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New Book: #8001      Waring's War
                                                        by John W. Creighton

Published in 2001 by Quail Books, 8065 Lake Place,  Carmel, CA  93923
Phone (831) 625-3701, Fax (831) 624-3801            ISBN # 0-9706780-0-2

This book is dedicated to the Allied Airmen who flew Mosquitos on classic
WWII operations, whether with bombs, large or small, rockets, torpedos,
guns, or cameras.

About Waring's War
Balsa wood, the key constituent of the mighty Mosquito fighters and bombers
that take on the lethal World War II German Luftwaffe, grows in the jungles of
Ecuador, where the Allies and Nazis fight a deadly war of intrique and betrayal.
Paul Waring is sent to insure the vital supplies reach their destinations, but his
first day includes a vicious assassination attempt, a superior who tries to get rid
of him, and sabotaged shipments.

Paul recruits the man sent to kill him and reopens the mills, but to get the precious
logs rolling again, he must win over the natives, escape Nazi reprisals and battle
enemies within the ranks as well as Germans.

Then he meets flaming haired Maggie on the towering slopes of Mount Pichincha
and believes he has found an ally for life - until she disappears ...

Synopsis WARING`S WAR by John Wallis Creighton
Waring'~s War, is a World War II novel about the efforts of a young American lumberman,
Paul Waring, to procure balsa wood in Ecuador for the manufacture of the British Mosquito
bomber, the most effective of allied air weapons.

He is recommended by the British Foreign Office, Guayaquil, Ecuador, and General Fitch,
RAF Canada, to the U.S. War Production Board as having skills to stimulate lagging balsa
wood production. He is assigned to the U.S. Board of Economic Warfare Balsa Procurement Program over the objections of State Department and program officials who favor other

Over ninety percent of balsa is consumed by American manufacturers of life rafts for the navy
and merchant marine. In opposition to his superiors, he stresses sorting out the lightweight
aircraft grades to favor Mosquito bomber production.
Nazi agents in the lumber city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, warned of the arrival of a lumberman able
to promote supplies for the Mosquito, try to assassinate him. Paul thwarts their effort, kills one
of the assassins, then cancels a cargo of balsa already cleared for shipment to England. His
superior, not knowing that it was defective, is outraged, and bans Paul from the sawmills. All
this takes place while Paul has beenin Ecuador less than eighteen hours.

He becomes acquainted with Nolan Thompson, a U.S. Treasury inspector general, who helps
him get started. Their friendship matures, although Paul is aware thatNolan's support is
contingent on staying within the bounds of rigid U.S. regulations and standards.

As time passes, Nolan considers Paul to be off limits so frequently that he transfers Maggie Magodon, whom he loves, an accountant stationed in Quito, to Guayaquil to keep systems in
line. She does not fit into the local program, so Paultransfers her to Esmeraldas on the north
coast, where her performance is outstanding. An affair develops between Paul and Maggie.

Nolan is furious at Paul because of his romantic interest in Maggie, and because he believes
the all-black community to bedangerous for a lady. He ridicules reports of repeated attempts to
kill Paul and, even after Nazis murder two Americans, a distinguished wood scientist and a new inspector, insists that the Nazis are not sabotaging the program.

To survive, Paul must rely on his instincts and skills of self-preservation. He yields to customs
of the country when he must, and defies his superiors and local policies when he dismisses the
existing inspection force and employs and trains a new group. He encounters Nazi opposition throughout Ecuador, but with the help of many Ecuadoreans, is able to boost balsa production, especially the aircraft grades.

After an American employee kills an Ecuadorian official, Paul smuggles him through a mob and
out of the country. During the escape, he saves the lives of two Board of Economic Warfare employees, while killing the Nazi leader and his cohorts.

Unable to keep Paul within bounds, the American Embassy cooperates with Nolan to have
Paul recalled to face a review board in Washington, D.C.

During the hearing at Board of Economic Warfare headquarters, Nolan and State Department personnel enumerate Paul's transgressions. General Fitch and the head of the Guayaquil British Foreign Office, assisted by Paul's diary of events, soften the accusations by insisting that he had performed what he was sent to Ecuador to do, and recommends having Paul return to Ecuador to work for the British. Paul presents evidence of new Nazi activity, and wants to return. When Nolan receives word that Maggie  and a boy she was caring for have disappeared, he is grief stricken,
and supports Paul's return. Paul returns to Ecuador, determined to find Maggie and wage
Waring's War.

About the Author John Wallis Creighton
South China born and cultured, educated in industrial engineering and wood
technology, experienced in logging and lumber manufacturing. John Creighton was
uniquely qualified to procure balsa wood from tropical Ecuador jungles during World
War II.

He has been a building contractor, has managed sawmills, veneer mills and furniture
factories. As a professor and department head at three universities, he received many
research contracts. Following retirement from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in
Monterey, California, he has devoted his time to writing. He lives in a house he
designed and built in Carmel, California.

You can purchase his book from National Book Sales Company for only
$14.95 plus $3 S&H.

New Book: #8002   The Original "Do-It-Yourself"
                    Guide to Wardrobe  Planning
                                                                       by Barbara J. Kenzik  
This wonderfully informative book is published by Bookworm Press, P.O. Box 17666,
West Palm Beach, FL  33416, phone number 561-802-2962. National Book Sales Company is
happy to be one of their book wholesalers. You can purchase this book for only $14.95 postpaid  
from National Book Sales Company. Wholesale prices are available to bonafide book dealers,
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for details.  

Wardrobe Planning -
The Cure For The "I Have Nothing to Wear Blues"!

Dear Shoppers:

* Do you have a closet full of clothes - and still feel you have "nothing to wear" ?

* Do you buy something and then wonder "what will it go with" ?

* Do you buy clothes and never wear them ?

Then this book is for you! No matter jow "fashion-challeged" you think you are, I will show
you how easy it is to create a unique wardrobe to fit your lifestyle - and it won't cost a

Imagine getting ready for any occasion at a moment's notice. Packing a trip will be a breeze.
that outlines a simple 3-step mistake-proof wardrobe planning formula. Using this simple
formula, you will learn how to increase the size of your wardrobe immediately. You will learn
how to shop smarter and more selectively, therby avoiding unecessary and unplanned

The book explans:

* How to choose the right color.

* How to choose the right pieces

* How to coordinate properly.

easiest to understand, and most affordably priced how-to book available on this subject. It is a
great gift idea for any occassion, perfect for the college graduate just entering the job market or
for any women who just wants to organize her wardobe. Priced at only $14.95 postpaid,  we are
so sure you'll save at least that much on your first shopping trip that National Book Sales Co.
is backing this book with a 365 day money-back guarantee!  Order your copy today!

ISBN # 0-9667355-0-1

Here is a brief peek into what this book contains:

Exercise 1 - Dollars and Sense!

Exercise 2 - I Love My Clothes!

Exercise 2 - Mirror, Mirror!
Always Start With a Color Plan.
- Color Types
- Color Choice

Begin with Bottoms.
- Piece One
- Piece Two

- Piece Three
The Four Basic Ways to Coordinate.


And Much, Much More!!

You'll learn to save hundreds or thousands of dollars and have the wardrobe of your dreams!
Your new improved wardrobe will be fashionable, functional, fantastic and fun to wear!

About the Author

Ms. Kenzik worked in retailing for over ten years, both full time and part time. She has mastered
the art of clothes shopping and wardrobe building. Whether you have a lot to spend or just a little
she'll help you save money, time and look your best!