The Asian Wells

JR came up with an oil deal that would make Ewing Oil one of the richest independents in the country.  He took an extraordinary risk and mortgaged everything, including Southfork, to buy leases on a large amount of Asian oil wells that had not hit yet.

As time went on, the wells had still not come in.  The loan was soon to come due, and in order to make the payment, it looked like the oil rich Section 40 on Southfork would have to be uncapped to avoid losing Southfork.  This violates Miss Ellie's promise to her father that there would never be any drilling on Southfork.
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to hear Jock talk to Miss Ellie about it.

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After Miss Ellie became continually depressed about drilling on Southfork, Jock decided to sell off the Asian wells.  Click here to find out Jock's policy on Southfork.
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Luckily for JR, the Asian wells came before Jock sold off the leases.  The following are three sound clips of when JR got the good news.
Goodnews #1

Goodnews #2

Goodnews #3

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to hear JR asking for some appreciation for making billions.
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The good times did not last.  Here Jock hears the news that the Asian wells have been nationalized after a rebel revolution.

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JR had once again come out on top.  Upon word of the upcoming revolution, JR pawned off 75% of the Asian wells to the cartel.

This is the news conference at Ewing Oil where JR tells everyone the Ewing Oil has emerged from the crisis with little damage.

Jordan Lee and the gang are furious and once again vow to never had anything to do with Ewing Oil.  It is also revealed that cartel member Seth Stone had committed suicide after losing everything.