Scotgen Ltd. was founded in 1987 by Mr. A. J. Gray, (Chairman), Prof. Bill Harris,( Managing and Research Director), and Mr P Williams (Finance Director), and located in the  research laboratories of Professor Harris, Professor of  Genetics in  the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. The Company was financed by seed funding from the Founders, Aberdeen University Research and Innovation Services, and a loan from the Scottish Development Agency.
Scotgen's technology was based on the core technologies of humanization of antibodies to provide human therapeutics and DNA probe technologies for detection of micro-organisms in the environment.


was developed by Greg Winter at the U.K. Medical Research Council Laboratories in Cambridge and involves CDR grafting, the transfer of the antigen binding domains of a  murine antibody into a human framework to create an antibody which retains the affinity and specificity of the original murine antibody but is mostly of human genetic information and hence less immunogenic.  Scotgen licensed the "Winter" technology and developed its own patented method of humanization: Fixed Framework / Minimal Modification.   Scotgen also patented the use of human germ line frameworks and a method of modifying effector function activities.   

DNA probe based diagnostics to detect environmental pathogens were based upon the provision of dipstick spot tests and multiplex PCR methodologies.

Scientific Advisors.   One of the most prestigious including Prof. A. Fersht, FRS, Prof. D. Sherratt FRS, Prof. D. Lane,FRS, Prof. H. Waldmann, FRS Dr. G. Winter, FRS.

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