A great fantasy series that seems loosely based on Persian legend, Arislan is the tale of one young King's attempt to reclaim his kingdom of Palse back from the Luistanian invaders. A dramatic and depthful story that's not as magical as Lodoss Wars, but just as enjoyable. The artistry is superb and very detailed. A beautiful anime series as well as a great story.

The Cast of Guys are:


Gieve did not acquaint the Prince until long after the battle. In fact, Arislan had no idea who he was or what his motives were until the end of the first OAV. By putting a tortured Palsian soldier out of his misery, Gieve attained fame and almost fortune by the city-dwellers of Ekubatana. His reasons for helping the poor man, however, were not exactly righteous. Gieve lives only for money, women, and himself. His selfish attitude is probably attributed to his poverty-stricken life and his low social status, but it could also have been developed by his travels as a wandering minstrel. Eventually, he learns to help Arislan, but not, at first, out of kindness and pity, but for his adoration of the fair Pharangese.


After being charged with treason and cowardice by the King himself just before the pivotal battle between the ultra-religious Lusitanians and the brave and courageous Palsians, Daryoon was sent by his uncle Vaphreze to look after Prince Arislan with his very own life since he was the rightful heir to the throne. Daryoon has, since then, done a very good job offering the Prince protection, advice, and complete friendship. Daryoon may be named the greatest warrior of Palse, and, very probably, the world. Defeating most ordinary soldiers as if they were mincemeat, Daryoon also battles some extraordinary warriors with almost the same amount of ease. Some might say that the only trait that surpasses his skill is his kindness and generosity.


Although Narsus is an extremely skilled warrior, his battle prowess is foreshadowed greatly by his expert wisdom and clockwork mind. While some opposing generals and advisors try to match wits with Narsus by being two steps ahead of the game, Narsus beats them by at least ten. By being cunning, crafty, alert, and logical, Narsus predicts whatever dangers befall the Prince and whatever measures need to be taken in order to reclaim the kingdom. Before he started advising the Prince, however, Narsus was Andragoras' personal advisor, but some of his advice on what to do about the slave trade...angered him. So, he was banished to a secluded life in the mountains with his servant boy, Elam where he resided as a lonely painter until Arislan arrived with Daryoon to request of his services.


A slave belonging to Narsus who joined the price's original followers when his master did. Probably around 10-12 years old, he looks to his owner as a father figure, which explains his antagonism towards Arfurido. He seems to have good sense, but is idealistic and overenthusiastic. Narsus promised Elam's dying mother to take care of him, but may, as Elam claims, have been planning to do so anyway.


A Shindran who previosly worked for both Gardeep and Lajendra at the same time, he was impressed with Arislan's sense of honor, even though he at first though the prince weak. He came with the party when they left Shindra. Jaswont became sort of a bodyguard to Arislan, and has a antagonistic relationship with Zaravont, who holds a similar role. Jaswont is a good swordsman, but his real talent lies in his agility and speed.


A mountain bandit and son of Heltosh, of the Zogt clan. He happened to be passing through Dairam when Ilina's party was attacked, and, along with Kubard, saved the Princess's ship and the remainder of her party from Lusitanian soldiers. He then, at the request of Jovana, agreed to be Princess Ilina's escort to Ekubatana in search of Hermes, abandoning his search for his sister, Arfurido. Melain is probably the best archer in Palse.


Son of King Osiris, the 17th king of Palse. Because his father died before he became a prince, Osiris was succeeded by his brother, Andragoras. Hermes believes that Andragoras killed his father, and so has vowed to reclaim his kingdom, even if it means teaming with the enemy ( Giskarl ) or using a sorcerer. He harbors a special animosity towards his cousin, Arislan. Hermes lost half his face in a fire, and wears a mask, hence the name Silvermask.