On March 29th 1999, the BN 12511 caboose sits on the rip track in Silsbee after I bad ordered it for a missing draft gear as is evident in the photo immidiateley above (note that the coupler is flush against the buffer casting - very bad).  This caboose is in fine condition inside and out, as evident in the photos.  Even the radio is still in its place and functional.  This caboose was used most often on the end of the LGFC1811, but sometimes runs on other local trains where long reverse movements are required.  It serves as a safe platform, but not as a real caboose any more, as an ETD is still used on the end.  The fate of this caboose is uncertain at this time, and it may be condemned due to it's missing draft gear.  The caboose was built by Morrison International in August of '69 for the Chicago Burlington and Quincy, and first wore CB&Q #13706, then BN #10016, before wearing todays number 12511.  The caboose was rebuilt by Western Fruit Express on 7/3/90 (Thanks to Roger Kirkpatrick for the info).

Photos:  Andy Chier

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