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By The X-Files Official Magazine


Fresh on the heels of his promotion to president of Chris Carter's Ten Thirteen Productions, X-Files execuative producer Frank Spotnitz sat down with us to offer his thoughts on what's ahead for the series' mythology as the show looks to its seventh astonishing season. Here's what he had to say.

The X-Files Official Magazine: As we approach the end of Season Six, can you reveal anything about the season finale?

Spotnitz: We're not going to do the acr we thought we were going to do with the mythology. Instead it will just be a one-part mythology as the season finale and it will conclude at the beginning of next season. I think we'll pick up the peices of "Two Fathers/One Son," so you'll see a lot of characters you saw in "One Son" coming back. It's [about] what happens now that the conspiracy has been destroyed, what are the politics of the new landscape that exists. That's really exciting and interesting for us because it's a whole new world and it really re-opens the show for people. You don't need to have followed all of the intricacies of the last five and a half years to understand. The conspiracy's smashed. There are aliens fro outer space, two different races that are warring with each other. I think it also creates a greater sense of velocity as we head toward the series finale that events are coming to a head. I don't want to give away much more than to say that.

The X-Files Official Magazine: Can we expect a cliffhanger?

Spotnitz: I think that's a good bet.

The X-Files Official Magazine: Any word on what direction Season Seven will take?

Spotnitz: There are some big ideas to the mythology obviously. We've given a lot of thought to what the finale mythology episodes will be and what's going to happen in the series finale, how we're going to reveal the big idea that Chris [Carter] had in the beginning. A lot of these ideas have been spent now, a lot of them are out there and people know what they are, but there's some big questions still that have been asked, which we're going to answer in the series finale. So much was answered in the last two parter, and I know people thought it wouldn't happen, that it was just another tease. I was pleased that so many people felt that they got the answers they didn't think they would get. There's some bigger surprises in store for the mythology. In terms of stand alones, we haven't even begun to talk about what we'll do differently next year and other directions we'd like to follow.

The X-Files Official Magazine: Is there any truth to reports that horror great George Romero will direct an episode written by Stephen King?

Spotnitz: We're really hoping that will happen. [King] wants to do another one, and he's been busy doing mini-series on other networks and writing books. We're anxious to have him do that. We actually met with George Romero and we're hoping that will happen. For us, this is like a fantasy; to have all these people as people you're working with is just unreal.

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