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Free Volcanic Zeolite Dealership Info
We are offering a limited number of natural volcanic zeolite mineral dealerships/distributorships.
There is no fee to become to a Volcanic Zeolite Mineral Based Household Odor Eliminator Product Distributor.  All we ask of you, is that you are honest and hardworking. Your customers are "your" customers, we will never contact them. If, you want us to drop-ship for you, we will use your mailing label on the shipping box. We offer email & phone support to our Distributors. Our Low Wholesale Prices enable our distributors to earn 100 -150% profit on each order. ex. Heavy Duty Omni-Zorb wholesale price is $5.50 it retails for $10.99 - $11.99. Not a requirement, but many of our distributors start out by purchasing our Stock #1000 Super Combo, this gives them 10 different products for only $55.00 postpaid!!  We wave the usual $10.00 UPS fees for our Distributors!! Here is a partial list of potential customers for our Distributors: homeowners, renters, used car dealers, car rental dealers, boat, RV rental dealers, offices, apartment buildings, doctor/dentist offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, health clubs, kennels, pet stores, retail stores, health food stores, golf courses, pet groomers, animal hospitals, hair/nail salons, nurseries, printers, restaurants, feed stores, fire departments, automotive stores, meat markets, fish markets, dog breeders, cat breeders, real estate/property mgmt, gas station, auto repair shops, police departments, maid/cleaning services, dry cleaners, day-care centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, horse breeders, farms, cigar bars, etc.