Moment by Moment
by C. Bart

So many lonely years
filled with emptiness and tears
ever since you were taken from me
The time we had together
So short - like a light touch of a feather
the sunny and dreamy two years
I've heard them say
'You have to live day by day'
But we only had brief moments together
There is no life without limits
Each day we'd have a few hours,
maybe just minutes
But we never know what the limits are
So, we learned to measure time differently
like a raindrop falling down gently
not in years or minutes, but in moments
Each moment being beautiful and complete,
we lived it to the fullest when ever we would meet
Each moment in itself a lifetime
And now that I'm alone
watching the flowers over your tomb grown
I must learn to measure time again
And like a quiet wind through the trees
'cause our love didn't die nor cease
You still travel with me - moment by moment

Author's Notes: This was written many years ago when 'Though Lovers Be Lost...' first aired as a way to deal with the death of Catherine. I had never tried to write poetry of any kind before but somehow it seemed the most appropriate way of transcribing my feelings on paper. I know that Beauty and the Beast is 'just a TV show' but I loved the characters and the stories, and even though I knew of Catherine's death before I actually saw the episode in question it did effect me more than I could have imagined. Amazingly enough, little scribblings like this one did help me get over it all, and after a while I was able to go back and watch - and enjoy - the earlier, classic episodes again.

This poem is written and copyrighted by C. Bart and it appears here with her kind permission. Please do not post, archive or publish it without her express written consent. All comments can be sent to me at: and I will pass them on to her as soon as possible.

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