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"Red Hot" Mailing Lists
These mailing lists are composed of only fresh new unique "outer circle" names. Not some cheap old, over-used lists that other list brokers supply.
We Have Been *Compiling, Using & Selling Mailing Lists Since 1983!! We know the value and
benefits of a quality list.The key to a successful mailorder business is quality leads, and a "fresh" (under 30 days old) red-hot mailing list!! All our ultra fresh high quality mailing lists come computer printed on peel & stick labels. These lists are comprised of quality "repeat buyers", all are super fresh, compiled from weekly and monthly nationally placed advertisements in major publications. These red hot "Outer Circle" names will respond to your offers, MLM programs, etc. Deliverability is Guaranteed: we will give you 10 free names for any one that you return to us as undeliverable! Remember Our Names Are Guaranteed To Be Under 30 Days Old, many are just several days old!! *Special Note: Our Dealership Members' names and book buyers' names are not sold or added to any mailing lists!!

Here are the many specialized catagories you can choose from:

Opportunity Seekers, Multi-Level Marketing, Extra Income Seekers, Credit Card Seekers, Mail Order Enthusiasts, Mail Order Buyers, Mailing List Buyers, Get Rich Quick Buyers, Advertisers, Gamblers, Residential Lists, Business Lists, Health & Fitness Buyers, Specialty Food Buyers, Sport Enthusiasts, Work At Home Prospects, Merchandise Buyers, Catalog Buyers, Recipe Buyers, Cooking Enthusiasts, Diet Program Buyers,Video Buyers, CD & Tape Buyers, Book Buyers, Gift Buyers, Homeowners, Jewelry Buyers, Spare Time Prospects, Money-Making Prospects, Self-Employment Prospects, Home Business Prospects, High-Income Prospects, Mid-Income Prospects, Low-Income Prospects, Car Owners, Vacations Buyers, Cosmetic Buyers, Sweepstakes Players, Lottery Players.
We Ship By First Class Mail Or Priority Mail
Wholesale Price List (Silver & Gold Dealers are Saving 50% Off the Retail Price!)   

Special Note: If you have any trouble paying by "Paypal", it might be because their website is busy, if this happens, you can order any of our mailing lists by faxing your order to us at (973) 748-9872 (24hr). VISA/MC accepted.                                                                                                                                                                  
Item# 2111      250 Red-Hot Ultra Fresh Names/Addresses only $20 (Free S&H)

Item# 3111      500 Red-Hot Ultra Fresh Names/Addresses only $30 (Free S&H)

Item# 4111    1000 Red-Hot Ultra Fresh Names/Addresses only $40 (Free S&H)

Item# 5111    2500 Red-Hot Ultra Fresh Names/Addresses only $75 (Free S&H)

Item# 6111    5000 Red-Hot Ultra Fresh Names/Addresses only $100 (Free S&H)

Item# 7111 10000 Red-Hot Ultra Fresh Names/Addresses only $175 (Free S&H)