Vintage Tonka Toys made in Mound, Minnesota.  "How much is mine worth" you ask. I created these pages mainly for others who like me, don't know a huge amount about Tonka's but need some quick idea of what they have. The two big questions people ask when they find a Tonka are:

What is it? and

What's it worth?

I originally thought I would include values of tonka's on this site but soon realized I couldn't determine the values. I often visit which gives you an idea of what is most common and what people are asking. Recently Ebay has improved it's listings by including small thumb nails. If you go to Ebay and want to know what people have been paying versus what sellers would like to get, you need to bookmark the page or save the Ebay number so you can return at the auction's end because Ebay won't list items once the auction is completed. For that reason it can be difficult to find price information on a specific item when you want it. I decided I would post some of that information here. I now realize it may be futile as prices paid are so variable.

I may periodically post "examples" of prices paid for vehicles actually sold at This won't tell you what your own Tonka will bring, but it will give you "real world" examples of what others have been getting, and paying.

One thing that becomes apparent very quickly is how unpredictable buying behavior can be. You will often see a higher quality example selling for less than an inferior version. One week buyers may bid astronomical amounts for a given vehicle, and far less a week later. This makes it very difficult to tell anyone "what it's worth".

Any photo which is clearly copyrighted I will not post. Please see my copyright notice.

This site has NO affiliation with any commercial enterprize and was built solely for personal reasons including the fact that I was raised in Mound, Minnesota. I enjoy watching others collect "Great" little Tonka vehicles built long ago by so many "Great" people I knew as a kid.

Notice that the numbers below each thumbnail indicate the date before the underscore "_" and amount of the sale after it. These prices are generally within one dollar of the actual selling cost. These graphics are close to 300K in size so may take a while to load over a dial-up connection.

NOTE: The thumbnails DO NOT link to larger pictures because many of the photo's are marked with the copyrighted logo's of hosting services. While the photo's themselves are not copyrighted, most having been placed in the public domain, the hosting service marks are protected. I would need to excise the mark from every large photo before posting, or get written permission for each photo. This isn't practical for me as this is not a commercial site and I don't have the free time it would require.


1 Tonkas at Ebay Mar,Apr 2001 approx. 300Kb
2 Tonkas at Ebay Apr 2001 approx. 300Kb
3 Tonkas at Ebay Apr,May 2001 approx. 300Kb
4 Tonkas at Ebay May 2001 approx. 300Kb
5 Tonkas at Ebay May 2001 approx. 300Kb
6 Tonkas at Ebay Jan 2002 approx. 230Kb
7 Tonkas at Ebay Jan 2002 approx. 230Kb
8 Tonkas at Ebay Jan 2002 approx. 230Kb
9 Tonkas at Ebay Apr 2002 approx. 180Kb
10 Tonkas at Ebay Apr 2002 approx. 211Kb

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