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Thank you for your interest in joining the "Trolley and Interurban Transit Webring"!  I hope to welcome you aboard soon, and I process all requests as soon as possible.  You can greatly speed up the process by copying the proper html (found below) on to your home page.  I will notify you as soon as I have had a chance to check out your page for proper content, link to the ring, etc...  Keep in mind that as the owner of this ring, I have sole discretion over who's site gets in and who's doesn't. If your site has nothing to do with this rings chosen subject matter, or has innapropriate material (nudity, or anything else that a parent would find objectionable in front of small children) it will not be admitted to the ring.  Thank you for understanding,   If your site is refused access to the ring, don't hate me!  It is only because it doesn't fit the subject, and I'm sure that there are at least 50 other rings out there that would fit your site quite well.  Enough all ready,  lets get back to the trolleys!  Here's the html for your site.  You will need to fill in the blanks maked with "place-your-id-here" with your site id#, "Your Name Here"  with your name, and "youremail@yourserver.com" with your e-mail address after you copy this into your home page's html.  If you have any problems/questions, feel free to e-mail me at bnsantafe@aol.com.

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This Trolley and Interurban webring site is owned by

Your Name Here

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It should look like this when you're through, only with your name on it.  Feel free to change the text color as needed for your page.

This Trolley and Interurban webring site is owned by

Andy Chier

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