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Then: Streater Home Page Store Fixtures anyone?
Now: Tonka Corporation ... Hasbro

Tonka Related Sites "Mike's Tonka Collection and Online Tonka Parts Resource." Excellent photography of Tonka Trucks.

Neat Old Toys Tonka Pickup Identification and condition guides, pictures, lookbooks and more. Neat Tonka site.

Tonkadaves Vintage Tonkas Pictures of large 60's and 70's Tonka truck collection. Box 'vintage' info, and more. Also collects Matchbox, Corgi, and Dinky Toys.

TRUCKAHOLIC Truckaholic's Tonka Pages.
CJ3B Jeep site See the REAL Pink Tonka Surrey Jeep. A real JEEP site, not just toys.
Tonka trucks - Structo trucks More Tonkas
How to Collect Tonkas Bring $$$
Old and new.
Nylint Toys Today A tool company went to toys like Tonka in 1946.
Nylint  Toys Look Back ... Big competition. Still in operation.
Smith-Miller --- Products Detailed toys, undone by Tonka, Nylint  et. al.
All American Toy Company
Buddy L Haven't found the official site yet, but I will.
Other Toy Related
StructoTruck.Com A great site all about everything STRUCTO.
AntiqueToy Links
Thomas Toys, antique toys
T  Reproductions Inc Buddy L Reproductions
Scheffel's Toys Buddy L

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