What's in a name?
I have always been interested in names and their meanings. When I first saw Beauty and the Beast, many years ago, I looked up what the characters' names meant, and I was somewhat surprised at what I found out. Could it be just a coincidence? My guess is no, but only the creators and the writers of the show know for sure.

Now, while the meaning of Mouse's name is obvious, what about the others? Below, you will find the meanings of some of my favourite characters' names:


Name: Origin: Meaning: Actor/Actress:

Linda Hamilton
Vincent Latin conquering Ron Perlman
Jacob (Father) Hebrew he who supplants Roy Dotrice
Joe Maxwell Hebrew God will add Jay Acovone

Charles Chandler Old English
or Old German
man John McMartin
Devin Wells Gael bard, poet Bruce Abbott
Elliot Burch Hebrew the Lord is God Edward Albert
Erica Salvin old Norse forever ruler Isabella Hoffmann
Gabriel Hebrew man of God Stephen McHattie
Laura Williams Latin laurel Terrylene
Lena Greek bright, shining Kate Boyer
Pascal French child of Easter Armin Shimerman
Peter Alcott Greek rock Joseph Campanella
Tony Ramos Latin beyond price Josh Blake
John Pater
Latin father
beyond Celsus
Tony Jay


The meaning and origin of John Pater (Paracelcus) courtesy of K. Lewis.
The meaning of Chandler courtesy of Cridhe.

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