B.D. Calhoun and The Loss Of Ewing Oil

This is B.D. Calhoun, a radical militant that JR made the mistake of enlisting to blow up some Arab oil fields to start trouble in the Middle East and raise oil prices in Texas.

JR then made the mistake of double-crossing Calhoun by telling everything to the government in order to avoid prosecution.

This almost cost JR his life when he was later shot by Calhoun, but Bobby shot Calhoun dead just before he could finish off JR.

The government let Ewing Oil off the hook temporarily for meddling in international affairs, partly because they were not too sad to see B.D. Calhoun dead.  Unfortunately, Jeremy Wendell of Weststar later got ahold of some evidence of Ewing Oil involvement in the matter and succeeded in bring Ewing Oil done for the time being.

To rub it in, Wendell secretly bought the Ewing Building as well, forcing out the Ewings.
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