Portrait of Heroes

Looking at the Huge # of scans, I wondered how I was going to divide this up... if you've ever been to any of my other scan pages, you know I like to just put the pics onto a page, and keep on going. However, it probably wouldn't work here, if only because of the sheer number... so...

I'm going to be splitting this for two different tastes. One way is a straight index of pics, so that you don't need to actually download all of a group to get one pic. However, you'll basically be looking blind. (better for slower connections, tho...)

Or, you can just get the page with all of the pics of a certain character... just click on the name.^_^ (Depending on the page, will take lots longer to d-load.)

The Reich (the Empire)

  • Reinhard von Mussel (Lohengramm)
  • Siegfried Kircheis
  • Reinhard and Kircheis
  • Annerose von Grunewald
  • Oskar von Reuentahl
  • Wolfgang Mittermeier
  • Reuentahl and Mittermeier
  • Admirals under Reinhard's command...

  • Intermission! (Cute SD pictures...)

    The Free Planets (The Alliance)

  • Yang Wen-li
  • Julian Mintz
  • Frederica Greenhill
  • Dusty Attenborough
  • Alex Caselnes
  • Yang, Caselnes, and Dusty
  • Yang's Unit
  • Others

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