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Lee Borrell [Manchester,UK]
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Quantum & Metaphysics & Mathematics & Music

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"When you live in the shadow of insanity,the appearance of another mind that thinks and talks as yours does is something close to a blessed event." Robert Pirsig "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

"Would I rather have the truth or a lie that gives hope? I'd rather have the truth." - Louis Theroux (Reporter)

Religions must update beliefs · The views of JP (Metro, The) demonstrate that most disturbing aspect of organised religion - the unshakeable belief that whatever acts are done in line with your interpretation of the teachings of your god must be morally right. This way of thinking has justified countless atrocities, massacres and holy wars throughout history, and continues to destroy the lives of people around the globe today. I am not anti-religion by any means, but anyone who believes they have all the answers is a dangerous person. Whether you want to call them religious fanatics, fundamentalists or extremists, their unquestioning belief that their hatred and prejudice is sanctioned by their god allows them to commit acts of barbarism against other human beings. JP argues that 'religion has nothing to do with being relevant to modern society' but, if religions don't update their attitudes, we will never be able to move past the mentality that led to crusades and jihads. Surely, people can see that using your religion to justify persecuting a man [Dr Jeffrey John] on the basis of his sexuality is the thin end of the same wedge that justifies Islamic extremists' attacks on the 'corrupt West'? But then again, that's the problem with people with blind faith in organised religion - they can never accept that they could be wrong. Michael Axe, Surrey (Metro July 9,2003)

"It is more justifiable to say that those without any scientific understanding miss a whole body of experience;they are rather like the tone deaf from whom all musical experience is cut off and who have to get on without it."
- CP Snow (Writer)

"Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable" - Dr Chris French (Parapsychologist)

"A mathematician,like a painter or a poet,is a master of pattern"- GH Hardy (Mathematician)

"There is, perhaps some strong similarity between musical composition and mathematical thinking" - R.Penrose (Mathematician)

Music is the pleasure the human soul experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting - Leibniz (Mathematician)

"The knowledge at which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal" -Plato (Republic)

"Scientists don't believe anything.Scientists test things" -Simon Conway-Morris (Evolutionary Biologist)

"The third rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority.The second rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority.The first rate mind is only happy when it is thinking" -A.A.Milne

"I thought dabbling in the black arts would be good for a chuckle,how wrong I was" - Bart Simpson

 " 'Highlander' a story of epic Greek proportions" - Sarah Greene

"He was caught in a no win situation,and he chose the wrong option" - The Phillips report on BSE about John Gummer (Agriculture Minister)

"That's the saltiest thing I've ever tasted,and I once ate a bowl of salt" -Fry - "Futurama"

"What God wants,God gets,God help us all" - Roger Waters "Amused to Death"

Dr Albright: "For future reference - I have a red Volvo"
Dick Solomon: "Pleeease,Dr Albright,we hardly know each other" - "3rd Rock from the Sun"

Major Carter: "Even at 300,000km/s it will take over ten years to get there"
Colonel O'Neill:"I shoud've let the dog out" -"Stargate SG1"

Colonel O'Neill:"We're exactly one zap gun short of actually having a zap gun" -"Stargate SG1"

I've heard that word LOVE so many times from the mouths of so many people who don't know what it is" - Richard Rigel in Robert Pirsig's "Lila"

"Dinosaur fossils were placed in rocks by prankster God just to make human beings think the world is older than it is" - Bill Hicks (comedian)

"Only in America is it that people think that safety is enhanced by having an increasing number of guns" - Greg Proops (comedian)

"I have been asked why I oppose Christianity.I have several reasons which shall appear in due course.At the present I offer one. I oppose Christianity because it is not true.No honest man will ask for any other reason" - Robert Blatchford in "God and my neighbour"

"The philosopher should be a man willing to listen to every suggestion,but determined to judge for himself.He should not be a respector of persons,but of things.Truth should be his primary object." - Michael Faraday

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