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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Who is Melvin Powers and how did he make his countless millions?
Answer: Melvin Powers is the founder of Wilshire Book Company, which sells over a million business & special interest books by mail. He is a self-made multi-millionaire, author,  publisher, and marketing genius. The book he is most proud of publishing is: "How to Get Rich in Mail Order", which has helped alot of people quit their jobs and achieve financial independence in a business of their own. Special Note: National Book Sales Company sells everyone of Melvin Powers' books for less then he does!
Question: People always ask me, can the average person make money in mail order or on the internet?
Answer: Yes! The only thing unique about the thousands of people earning $50,000 to $100,000 in a mail order book business is they took the first step! They followed sound proven business techniques that they learned from helpful books such as: How To Get Rich In Mail Order, How To Make Your Fortune With Books, Free Advertising For Mail Order Dealers, How To Write A Good Advertisement, etc.
Question: Do I need an office?
Answer: No. You can conduct your home-based mail order & internet business from your kitchen table, or den. You can even "write-off" a portion of your rent or home owning expenses by setting up your "home office". Remember, you don't need to purchase or store inventory, National Book Sales Company stocks & drop-ships the books for you!
Question: How do I find other products to sell?
Answer: For individuals that wish to sell products other than books, we have hundreds of domestic and international wholesale sources that also drop-ship their unique products. You will be able to purchase thousands of different products at deep discounts, wholesale, below-wholesale, and at closeout prices. No inventory neccessary and many sources provide free samples.
Question: Where should I advertise?
Answer: It makes good sense to advertise in publications where you see products similiar to those which you are selling. If you see the same ads month after month, they have to be making money! As a National Book Sales Company Book Dealer or Book Wholesaler you will receive ad rates and contact information for many profit-producing publications. You also receive many sources where you can receive free print advertising & free internet advertising.
Question: Should I run a classified ad or a display ad?      
Answer: We usually suggest starting out by running small classified ads offering "free details" or "free literature". Then you follow up with a sales letter, product information, flyer, circular, "Unique Book" catalog, etc. Small 1" display ads are also an option. Also we give you sources for national publications with rates as low as $25 or $50 per inch.     
Question: What is the best way to get started selling books?
Answer: National Book Sales Company offers three unique and very profitable book dealership plans you can participate in. Why pay retail? We also offer hundreds of other wholesale book sources where you can purchase books at or below wholesale.
Question: If I choose to run print ads, what are the best months to advertise?
Answer:  Statistically the best months to advertise are September, October, November, January, February & March. Using the past as our guide, our experience is that we receive truckloads of inquiries and orders from print advertising.
Question: Can I still be successful without advertising in print media?
Answer: Ten years ago I would have answered no, but now with the propagation of the "internet" we see that we can also receive thousands of inquiries and orders via the "web". You can setup a website using free web-building software and have it hosted for free aswell. You can also utilize free messageboard sites and free classified advertising on the internet to secure visitors to your site.
Question: What if I have additonal questions, who can help me?
Answer: As a National Book Sales Company Book Dealer or Book Wholesaler you receive free unlimited telephone and email support, consultation, and marketing advice. We are happy to answer all of your questions. We intend on helping you every step of the way to meet your financial goals. Our success depends upon the success of our individual dealers and their dealeship networks.
Question: Can I really become successful selling books & information via mail order & the internet?
Answer: This question is very similiar to the first question on this page. Yes,  we are "proof" that you can literally start on a "shoe-string" and grow your home-based business into a very profitable enterprise. We have helped many people fulfill their dreams of owning & operating a successful mail order - internet enterprise. No other business offers so much potential with so little risk.