Ewing 23

This oil field is Ewing 23. In a document found by Cliff Barnes's while going through some boxes after Digger's death.  Cliff found an written contract between Jock and Digger sharing all profits from Ewing 23.  JR could not stand Cliff Barnes getting his hands on any Ewing money, so he did decided to do something.
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This was the motive that made Cliff Barnes a suspect when JR was shot.

Later in the series, a field worker turned terrorist, threatened to blow up Ewing 23 with dynamite is he wasn't given five million dollars.  Here is JR deciding to be a little late with the payment, to save money and also to make Bobby, who was in control of Ewing Oil at the time, look bad.

JR was late with the money and the terrorist was shot, but not before denotating the explosives and blowing Ewing 23 sky high.

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