Dorinda tell fortunes to Andreina
In the rich family Arocha died his wife and he 
remain alone with his daughter. After some
years married again with the mother of the
twins, one of the richest families of the 
town. One day when his daughter grow up
she met in father's domain her future 

husband Hernesto who is a doctor. Andreina, Arocha's daughter, loves to
  visit wellknown gypsy Dorinda a diviner who had a presentiment  they'll cross

 each other's paths. Very soon Andreina was afflikted with illness leukemia. 
But before she diad her father succeed to marry   with this doctor who she 
loved very much.   After nine months she born a girl who her step-mother 
Herminia gave to Dorinda in such night Dorinda's daughter born dead baby.

So, she changed both children. Dorinda gave the name of this baby Kassandra. 
In the same time doctor died in aircraft. 
After 18 years the circus returned in this town and Kassandra 
met on the street Luis David. The love began...

After 18 years

Long ago the circus wasn't come in this little town and inhabitans
expected it with impatience. After so many years they come and they
show their tricks along the narrow streets. But now the circus returned
with an unusual gipsy with long black hair, white skin and blue eyes.
She was adored of all and called her not only Kassandra but princess
too. Dancing along the streets she met the look of a young man who
was delighted of talent. This man was Luis David stepson of one of the

richest family of the town. He went to the circus the same night to see
again the gipsy called Kassandra. Returning home he told his mother
that he wants to go to the circus with all his family. The mother 
understood circus is the danger of their family and her children. He 
went alone and convinced that she is Kassandra. The same night he
met her in fair where she come with the gipsy violonist Glinka to show
the wealth of lights and colours, and the fair too. Staying alone she met
Luis David who presented her a rag-doll and unforgetable night

full of adventures and show her his beloved place in the mountain
where they was there under the stars. This was the place where their
dreams which place started to be the place of their future meetings.
Luis David understood she was engaged to the king of the gipsy Randu. 
In the burst of wish to kiss her he turned her destiny. He left the town to
leave her live with her simple world. From here every night she visited the
mountain to meet him. But it doesn't happen.

It's the reason to look for him and her bad destiny begin with his
brother Ignacio with whom she married. The circus disintegrated and
the actors disunited. Some of them stay with his friends, another took
the wide road. Kassandra understood that she is grand-daughter of
Alfonso Arocha but Luis David understood that his brother is dead.
He swear to revenge for him. He knew Kassandra is Ignacio's wife and
don't know to help or to punish her.
After he knews her he decide to help her but nevertheless the process
begins. Her destiny is under the threat. Luis David saved her self-accusating
himself in the law-court. His self-sacrifice was not vainly because he  succeeded 
to sow the doubt in the law-court. 

...Randu is dead. The real murder is punished and the destiny gave the deservedly
of all of them. Gema got married with Dr.Roberto Alonso. His daughter and 
Glinka has a child. Thomas and some members of the circus continued affairs of Randu. At last Kassandra got married with Luis David.



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