*Chorus* My name is Roscoe, that's Roscoe H Spellgood,

I like to go a long way in a short time.

That's why I increase my velocity when possible,

Cos Speed = Distance over time

Oh when I stopped by a railroad track,

Oh I never seen such a daybreak

Sun was burstin'

high over the land,

I could hardly see the sky

For the tears in my eyes

I knew I'd never see my home again.


Can you hear the pounding of my heart,

Well it cuts me like a combine Harvester we rode in Autumn time

So the seasons come and go

First the sunshine then the snow

Oh my Mima maybe one day you'll be mine


There's a theory that I use

While I hitchhike down the highway

To calculate how far you are from me

It concerns hypotenuse

And a man who sings the blues

Guess it all comes down to relativity


I said speed = distance

Speed = distance

Speed= distance over time

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EVERYTHING (C) World of Wonder