Matt at Fenway Park, 7/11/99

7/13/99 How about that Matt? Boston Herald (see below) wrote that Matt was getting all the attention while Kevin Costner and Mark Harmon talked to a lot of empty chairs :-) Well, when you are hot you are hot.
I caught Matt on E!, ET, and ESPN today. It was on ESPN that we got some good closeups. Matt is - as a couple of people have already mentioned - looking good. Boyishly rugged, just like in GWH. He did terrible in baseball, but he certainly looked good in spite of that dorky uniform. When I read the earlier reports describing his poor showing, I thought: There goes his chance of starring in a Mickie Mantle flick, as rumored. But now I will have to say he looks the part, though a bit too pretty, truth be told. But, boy, that gleaming smile has not left us, folks. And the whole time he had his hair under the baseball cap and all. Items: It was good to see Matt being truly happy.

Elizabeth, a Bostonian, shared this first-person account of seeing Matt at Fenway Park:

Here's the Boston Herald on the All-Star Game, compliments of Felicity: Also this:
Fisk's dinger was sold at auction last week to an anonymous Illinois collector for $113,273.
``I don't have that kind of disposable income yet,'' he said.
What! Not enough play money? Matt, get your agent on the line!

7/12/99 Well, Matt got his wish at the All-Stars. That's he in the red uniform in the photos above. According to Felicity, there was a closeup of him and Doug Flutie which appeared on the front page of the Boston Globes online version, but - alas - it had vanished by the time I got to it.

From Yahoo (and the Boston Globe):
BOSTON (AP) - Matt Damon stepped to the plate, missed one pitch, hit four others foul and put only two balls into fair territory.
Not exactly a McGwiresque performance, but a crowd pleaser nonetheless.
The actor from Cambridge, Mass., took part in Sunday's celebrity hitting challenge, part of five days of events leading to Tuesday night's All-Star game. So did actor Kevin Costner, who fared better ...
The last time the All-Star game was in Fenway Park was in 1961. There was no celebrity hitting challenge, no FanFest, no home run derby, no Futures game. The spotlight was, simply, on the game.
And that's where it remains despite all the sidelights.
``I don't think that takes the spotlight off the game,'' Damon said before taking his cuts. ``This is just some kind of warmup stuff, revenue for the city, an excuse to come out to the ballpark on a sunny day for a lot of people.'' ...

From the Washington Post:

Boston Herald bit: And last bit from the Herald again: From 7/15 (Thursday)'s Boston Herald Inside Track: From Wednesday's Boston Globe: From News Askew: More "Boston Globe" items (thse might have been come by way of the Unofficial Matt Damon Page: