Jock Ewing

Jim Davis played John Ross "Jock" Ewing I on Dallas from 1978 until his death in real life in 1981.  Jock Ewing was by far one of the most strong and powerful characters the series ever saw.  Much of the early success of the show can be attributed to him.  His character built the foundation on which the show grew, even long after his death.  Click here.  Above is the original title shot used to commemorate him at the end of the episode in which Jock Ewing died.

Jock Ewing was just as aggressive and power oriented as JR, but he could never be considered as evil as JR was at times.
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for a classic moment when JR and Jock went into town to drink.
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: It was after their stay at the bars when they stopped by an independent gas station that was supplied by Ewing Oil.  Jock tells Red about loyalty after learning of rumors Bobby was going to cut off there supply of crude unless he got more profit.
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: To JR's delight, Jock then gave Red his word about what would happen if Bobby pulled that strunt.

Click here: Jock speaks on what he and Lucy's boyfriend Mitch have in common.
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: Hear Jock after Mitch refuses a free condo and job at Ewing Oil offer after he and Lucy get married.
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for what Jock needed after hearing Mitch's response.

The Ewings always gathered togehter at Southfork in the evening for a drink.  Many memorable scenes took place in this setting.

This is Jock with his son Ray Krebbs.  When Jock was away at World War II, he got a little to lonely, and hence, Ray Krebbs.  JR always saw Ray as a half-breed.

Here Jock is arriving at Southfork in his Lincoln.  His license plates rightfully read "EWING 1".  The very same Lincoln can still be seen today on display at the Southfork Ranch.

Jock and JR have a little talk at Ewing Oil.

Here Jock is leaving for Colorado to visit his first wife Amanda who has been mentally ill for years.
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: The scene is hauntingly familiar to Jock's final scene later in the series.

Jock is visiting Amanda at the mental institution in Colorado.  She does not recognize him.  She then gets a glance of Bobby and she thinks he is Jock.  It is somewhat of a sad scene.

Almost every morning the Ewings would enjoy breakfast outside on the patio at Southfork.
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to listen to Jock after news that the cartel was again ready to start doing business with Ewing Oil.  Click here to see why the cartel had been upset with Ewing Oil and mainly JR.

Some of the best Dallas plotlines that ever produced took place while Jim Davis was alive as Jock Ewing.  Click on any one of the following links for information, images, and sound.

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Here are some more sound clips of Jock Ewing:

Click here: Jock tells Miss Ellie about Ewing Oil.

Click here: Jock requests his favorite drink.

Click here: Who does Ewing Oil belong to?

Click here: Jock at a Dave Culver fundraiser.

Click here: Jock talking to JR.

Click here: Plan on taking Ewing Oil away from Jock?

Click here: Tell Jock what you mean. (Be Careful)

Click here: Not going to tell Jock before acting on a deal?

Click here: At breakfast, Jock asks about Bobby's current business deal at Ewing Oil.

Just after Jock and Miss Ellie made up after nearly divorcing due to the Takapa deal, click here, they left on a second
honeymoon for Europe.  This was Jock Ewing's last living scene on

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for Jock's last words to Punk Anderson.