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Tuning tools and books for sale

If you're having trouble finding piano tuning tools or parts, I can supply top quality tools at competitive prices, sent directly to you from the best professional suppliers. Just choose the item and send me a check or money order in the appropriate amount with your return address. All items are fully guaranteed. (Sorry, no credit cards). All my tuning instruction books are spiral bound, illustrated, clearly printed and have a money back guarantee. (I do not sell "E-books." Click here to read why). I'll have your order sent the same business day I receive it. (All prices include shipping but are subject to change at the whim of the supply houses, naturally).

  1. tuning hammers Gooseneck tuning hammer with standard star head (left in photo). Your basic layman's tuning hammer. Will fit any modern piano.....$32.00.

  2. Better quality "student" hammer (right in photo) with standard star interchangable head (other heads available if you specify your needs).....$48.00.

  3. complete tuning kit Complete piano tuning kit . Includes #2 tuning lever, professional A440 tuning fork, eight rubber string mutes, and felt "temperament strip" gang mute. Everything needed to tune any acoustic piano.....$62.95.

  4. A440 Aluminum Tuning Fork. A Professional quality tuning fork that givers greater output of sound and exceptional duration of tone.....$32.50

  5. complete action regulating kit Regulating tool kit. Professional tools for regulating the actions of vertical or grand pianos. Eight tools in rollup kit include combination handle, damper regulator, key spacer, regulating screwdriver, back check regulator, spoon bender, two screwdriver blades.....$72.95.

  6. Tuner's Vertical Repair Parts Kit. A selection of 6 or more of the most common vertical piano repair parts: spinet snap-elbows; hammer and whippen flanges with pins; upright and console jacks with flanges; brass flange repair clips; jack springs; damper lever springs; hammer shank repair sleeves; bass damper heads; strip of treble damper felt.....$47.00.

  7. Universal Bass String Replacement Kit. 19 single wound replacement bass strings fit most pianos except the largest grands.....$76.50.

  8. Rinky Tink attachment to make your piano sound like Scott Joplin's. Great for playing Ragtime and Honky Tonk. Fits any spinet, console or upright piano and can be turned on or off as you choose. Comes with installation instructions (you'll need a screwdriver, pliers and a drill and maybe a little Rogaine to replace the hair you pull out. The fun of playing this thing compensates, though).....$62.50.

  9. Damp-Chaser 15 watt dehumidifier rod to prevent sticking keys and action and to stablize tuning. Fits any piano. Installation intructions included.....$42.95.

  10. Molded White Plastic Keytops. Improve the value and appearance of your piano. Set of 52, can be easily fitted to most keyboards using contact cement with little or no further shaping. Extra thick to cover imperfections in the key wood. Scratch resistant. Without fronts.....$35.50. With fronts.....$37.50.

  11. Wittner metronomeWittner Maezel wood Metronome (shown at right). Pyramid shaped. Beautiful and functional. Quality German precision construction. Specify mahogany or walnut.....$83.50.

  12. korg tunerKORG Auto Chromatic Tuner for use with any musical instrument. Uses advanced quartz micro-computer technology to automatically detect which note is being played, display the name of the note and its octave number, and indicate the pitch on it's meter. Features internal speaker for sounding 4 octaves of pitch, owner's manual, batteries, AC adapter, one year warranty.....$295.00.

  13. YOU CAN TUNE YOUR OWN PIANO. My easy to follow tuning book for piano owners, complete with tuning tools.....$79.95. Book only.....$22.95.
  14. YOU CAN REPAIR AND REGULATE YOUR OWN PIANO. Companion to the tuning book, this illustrated manual teaches you how to make common adjustments and repairs on any model piano. With basic set of repair tools.....$89.95. Book only.....$22.95.
  15. PIANO TUNING AND REPAIR FOR PROFIT.This is my two volume, eight lesson illustrated course in professional piano tuning and repair, including instructions on starting your own business, PLUS top quality tuning, regulating and repair tool kits.....$339.95.

Send check or money order to:
Peter Summers
3724 Broadway #409
Kansas City, MO. 64111

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Need other parts, tools or supplies? or call (816) 753-8173 and tell me what you're looking for. I can supply piano parts for verticals and grands in small quanties (minimum order is $10.00, plus $5.00 shipping).

The Player Piano Company in Wichita, Kansas specializes in parts for player pianos, but also carrys some common action parts for pianos. To obtain a FREE Catalog call them at: 1-316-263-3241 (Mon-Thur, 9AM-5PM), or write them at: PPCo, 704 East Douglas, Wichita, KS, 67202.

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