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Million Dollar Circulars
 All New Circular, Flyer, & Full-Page Ad Collection!  
Your tool to greater sales and profits! A complete set of over 60 "camera-ready" full-page
circulars, flyers, & ads on white bond paper.. This set is byfar the most comprehensive collection of profit-producing materials ever published! As a Book Dealer or Book Wholesaler for National Book Sales Company, you will be able to use these full page circulars, flyers, & advertisement as your own. National Book Sales Co. will professionally typeset your company name and address in several different sizes for you. You can then "paste" your name & address in the "order from" space on the circulars, flyers and ads. You can have them copied at your local printer, and then use them for a direct mail promotion, as an insert in your outgoing mailing. You can reproduce & distribute the flyers individually or as a group.They can be displayed on bulletin boards at colleges, supermarkets, malls, etc. Or you can place them as an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or any other publication.  If you wish to run them as a 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 page ad they can be reduced by the publication. The fascinating and unique promotional materials found in this Million Dollar Circular Collection have produced Multi-Million dollar book sales since it's inception!