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The E-Mail Fantasy Hockey League, or EMFHL, is a fantasy league run by Andre Plante from his home in Ottawa. To run the league he uses HLS2 by Bethseda Softworks Inc.

The league is comprised of 16 teams, expanding to 20, each with a different owner. Each player on a team is rated from 1 to 9 in eleven (11) different skill categories. From there, they were placed in divisions and a schedule was made up. The games are simulated by the computer, and the results are sent out to the league on a daily basis, as well as being posted on the webpage.

To navigate these pages, just click on the link of interest to you. The home link will bring you back to this screen, while the other links will take you to those places. You can also navigate the pages using the index on the left hand side of the screen.

The major links are:

If you have any questions about this league, are interested in joining, or simply want to comment on the pages in general, please feel free to send me an email at

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