa Kincaid (Hetero interracial, Older woman/younger man, Implied impregnation) added 5/27/00
Moaning Lisa by Dimension_w (Erotic parody: The Simpsons, Incest-brother/sister, Oral, First time, NC) added 3/7/00
Mommy Goes to Heaven by Sally and Peter Kelsall (Snuff) added 6/20/98
Mommy's Bottom Drawer by Pervitron (Underwear fetish) added 7/5/99
More Adventures by Horny Hubby and Ginger (Hetero sex, Exhibitionism) added 5/28/99
More than enough (Interracial, Gangbang, Wife sharing) added 4/17/99
Mother Still Takes Me to the Toilet by Kim (Toilet experiences) added 7/30/00
Mother/Daughter Rape? by Tera D. (Incest-mother/daughter, NC) added 7/2/99
Motherly Advice (zipped) by David Oberman (Bi sex, Zoo sex-people/dogs, Gangbang) added 11/24/00
Movin' On Up - A Jeffersons Sex Parody by auseyre (Hetero sex, Erotic Parody) added 9/17/99
Movin' On Up Again by (Parody, Bi sex, Incest, Toys) added 10/14/99
Mr. Anjim, a Friend, and I by Lovely Brown (Hetero Sex) added 6/20/99
Mr. Poe by Parker (Mind control, Hetero sex, NC)
Mrs Finley by Snack (Erotic Cannibalism, NC, Sadism, Violence) added 9/21/99
Mrs. Chung by Jayson (Interracial, Incest, Intergeneration, Anal, Bi sex) added 6/23/99
Mrs. Martin by Tom Davis (Masturbation, Bi sex, Some NC) added 9/3/99
Mrs. Soothe by Silky Time and Miss Mink (Smoking, Sleep, Fur fondling) added 3/27/00
Ms Daynes by The Dog's Bollocks (Hetero sex, Teen) added 7/4/00
Ms. Harper -- The Educated Fart by Zibbit Bean-O (Farting, Femdom) added 3/11/99
My Babysitter by T.Man (Threesome - MFF) added 8/30/99
My Best Friend's Mom by The Dog (Hetero sex) added 2/3/99
My Birthday Present (Cuckolding) added 10/27/98
My Cannibalism Experiences by Deathrider (Cannibalism) added 4/6/99
My Confession by The MBA (Hetero sex, NC, Violence) added 5/6/00
My Early Years (Transvestite) added 5/19/99
My Experience by Draw33 (Hetero sex, Older man/young girl, Rape) added 4/22/01
My Fantasy by Stu Bers (Bi sex, Cross-dressing, Oral, Anal, WS, Scat) added 1/1/00
My First Match was a Loss... : ( by Wrstlgrl (Wrestling-male/female, Bi sex)
My First Time? A New Twist by (Gay sex, NC) added 12/16/99
My Incredible Sex Experience by Casanova (Threesome, Snowballing) added 7/18/99
My Introduction by Dante (Panty fetish) updated 8/27/00
My Jealous Wife (Catfight, Hetero sex) added 9/7/98
My Life as a Piss Drinker VI: One Saturday Morning by OzFreakk (Masturbation, Toys, WS, Hetero sex) added 8/14/00
My Life as a Piss Drinker: Part 1 - The First Piss by OzFreakk (WS, Hetero sex, Anal) added 10/6/99
My Life as a Piss Drinker: Part II - The Christening by OzFreakk (WS) added 10/6/99
My Life as a Piss Drinker: Part III - The Upstairs Bathroom by OzFreakk (WS, Hetero sex, Oral, Anal, Toys) added 10/6/99
My Life as a Piss Drinker: PartIV - Sleep Sex by OzFreakk (WS) updated 11/19/99
My Life as a Voyeur: A Memoir (Voyeurism, Hetero sex)
My Loving Wife by DamonX (Hetero sex, Cheating, Anal, Oral, Rimming, Group sex, Interracial) added 4/22/01
My Night Out by Gwen Burke (Group sex) added 3/21/99
My Night with Hanson by KissingTaylor (Celebrity, Teen, NC, Bondage) added 3/27/00
My Phone Lover, Liam by Angeleyes (Phone sex) added 1/23/00
My Secret Garden by Hi Hi (Incest-son/mother, Scat, D/s) added 11/24/00
My Shaved Experience I by Lucien (Shaving, Panties, Hetero sex, Swinging) added 11/30/99
My Shaved Experience II by Lucien (Shaving, Panties, Hetero sex, Swinging) added 11/27/99
My Shaved Experience II by Lucien (Shaving, Panties, Hetero sex, Swinging) added 11/30/99
My Sister-in-law by Squeeze (Wife-sharing, Threesome) added 2/8/00
My Thing About Vomit by Ralph T. Castle (Vomit fetish) added 12/26/98
My Trip Out West by skywalker (Hetero sex, Femdom, Dildos, Bi sex, Group sex) added 9/21/99
My Vomit Princess (Vomit, Hetero sex)
My Wicked Mother-in-law by Dr. X (Rape, B/D, Leather glove fetish, Snuff) added 2/27/99
My Wicked Stepmother and Her Wonderful Panties by (Incest-stepmother/stepson, Panty fetish) added 5/13/01
My Wife and the Truckers by Mr Tim (Wife-sharing, Group sex, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 12/7/99
My Wife Rose and the Pub Manager by Demon (Hetero sex, Slut wife, Interracial, Zoo sex-dog/woman) added 2/18/00
My Wife Rose and the Van Drivers by Demon (Hetero sex, Slut wife, Gangbang, Zoo sex-dog/woman) added 2/18/00
My Wife Roxanne (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Scat)
My Wife's Friend by Thor Thunder (Hetero sex, Anal, Sleeping, NC) added 10/26/99
My Wife's Strange Request by (NC, Anal, B/D, S/M) added 5/2/00
My Wife, a Cum-Drenched Slut - And I Love It by Mr. Cautious (Slut wife) added 8/14/00
My Wife, the Cum-Guzzling Slut (zipped) by Mister storyteller (Slut wife, NC) added 5/29/01
My Wife: Weekend One by ZZ (Femdom, Gangbang, Slutwife, Bi sex) added 10/29/00
Nag No More by Stonehead (Hetero sex, S/M, Humiliation, Gangbang, NC, Rape, Pain) added 3/7/00
Naked and Helpless (zipped) (Bi sex, Drugging, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, NC) added 5/22/00
Naked Assasin by Whiff (Hetero Sex, Snuff) added 11/11/99
Nancy's Hong Kong Adventure by Captain Squall (Interracial, Asian, Hetero sex) added 3/11/99
Nasty Sitter by Duke Vancouver (Interracial, Hetero sex, Oral, Slutwife) added 1/21/01
Naughty Pictures by Stormbringer (Oral, Anal, Interracial, Adultery, Blackmail.) added 8/7/00
Navy Wife Serves Black (Chap4) by TJ Ryder (Hetero sex, Bondage, Femdom, Illustrated) added 10/26/99
Neanderthal by Pervitron (Hetero and gay sex, Interracial, Oral) added 8/10/99
Necrophilia by Mike Hunt (Snuff, Hetero sex)
Never to Early to Learn - Part IV by AlterEgo (TV, Zoo sex-boy/dog) added 3/1/01
New Year's Eve Deceit by Joe the Cuckold (Hetero sex, Interracial, Threesome, Wife sharing) added 5/3/99
New Year's Pee (WS) added 7/30/99
Night of the Wolves by Lysander (Furry-wolf)
Night Out by The Player (Group sex) added 2/27/00
Nikki Gets What She Wants by Michael J. Cox (NC, Anal rape) added 5/20/01
Nikos by Bill Mann (Hetero sex, Vampire) added 12/11/99
No Harm in Looking by Slarty Bartfast (Hetero, Rape, NC, Gangbang) updated 1/1/00
Not So Suite by Karla (WS, Gang bang, NC) added 2/11/99
Nothing Stranger Than What I see Daily by Baxk3tt3 Cas3 (Sci Fi, Telekenisis, Alien, Shapeshifter, Hetero sex) added 6/23/99
Nurses by Dave (Sci fi, Fantasy) added 11/7/99
Obliging Wives by Sally (Lesbian sex, Incest-family, Double story) updated 9/26/99
Observations from my Window by UK Snowy (Voyeurism, Masturbation, Fantasy) added 6/26/00
Off Road by Kimberly D. (Gangbang, Zoo sex-dog/woman) added 4/24/00
Off with the Old; On with the New by (Romance, Hetero sex, Oral) added 5/12/00
Officer Lynn by Lynn J (D/s, Anal sex, NC, WS) added 1/28/99
Officer Lynn, Part 2 by Lynn J (Hetero and lesbian sex, Anal, Dildos) added 2/7/99
Officer Lynn, Part 3 by Lynn J (NC, Hetero sex, Incest-aunt/nephew, WS) added 9/17/99
Oh-Oh Mommy: You Shouldn't Get So Drunk by Mkarl (Incest-Mother/son, Interracial, Gangbang) added 8/10/99
Old Enough to Bleed by Juli Ritt (D/s, NC, Rape, Anal, Oral, WS) added 3/25/01
Olsen Twins VII: Into the Octagon by Mkarl (Cat fight) added 9/17/99
Olsen Twins VIII: Animal Farm by Mkarl (Zoo sex-pig/goat/horse/bull (and more)) added 10/14/99
Olsen Twins: Texas Dildo Massacre by Mkarl (Lesbian incest, NC, WS, Teen) added 9/14/99
Olympic Tail by Dave (Fantasy) added 11/7/99
On the Bus by Tafod Arian (Hetero sex, NC, Humiliation) added 5/30/00
Once in a Lifetime by Wild Horse (Exhibition, Wife sharing) added 9/7/98
One Friday Night in Moscow, Idaho by ADS (Bondage, Sci-Fi, Dildos, She-male) added 1/28/00
One Last Fuck (Hetero sex, Anal) added 5/20/01
Oracle II: A Woman's touch by Nightman37 (Lesbian sex, Hetero sex, Voyeurism) added 5/12/00
Orcish Encounter by storyteller37 (Fantasy, Orc/elven sex, NC) added 11/1/99
Origins by Dave (Sci fi, Fantasy) added 11/7/99
Our Bizarre Life Change by Jake (Hetero sex, Interracial, Cuckolding, Sex slaves) added 1/26/00
Our Plaything by roxxygrrl_2000 (Hetero, Oral, Interracial, Gangbang, Transexual) updated 1/6/00
Out to Lunch - (A true story) by Lucien (Hetero sex) added 11/30/99
Pam's Continuing Transformation by Andy (Hetero Sex, NC, WS, Fighting, Scat) added 5/13/99
Pamela's Transformation by Andy (Scat, WS, Vomit, Snot, Zoo sex-various animals, Group Sex) added 3/7/99
Panties for Mr. Snoid by Sally and Mr. Snoid (Panty fetish) added 12/3/98
ParkSlut! by Suzie SleaZe (Exhibitionism, Orgy, Oral, Anal, Fisting, WS, Interracial, Mild S/M) added 3/25/01
Party Slut by Scott Beatty (Hetero sex, Anal, Oral, Gangbang, Fisting) added 5/12/00
Passenger 47 by Calloway (Hetero sex, Exhibitionism, Masturbation) added 8/10/99
Passing Fantasies by Les (Voyeurism, Hetero sex) added 5/16/98
Patricia's Story by Jake (Hetero sex, Interracial, Cuckolding, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Gangbang) added 1/26/00
Payback! by Joe the Cuckold (Cuckolding) updated 5/6/99
Paying For My Attitude by WimpHub (Femdom, Humiliation, Cuckolding, Pain, WS, Scat, Vomit) updated 1/1/00
Paying the Rent by AllFaithIsLost (Foot fetish, D/s, Lesbian sex) added 4/8/00
Perv's Success by Bolshoikedr (Hetero sex, Anal, Interracial) added 8/14/00
Pervert's Punishment by WimpHub (Incest-father/daughter, Femdom, Cuckolding, Humiliation, Pain, WS, Scat) added 12/7/99
Peter and Louise by Tafod Arian (Bi sex, NC, Humiliation) added 8/3/00
Pickup by Clark St John (Hetero sex, Threesome) added 5/22/00
Piggy Eyes by red sugar (Gay sex, Violence) added 9/7/99
Policewoman (Hetero incest, Interracial) added 7/15/99
PORNO TV: The Mary Tyler Moore Show [RERUN] by Shelby Bush (Hetero sex) added 8/10/99
Portrait of an Exhibitionist (Exhibitionism) added 4/17/99
Power Rangers: Lust filled Space by Triple X (Erotic parody, Lesbian sex) added 3/7/00
Powerless Part 3 by The Scotsman (Incest, Older women, Young boys/girls, Pedo, NC) added 5/30/00
Pregnant with Tentacles by Arthur Saxon (Tentacle rape, Impregnation, Scat, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Hetero sex) added 10/22/00
Prom Girl by Leigh De Santa Fe (Forced cross-dressing, Humiliation) added 10/19/99
Proud Ladies: Visiting Lady De Winter by Force (NC, Gangrape) added 7/14/00
Prunes by Dave (Fantasy) added 11/7/99
Psych Hospital: Divorce Wars by Llabmik (Rape, NC, Hetero sex, Gang rape, Torture, Snuff, Humiliation) added 4/22/01
Punishment by storyteller37 (Group rape, Bestiality, B/D, Elven sex) added 11/1/99
Punishment Never Forgotten by Secretkeeper1955 (Discipline, Humiliation, Spanking, Public nudity) added 4/4/01
Queen Alexandria by Weekend Wizard (Monster sex-woman/monsters, Gangbang, Fantasy, ) added 4/9/99
Queen of Hearts and Jack of Diamonds by Suzy, the Biker Chick Floozy (Foot fetish, Oral sex, Snuff) added 8/22/99
Rachel Tucker by Largo (Voyeurism, Exhibitionism) added 4/27/99
Racial Disagreement by Alex (Gang rape) added 5/16/99
Rape Confessional #1 by jaz1701 (Rape, Incest) added 8/23/00
Rape Confessional #2 by Jaz1701 (Rape) added 6/10/01
Rape in a Cemetery by Willailla (Rape) added 6/19/00
Rape in Chengdu (Hetero sex, NC, Gangbang) added 2/11/01
Rape in Chengdu (Hetero sex, Rape, NC, Gangbang) added 3/25/01
Rape of Molly by Goo-Girl (Rape) added 5/19/99
Rape of the Matrons by TSElliot (Rape) added 8/23/00
Raped in the Woods by Night Owl (Gang rape, Hetero sex) added 6/19/00
Raping Amanda (zipped) by Tafod Arian (Hetero sex, NC, Impreg) added 1/23/00
Raping Lilly by Justmaster (Rape, Interracial) added 12/11/99
Raping the Coffee House Girl (Snuff, Rape, NC)
Ravaged by gen_xs (NC, Masturbation) added 5/29/01
Ravagers by Dave (Sci-fi, Human/alien sex, Snuff) added 1/28/00
Raw Footage by Ulyssa Kincaid (Gangbang, Interracial) added 3/31/00
Real Time Encounter by LouisHoney (Toys, Light B/D) added 3/7/99
Realization of a Dream by Michael (Cannibalism) updated 7/19/98
Reboot: Dot's the Way, uh huh, uh huh, I Like It! by Superjizz (Parody) updated 1/21/01
Recruitment by Didi (Lesbian sex) added 5/12/00
Redemption (Crime drama, Revenge, Humiliation, Adult incest, Murder) added 12/2/99
Rejected by Penthouse Forum #5: Forced to Fuck the Irish (Gangbang, Humiliation, Cuckolding) added 10/27/98
Retribution by Clark St. John (Hetero sex, Torture, Hanging) added 5/19/99
Revenge Gone Bad by Computerdude1950 (Gangbang, NC) updated 8/14/99
Revenge is a Dish Best Served with Your Ex's New Girlfriend's Pussy! by Giselle (Humor, Lesbian sex) updated 1/26/00
Revenge is Sweet - Even in an Indirect Way! by Cathy Thompson (Exhibitionism, Self humiliation, Spanking, Cum) updated 6/26/00
Revenge Of The X's by Computerdude1950 (Rape, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 7/24/99
Revenge on the Neighbor Boy by (Hetero sex, NC, Male rape) added 1/6/00
Ride Um Cowboy! by Mr. Snoid (Hetero sex & incest, Hanging, Rape, NC)
Riding the Javelin by David Shaw (Hetero, Gangbang, NC, Humiliation, Breasts, School) added 10/3/99
Riding the Unicorn by Equus Troianus (Zoo sex-woman/unicorn, Rape, Revenge, Bloodshed) added 8/18/99
Rigg by Cristie Jackson (Interracial sex) added 4/22/01
Riley Finds Her Man by Brigidine (B/D, Sadism, Snuff, NC) added 11/4/98
Ritual Torture by Justine399 (BDSM, Zoo sex-woman/dog, Lactation) added 2/18/00
Rose's Wildest Night by Rose (Gangbang, NC (sort of), Toys, Bondage, Flirtation) added 6/10/00
Rosie and Lisa (zipped) by Sinister Twilight (Incest, Zoo sex-women/dogs, Gangbang) added 9/3/99
Rural Road Rapist by Misty (Anal rape, Snuff) added 10/27/98
Ruthie Rabbit and the Hounds by DANTE (Snuff, Bestiality-woman/dog)
Sabrina and Virginia by (Lesbian sex, Voyeur, WS, Zoo-dog/woman) added 3/7/00
Sabrina and Virginia II by (Lesbian sex, Hetero sex, Incest-daughter/father, Dog) added 6/10/00
Satan Dials 1-666-COLLECT by TDM (Rape, Fisting) added 5/22/00
SatisFire by Del Edwards (Virtual sex) added 11/30/99
Saturday Afternoon Football? by (Gay sex, Oral, Cross-dressing) added 1/15/01
Saved by the Bell: Orgy at Bayside? by Allen Bergmann (Parody) added 3/27/99
School Trip by MAG (First time) added 7/5/99
Schoolgirl Crushed by Wetpussy (NC, Gangbang) added 4/4/01
Schoolgirl Rape by dark shadowy figure (Lesbian incest, Orgy, Hetero sex, NC) added 8/14/99
Scott (Gay sex, Gainer)
Sea Tale by Dave (Fantasy, Romance) added 11/7/99
Security Problem by Anastasius (Rape, Snuff, NC)
Seduction, Obsession, Possession by Ms. Jessica Trollop (Group sex, Gang rape) added 6/5/99
Seinfeld by Allen Bergmann (Erotic parody, Hetero sex) added 12/11/99
Selling Your Cookies by Ron's World (Hetero sex-older men/young girl, Oral, Anal, Incest-father/daughter) added 1/7/01
Sellsword 2: The Spider Priestess by Arogue (Demonic rape, Threesome) added 10/22/00
Sellsword 3 - The Witch of Ravenstone by Arogue (Bi-sex, 0ral, Anal, Threesome, Violence) added 11/24/00
Sellsword 4 - The Necromancer by Arogue (Fantasy setting, Lesbian sex, Necrophilia, Cannibalism) added 12/3/00
Sensual Succubus (zipped) by Whiff (Demons, Bi sex, Snuff) added 1/6/00
Serial Rapist by T.S. Elliot (Rape) added 3/25/01
Sex in Space by Chitra (Hetero sex, Gangbang, NC, Snuff) added 3/25/01
Sex Lessons for Alison by Chester Williams (Rape, Anal, Oral, NC) added 4/22/01
Sex Story by Michael Sheldon (Hetero sex, Oral, Exhibitionism, Interracial) added 4/4/01
Sexy Neighbor Girl by Majin (Hetero sex, Oral) added 1/7/01
Shannon by Purplecat (Hetero sex, Lesbian sex, Gangbang, Orgy) added 5/29/01
Sharlann and Dad - Punishment Day by Sharlann (Incest-father/daughter, NC, Spanking, Piercing, Bondage) added 4/4/01
Shattered Illusions by Bloodlightning (Sci fi, Interspecies sex) added 7/26/98
She Bangs by Jenna Ink (Oral, Anal) added 10/29/00
She Devil by Danielle (Supernatural) added 10/8/00
Sheik Rashid's Vengeance by Llabmik (Revenge, Rape, NC, Scat, WS, Electrical shock, Gangbang, Slavery) added 4/4/01
Shopping Trip by Krista (Gang rape, Bi sex, WS, NC) updated 11/18/99
Should A Seen Them Melons by Nathan LaPlume (Masturbation, Voyeurism, First time) added 3/9/99
Shylock's Encounter by CRaZy (Rape) added 1/7/01
Sibling Rivalry by Sally and Robin G. Pierce (Female Wrestling) added 7/3/98
Silver by Seychelle (Sci fi, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Oral, Transvestism, Femdom, NC, Anal, B/D, CP, WS, Body modification) added 11/4/99
Simone the Slavecunt by Sean (Hetero sex, Cuckolding, Slutwife, BDSM) added 3/27/00
Sindeea (series) by storyteller37 (Fantasy sex, Incest, Elven/Orc sex, Bondage, Anal) added 11/27/99
Sins Of Sanity by Crazy Snake (Rape, Zoo sex-woman/dog, Snuff) added 2/27/99
Sissy Dani (Femdom, Mind control, Cross-dress, Bi sex) added 10/27/98
Sister Margarita by J. Edgar Hoover (D/s, Spanking, Lesbian sex) added 9/26/99
Sitting Pretty by Satarvalluss (Face-sitting, Femdom) added 6/10/01
Sixth Grade Summer Vacation - Part 1 by (Hetero sex-older man/young girl, NC, Light bondage, Oral, Anal) added 4/22/01
Skinner by R/Dave (Involuntary sex change, Transgender) added 5/29/01
Slave Rape? by jaz1701 (D/s, Hetero sex, NC?) added 2/8/00
Sleep Tight (Spandex fetish, Self-bondage) added 8/10/99
Sleeping Beauty by Cat (Lesbian Rape, S/M)
Slumber Party (Lesbian sex, Shrinking) added 8/10/99
Slumber Party Ridicule by Karla (Humiliation, WS, Scat, Zoo sex-girl/dog) added 11/23/99
Slut Wife Party Game by (Slut wife, Hetero sex, Group) added 7/30/00
Slutty Ex-Girlfriend by V-Man (Gangbang) added 12/25/00
Smoke You to Sleep by Miss Mink (Smoking, Sleep fetish) added 2/27/00
Snatched One Night - An Erotic Story by Secretkeeper1955 (Hetero sex, N/C, Rape, Abduction, Oral, Anal, Exhibitionism) added 3/25/01
Some Party! by (Group sex, NC) added 12/11/99
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (zipped) (Bi Sex, Gangbang, Bestiality, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Drug Use) added 6/5/98
Son, Your Mom Needs Lovin Too by Jaz1701 (Hetero incest, NC, Oral, Anal) added 11/27/99
Sonic the Hedgehog: A Lesson for Tails by Slick Willy (Furry animals, NC, Mutant-cyborg sex) added 1/28/99
Soundguy by catriona (Hetero sex, Threesome, Older man/teens, Oral, Anal) added 5/20/01
South Pacific (Gay sex, Gainer)
Space Babes by (Rape, Monster alien/girl) updated 7/9/99
Space Babes 2 by (Rape, Alien/girl) added 10/10/99
Spider Attack by (Rape, Violence, Monster spiders/girl, Snuff) added 6/5/99
Spider Attack 2 by (Gang Rape, Monster spiders/girl, Snuff) added 6/29/99
Spider Attack 3 (Junior High Massacre) by (Gang rape, Monster spiders/girls, Violence, Snuff) added 8/10/99
Spider Attack 4 (The Doctor) by (Horror, Rape, Monster spider/girl, Snuff, Necrophilia) added 11/4/99
Spider Attack 5: The Silo by (Hetero sex, First time, Teen, Oral) added 3/7/00
Spider Woman's Smotherpussy by (Femdom, Stocking fetish, Snuff, Illustrations) added 2/8/00
Spider Woman's Smotherpussy Part II, The Family Business by (Femdom, Stocking fetish, Snuff) added 2/18/00
Spiderman by (Snuff) added 2/27/00
Stacy Part One (Hetero sex, Public) added 6/10/99
Stag Party by Kathy (Public sex, WS, B/D, S/M, Slut wife) added 9/25/00
Star Bound by Mike Hunt (Sci-fi, Abduction, Male sub) added 9/13/00
Stardust by Dave (Sci fi, Alien, Hetero sex, NC) added 10/23/99
Start of the Day by Juliet (She-male sex) updated 11/4/99
State Champs by (Femdom, Bondage, Masturbation) updated 3/25/01
Stephanie by (Exhibitionism) added 2/8/00
Stiffed in a Coffin - 1 by Deborah S (Rape, Anal sex) added 12/25/00
Stiffed in a Coffin - 2 (Revenge) by Deborah S (NC, Gay sex, Scat) updated 1/7/01
Stolen Manhood (zipped) by Tanya Sissipus and Casper the Friendly Ghost-Writer (Transgender, Bisexual, NC, Incest, Bestiality-dog) added 9/17/99
Stolen Time by Kristina Gavin (Drugging, B/D, Rape, Gangbang, Fisting) added 9/29/98
Stranded by Lili Von Schtupp (Hetero sex, WS) added 8/23/98
Strangers Next Door by Lee Burton (TV, Bi sex, Fisting) added 10/16/00
Street Fighter Alpha 3 XXX: Chun Li's Humiliating Defeat by Superjizz (WS, Humiliation, Lactation, Beating, NC, Parody) added 10/26/99
Strip Poker Remembered by Joe the Cuckold (Strip poker) added 5/6/99
Strip, Poke Her...And Him (Hetero sex, Gay sex, Anal, Oral, Incest-brother/sister, Orgy) added 5/29/01
Student Assistance by Ms Sandy ( (Interracial sex) added 10/19/99
Succubus by Strenoth (Hetero sex, Oral, Domination, Pain, Blood, Snuff, Cannibalism) updated 3/27/00
Suck Slave Superman (zipped) (Gay sex, Oral, NC, Superhero) added 9/11/99
Summer Nights by P (Sci-fi, Femdom, Cannibalism) added 4/17/00
Summer of Lost Innocence by Teenymagnet (First time) added 1/7/01
Supergirl and X by M D James (Rape, B/D, Mind control) added 7/29/98
Supermodel Yasmeen Execution Fantasy by The Marquis (Sadism, Snuff)
Surreal Symbolism by J. A. Aumond (Bi-sex, Spanking) added 7/30/99
Survival! by Mr. Snoid (Bi sex, Cannibalism, Snuff, D/s, S/M) added 5/30/98
Sweat and Piss (Gay WS)
Sweet Sixteen by Shiversilk, (WS, Lesbian sex) added 10/26/99
Tammie by Joe Boone (Hetero sex)
Tattletales by Suzy, the Biker Chick Floozy (Bi sex, Witchcraft, Hetero incest, Threesome) added 10/14/99
Teacher Gets a Lesson by Dean (Femdom, Older man/younger girl, Bi sex, WS) updated 1/1/00
Teacher Humiliated by Tough Schoolgirl by P.M. (Lesbian rape, Interracial) added 3/31/00
Teacher's Night Out by TSElliot (Gang rape) added 9/25/00
Teaching Shannon by Honi Soitqui Malypense (Hetero sex, D/s, Violence) added 9/26/99
Tender Loving Care by DrmWrld69 (Hetero sex, Lactation, Toys) added 10/26/99
Thank Goodness for Friends by tdenny (Threesome, Pantyhose fetish) added 12/7/99
Thank You For Riding the MTA: Part II (aka: "Where the Fuck are my DVDs?") by Douglas Felicia, Esq. (Voyeurism, Rape) added 10/16/00
That Bitch, That Bitch, That Little Fucking Bitch! by Jaz1701 (Rape, Incest-mother-in-law/son-in-law) added 6/10/99
The Abduction by Dave (Sci fi, Fantasy) added 11/7/99
The Asian Princess by Tracey (Hetero Sex, older man/teenaged girl, First time) added 7/21/99
The Awakening by FoxBayou (Hetero & lesbian sex, Police, Humiliation, Oral, Anal, Gangbang, WS) added 6/26/99
The Babysitter by Drmwrld69 (Hetero sex, Role play, Anal, Spanking, Cross dressing) added 9/21/99
The Babysitter Gets Socked by David Meyers (Gay sex, Socks fetish)
The Backpacker by Les (Bi sex & incest, Voyeurism, WS) added 6/14/98
The Beach by OcenRick (Sex-young boy/woman) added 7/9/99
The Beach (Hetero sex, Snuff) updated 3/25/01
The Beaver Meets the Horse (Satire, Zoo sex-man/horse, NC, Snuff) added 10/27/98
The Big Boss Lady by Warren J. Vehec (Giantess) added 9/26/99
The Bill Collector by Phaedrus (Gay sex, D/s, Mild spanking) added 4/22/01
The Birthday Present by Annie mooz (Hetero sex)
The Black Cat Gets Raped by Superjizz (Superhero, Alien, Rape, Humiliation) added 8/10/99
The Black Cat Gets Raped Part 2 by Superjizz (Superheroes, NC, Watersports, Woman/Horse, Woman/Dog, Anal, Gangrape, Interracial, Pregnant, Anal, Piercing, Fisting) added 8/30/99
The Black Hole of Calcutta by Jim Trent (Historical, Soldiers, Rape, Interracial, Snuff) added 8/27/00
The Boxer by WRDWVR (Boxing-female/female)
The Boys in the Band by Jenna (Oral, Anal, NC, Drugging) added 6/10/00
The Bride and the Black Bartenders by Stormbringer (Interracial, Cheating, NC) added 11/15/99
The Builders by Hot Stuff (Oral, Hetero sex, Cheating, Slut wife, Shower, Spanking) added 5/27/00
The Capture of Wonder Woman (Mind control, Hetero sex, B/D) added 7/29/98
The Carlos Hotel by Big Tuna (D/s, Lesbian sex, B/D, Threesome-FFM) added 1/21/01
The Carnival of Torturous Delights by Peter (S/M, Snuff, Cannibalism, WS, Hetero sex, Scat)
The Castaway's Surprise by Andy (Group sex, Scat, WS) added 3/18/99
The Chamber by Phaedrus (Gay Sex) added 3/25/01
The Climax of Her Life (Hetero sex, Bizarre) added 10/27/98
The Climbing Hut (zipped) by Tafod Arian (Bi sex, NC, Humiliation, Spanking, Threesome) updated 6/19/00
The Club by She. rex (Snuff, Cannibalism)
The Cold by Joe Boone (Hetero sex, Lactation)
The Complex by Carta (NC, Monster sex/woman, Tentacle) added 8/27/00
The Coven by storyteller37 (Hetero, NC, Gangbang, She-male) added 12/11/99
The Creation by Clark St. John (Hetero sex, Exhibitionism, Wife sharing, Gangbang, Oral, Anal) added 4/4/01
The Cuckolding by (Hetero sex, Zoo sex-dog/man, Rape, NC, WS, Scat) added 8/30/99
The Cunt (Giantess) added 9/3/99
The Death of Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales by Stefan Menet (Hetero sex, NC, Satire)
The Dinner by Writerguy69 (Hetero sex, Group, B/D, Food, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 5/22/00
The Domination (Part 2) by Blondie (D/s, Gangbang) added 12/13/00
The Domination of Wonder Woman (zipped) (Kidnapping, Bi sex, Gangbang, B/D, Femdom) added 7/29/98
The Dream (Hetero sex, Toys) added 6/10/00
The Dream Family by The Saint (Incest-brother-sister, Bestiality, Slut wife, Interracial) added 12/7/99
The Drink by Scarlett (WS, Hetero sex) added 6/23/98
The Duchess Takes A Ride by Force (Gang rape) added 1/13/00
The Egyptian by Storyteller37 (Sci-Fi, Bestiality, Rape, Anal) added 10/29/00
The Fantasy Godmother by Mkarl (Gang rape, Incest-son/mother) added 9/7/99
The Farmer's Daughter by Nathan LaPlume (Hetero sex, Interracial, Voyeurism, Spanking, Masturbation) added 8/27/00
The Feast by R/Dave (Castration, Feline mind control) added 5/13/01
The Fertility Tantrik by (NC, Ritual sex, Impregnation) added 9/3/99
The Fiancée and the Fitness Instructor by Stormbringer (Interracial, Cheating, NC) added 11/15/99
The Final Ring (zipped) by scarlett minx (Fantasy, Gangbang, Hetero incest, B/D, Piercing, Zoo sex-human/dog, Interspecies sex, Snuff, Combat) added 9/19/98
The Fire of Venus by electric ferret (Historical fantasy, Bi sex, First time, Incest-brother/sister, WS) updated 10/6/99
The Fire of Venus (zipped) by electric ferret (Bi sex, Incest-brother/sister, Historical fantasy, Anal, WS) added 10/26/99
The First Day of the Rest of My Life by The Phantom (First time) added 7/18/99
The First Day on the Job... by The Sheraton Room Service Guy (Femdom, Foot fetish, WS, Scat) added 1/23/00
The Formula by Dave (Sci fi, Fantasy) added 11/7/99
The Fuel Stop by The Archer (Gangbang, WS, S/M, Slutwife) added 1/13/00
The Gift by Dave (Sci fi, Comedy) added 11/7/99
The Girls of Beverly Hills (Hetero sex, Sci fi) added 5/22/99
The Girls' Last Fight (Chun-Li's and Cammy's Last Crusade) by Learning Boy (Gang rape, Zoo sex-woman/snake, Snuff) added 7/18/99
The Glory Hole by Bruno (Voyeurism, Oral, Lesbian sex) added 6/19/00
The Gynecologist by Sopping Wet Pussy (NC, Threesome, WS) updated 1/1/00
The Highway Hypnotist (zipped) by FranZAM (Hetero sex, Hypnotism, Masturbation) added 6/10/99
The Honolulu Hooker by TxSnapper (Violent rape) added 1/23/00
The Host by Dave (Sci fi, Fantasy) added 11/7/99
The House Party by KittyKat420 (Hetero sex, Anal, Rape, Interracial, Teen, Threesome) added 2/4/01
The Hunt by P (Sci fi, Femdom, Cannibalism) added 4/17/00
The Incubus by Hungry Animal (Hetero sex, Hypnotism) added 5/9/99
The Initiation of Eve by C. F. Baxter (Lesbian sex, WS, Scat, Spanking, Incest-mother/daughter) added 4/17/00
The Jenny Series by Dave (Sci fi, Fantasy) added 11/7/99
The Killing Game by Gungal (Snuff) added 11/23/99
The Lesbian Rapist by Jaz1701 (Rape) added 8/23/98
The Libertine by bawdypen (Scat, Gay sex, WS, Fisting, Rape, Bestiality, Oral, Anal) added 3/25/01
The Lost Elves Part One by Superjizz (Fantasy, She-males, WS, Humiliation, Fisting, Anal, Oral, Double-insertions, Amazons, Masturbation) added 4/24/00
The Malefactoress by P. Apple (Hetero sex, Group sex, Incest) added 6/19/00
The Man at the Top by Chester Williams (Hetero sex, Oral, Anal, Cum drinking) added 3/25/01
The Meeting by Sivrag (Exhibitionism, Masturbation, WS, Anal, Oral) added 4/22/01
The Mir 60 Kilometer Club by Maj. David Tolstoy, U.S.A.F. (Ret.) (Weightless sex) added 4/3/99
The Mistress Helena by JimDaGem (Gangbang, NC) added 12/25/00
The Mistresses' Dessert by Iamthemarquis (Femdom, Castration, Humiliation, Eating of male genitalia) added 10/26/99
The Mother of All Rapes by Conwic (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Sadism, NC)
The Nail Fetish by Alicia (Nail fetish, Transformation) added 8/10/99
The Need For Lipstick... by Charity (Rape, Gangbang) added 8/10/99
The Neighborhood Mom by Ghostrider (Older woman/boy, NC, Incest-mother/son, Threesome) added 2/8/00
The Neighbours III by Glenn Beuhring (Anal, Oral, Mind control, Lesbian) added 5/6/00
The Net by Freyja (Bi sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Threesome) added 7/4/00
The New Life by Jake (Hetero sex, Interracial, Cuckolding, Voyeurism) added 1/26/00
The Night before Christmas by Creamfinger (NC Incest-mother/son, Rape) added 10/29/00
The Night before My Wedding by Min (Hetero sex, Group sex) added 5/27/00
The Night Visitor by qmommad (Supernatural, Hetero sex, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 6/20/98
The Nine Rings of Czar-Demonoid: Part 1 Honey Induction by Shoji Z (Kung-Fu Erotica, Hetero sex) updated 11/18/99
The Nosferatu by Night Owl (Vampires, Bondage) added 12/13/00
The Nymph by Dave (Fantasy) added 11/7/99
The Olsen Twins by Mkarl (Parody, Hetero sex, NC, Violence, WS, Zoo sex-dog/girl, Impregnation) updated 9/11/99
The Oral Exam by Mr Man (Slut wife, Gangbang) added 3/25/01
The Owner (zipped) by Clark St. John (NC, Slavery, Shaving, Piercing, Interracial, Gangbang, B/D) added 4/24/00
The Park by Soul Dom (Hetero sex, Rape, Violence, Humiliation, NC) added 5/22/99
The Parking Lot by Little Miss Vixen (Exhibitionism, Stranger sex) added 3/25/01
The Party by (Hetero sex, Oral, Exhibitionism) added 4/4/01
The Perfect Husband by Sally (NC, Exhibitionism) added 3/23/99
The Performer... At the Beginning by Voyjer (Exhibitionism, Hetero sex) added 11/30/99
The Performer... Part III by Voyjer (Exhibitionism, Voyeurism) added 11/30/99
The Performer... Part IV by Voyjer (Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation) added 11/30/99
The Performer... Part V by Voyjer (Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation) added 11/30/99
The Performer... Part VI by Voyjer (Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Masturbation) added 11/30/99
The Plumber by xxxpider (Gay sex) added 4/22/01
The Poontang Project by Leo Sanderson (Hetero sex, S/M, Humiliation, Oral, Rape) added 7/29/00
The Rape by Doug H. (Rape) added 2/23/99
The Rape of Erika by Polk (Rape, Blackmail, Anal) added 1/23/00
The Rape of Nanking by Jim Trent (Historical, Soldiers, Rape, Interracial, Snuff) added 7/30/00
The Rape of the SS Persephone by Spring-Heeled Jack (Rape, Alien sex, Anal, She-males, Whipping, Verbal Abuse, Fisting, WS) added 6/26/00
The Rapist (zip file -- contains executable) by Endless Nights (Interactive erotica -- read Readme file) added 4/15/99
The Record by Karen (Incest-mother/daughter, Fisting) added 4/4/01
The Reluctant Model (Anal rape, Enema, Humiliation) added 8/10/99
The Reluctant Performer by Voyjer (Bi sex, Voyeurism) added 11/30/99
The Request by Sally (Hetero rape, Lesbian sex)
The Road to Rape by Elusive Enchantress (Rape, B/D, S/M, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 7/2/99
The Roundup by Suzy, Deborah, Scott and Gavin (Hetero sex) added 8/14/99
The Runaway (zipped) by Phillip (Gay sex, NC, Teen, S/M, Toys) added 10/23/99
The Sandman by Dr. Michael (Fantasy sex, Hetero sex, Lesbian sex, Threesome, Oral, Anal) added 4/22/01
The Sandwoman by Miss Mink (Smoking, Sleep fetish) added 2/27/00
The Selling of Amy by Katherine English and Joseph Devereaux (Kidnap, Rape, Bondage, NC, Oral, Anal) added 2/4/01
The Sex Club by thisold1 (Hetero sex, Oral) added 5/29/01
The Sisters' Story (zipped) (Lesbian incest, Hetero sex, Zoo sex-girl/dog, Teen) added 1/26/00
The Smoothie by Miss Mink (Smoking, Sleep, Fur fetish) added 2/27/00
The Smothering Chloroform Liz by Miss Mink (Smoking, Sleep fetish) added 2/27/00
The Sorceress by Sweet T (Zoo sex-woman/snake, Swallowing (voraphilia)) added 12/7/99
The Souk by Sally and Deirdre (Gangbang, Interracial, Anal) added 7/21/99
The Story of Leah's Rape, Part One: The Abduction by Redbeard (Rape) added 1/7/01
The Table Saw (Hetero sex, Snuff)
The Taking of Alison by ravven (Hetero rape, Anal) added 5/22/00
The Tell-Tale Shit by Lei Magnus (Anal, Paranoia, Swinger) added 10/23/99
The Torn Thong by UK Snowy (Girl/alien, Fantasy) added 5/16/99
The Twelfth Floor by Donna Pets (Rape, NC, Gangbang, Interracial, Impregnation) updated 5/22/00
The Twelfth Floor, Part Two by Donna Pets (Rape, NC, Gangbang, Pregnancy) added 5/22/00
The Twisted Little Version of Little Red Riding Hood by WhispersNight (Warped fairy tale, Masturbation, Bestiality, Rape, First time, Hetero sex) added 3/25/01
The ULTIMATE Odd-couple: A Furry/Supernatural Encounter by Shadow Lover (Supernatural male/female sex) added 12/13/00
The Ultimate Salvation by Eurydice (Stalking, Snuff, Fisting, NC) added 8/23/98
The Voyeur by Siverfox (Voyeurism, Hetero sex) added 6/26/00
The Voyeur Fucks his Target by UK Snowy (Hetero sex, Voyeur, Public sex, Threesome) added 5/22/00
The Woman You Are Looking For... by Lois Lane (Voyeurism, Masturbation, D/s, B/D) added 11/11/99
Third Rock From the Sun by Kathy (Hetero sex, Teen, TV Parody) added 9/14/99
This Is How It Happened by Curious Card (Gay sex, Oral, First time) added 11/23/99
Tiffany - Raped In Jail by NiteWriter (Rape) added 7/26/98
Tight Fit/Tit Fight by Sally (Breasts, Mother/daughter fight) added 12/13/00
Tim, Victor and Our Moms - Part I by Nightwatch8151@AOL.Com (Gay sex, Voyeurism, Incest-son/mother (implied)) added 4/4/01
Timmy and Tina by Storyteller37 (Hetero sex, NC, Anal) added 10/29/00
Tomorrow Finally Cums by UK Snowy (Panties fetish, Hetero sex) added 8/14/99
Tony's Bitch by Ovaltine (Hetero sex, NC, Gangbang, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 6/20/99
Touring Japan by Doughman (Bi sex, Transgender)
Transsexual Fantasy Comes True by The Lord (Transvestite) added 6/23/98
Transvestite Honeymoon by Randy Lavery (Hetero sex, Transvestite)
Travelin' Man's Solution by (Group sex, Wife sharing) updated 5/29/01
Trial by Dainie Downs (Gang rape) added 11/1/98
Trilobite by Arthur Saxon (Exhibitionism, Public Nudity) added 11/24/00
Trinh in Tears by bobbymask (Masturbation, Bondage, NC, Gang rape, Torture, WS, Scat, Fisting) added 3/25/01
Trust (zipped) by Amy Matthews (Transvestite, Hetero sex, Spanking) added 10/3/99
Truth or Dare by Allen Bergmann (TV Parody - Friends) added 7/30/99
Turning Her Out by PonyBoy (Slutwife, Group sex) added 7/4/00
TV - Survivor 2 by David Oberman (Hetero sex, Gangbang, NC, Bestiality) added 5/20/01
Ultimate Cock-slut by faunahore (Trapped, NC, Forced bestiality-woman/dog, Interracial gangbang) updated 1/6/00
Ultimate Submission by Barbwire (Exhibitionism, Transgender, WS, D/s, Bi sex) added 5/3/99
Under the Hood by Night Owl (Hetero sex, NC) added 3/7/00
Undone by R/Dave (Hetero sex, NC, Drugging, B/D, Torture, Sexual awakening) added 7/29/00
Unexpected by DrmWrld69 (Hetero sex, Spanking) added 10/16/00
Unexplained by Andrew Coran (Transgender sex) added 3/27/99
Unknowing Flesh Exchange by Computerdude1950 (Wife swapping, B/D, Drugging) added 5/28/99
Vacation by (Hetero sex, Slut wife, Exhibitionism, D/s) updated 4/27/00
Valley of Desire by Glenn Beuhring (Hetero sex, Alien infestation) added 5/22/00
Vampire Male-Milkers by TJ Ryder (Vampires, Oral sex) added 10/22/00
Veronica Gets Her Turn (zipped) by David Oberman (Lesbian sex, Teen, Gangbang, Voyeurism, Bestiality) added 11/24/00
Vietnam 1968 by Jack Milton (Snuff, Hetero sex, Rape, WS)
Village Slave by Kathy (Gangbang, Public sex, Humiliation, WS, B/D, S/M, Slutwife) updated 8/14/00
Village Slave 2 by The Archer (Gangbang, Humiliation, WS, S/M, Public sex, Slut wife) added 9/25/00
Violent Vixen (zipped) by Whiff (Fighting, Incest-whole family) added 9/26/99
Visions of SuperSluts Destroyed: Fall of the Amazon Princess by Mkarl (Superheroes, NC, Violence, Oral) added 12/11/99
Visiting Nurse by Del Edwards (Femdom, Enema, Vacuum erection) added 12/25/00
Wand Ad Rapist by Hoosier Daddy (Hetero, Rape, Voyeurism) added 9/17/99
Wanting It by Ronna Martin (Hetero sex, Rape, Anal, Oral, WS, Gangbang) added 12/25/00
War on Pilon Part 1: Xena versus Kraxxis (Cupid Awaketh) by Darque Jinx (Xenaverse, Hetero sex) added 4/19/99
Warehouse Whore by The Archer (Slut wife, Gangbang, WS) added 6/26/00
Watching Mindy by Cling (Voyeurism, Bi sex, WS, Oral, Anal, Threesome) added 5/2/00
Weekend by Cindy (Exhibitionism, Hetero sex, Gangbang) updated 6/20/99
Weekend Part Two by Cindy (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Exhibitionism) added 6/26/99
Wendy's World by Arthur Saxon (Sci fi, Hetero rape, Mud, Tentacles, Self-fisting, Alien impregnation) added 8/7/99
What a Shammy by Stonehead (NC, S/M, Gangbang) added 3/31/00
What Girls Get by (Transvestite) updated 5/22/00
What Goes Around, Comes Around by Fatwilly12 (Hetero sex-older man/young woman, Reported incest, Zoo sex-girl/dog, NC) added 5/13/01
What I Did on My Vacation by Nate LaPlume (Hetero sex, Enema, WS, Oral) added 4/4/01
What Jennifer Talked Me Into by Phaser_Burn (Group sex) added 3/7/99
White Lies by Arthur Saxon (Mudplay) added 7/30/99
White Mistress, Black Master by TJ Ryder (Interracial, Cuckolding) added 10/26/99
Whore for a Day by (Slut wife, Prostitution) added 5/29/01
Whore Girl, Part II by Juli Ritt (D/s, NC, Rape, Anal, Oral) added 4/4/01
Why Alex Quit His Job by Jon Swass (Male rape) added 2/3/99
Wife Gets Video'd by Joe the Cuckold (Gangbang, Wife sharing) added 5/6/99
Wife's Ordeal at the Border by (NC, Hetero sex) added 6/26/00
Wild in the Wilderness by Carta (NC, Plant sex with woman, Lesbian sex) added 4/8/00
Winning (Amanda) through Intimidation by J. Boswell (Wife Sharing, Hetero incest) added 12/7/99
Winning Ticket by Mistress Vald (Hetero sex, Oral) added 6/19/00
WKRP - Bailey's First Date with Johnny by David Oberman (Erotic parody, Hetero sex, NC, Gangbang) added 4/17/00
Wrong Turn by northern dreamer (Hetero sex, NC, WS, Snake sex) added 9/7/99
X's and O's by Jenna Ink (Group sex, Anal) added 12/25/00
Xena: Hooves and Harlots by Mkarl (Parody, Centaur/woman, Rape, NC, WS) added 8/30/99
Xena: Primal Desire by Superjizz (WS, Domination/Humiliation, She-males, Parody, Lesbian sex, Lactation) added 11/23/99
Yngra and Tyrissa (zipped) by Scarlett Minx and Superjizz (Hetero sex, Lesbian, Bestiality, Fantasy, Magic) added 7/29/00
You're Tuned To Rape Radio by Trigga10000 (Hetero sex, NC) added 9/17/99

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