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M242 25mm Chain Gun


25mm Bushmaster Chain Gun    The 25mm Bushmaster chain gun designed and built by Hughes Aircraft. The M242 25mm Gun is a weapon system designed to attack and defeat enemy armored vehicles and other targets, such as a field fortification or aircraft, using 25mm high explosive (HE) or armor piercing (AP) projectiles. The M242 is an electrically powered, chain driven, automatic weapon. It is fed by a metallic link belt and has dual-feed modes. The 25mm ammunition cans hold up to 70 rounds of AP ammunition and 230 rounds of HE ammunition. The M242 gun can be installed or removed in three parts: the barrel M242 Chain Gunassembly; the feeder assembly; and the receiver assembly. The gun has both electrical and manual fire control and can be operated electrically or manually. The assembled gun weighs over 190 lbs.  Over 10,000 units have been delivered to the US and international customers.  All rounds are interchangeable with the M242 Bushmaster gun, the KBA B02B automatic cannon, the GAU-12/U Gattling gun, and other NATO-qualified systems.Ammunition is made by Alliant Tech Systems



Frangible APDS-T (Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot - Tracer)The Frangible APDS-T cartridge provides increased survivability for infantry fighting vehicles in air defense. Featuring improved on-target performance and a low time of flight, the FAPDS-T cartridge provides a greater defeat capability against maneuvering, multi-layered targets such as fighter aircraft and helicopters.

M791 APDS-T (Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot - Tracer)The M791 APDS-T round possesses the accuracy and performance necessary to defeat today's threats. Its high velocity, coupled with a low time of flight, assures effective results at extended ranges.

M792 HEI-T (High Explosive Incendiary - Tracer)The M792 HEI-T round offers the accuracy and performance needed for light materiel and fire suppression. This round is fused with the M758 Point Detonating Self-Destruct (PDSD) fuse, developed and produced exclusively by Alliant Techsystems. The M758 provides superior arming delay, graze and extended range sensitivity, and self-destruct compared to existing medium caliber fuses.

M793 TP-T (Target Practice - Tracer)The M793 TP-T is a low cost, target practice cartridge, ballistically matched to the M792 HEI-T round.


M910 TPDS-T (Target Practice Discarding Sabot - Tracer)The M910 TPDS-T is a training cartridge designed to specifically match the trajectory of the APDS-T and Frangible APDS-T rounds with a desired range limit.