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Descendants of Edward Boyd,Sr

Generation No. 1

1. EDWARD1 BOYD,SR was born Abt. 1775 in Virginia. He married WILMOUTH ?. She was born Abt. 1775.

Documentation has been found that suggests that both Edward and Wilmouth
died before the three boys reached their majorities, and that a Captain
Morgan Hopson was appointed as guardian for the boys and moved them to
Kentucky. Morgan Hopson did indeed live in Trigg County,Kentucky. In June
of 1832 he received a Kentucky land warrant of 50 acres in Trigg County
that featured the Cumberland River as its watercourse. Based on the laws
governing the purchase and distribution of land in effect at the point in
time ($20.00 per 100 acres), Morgan probably paid about $10.00 for his
Morgan Hopson and his wife , Ann Wells were married June 11, 1828
Christian Co,Ky and was found in the 1850 Census of Trigg County as
656 Hopson Morgan 63 Farmer VA
Ann 47 VA
At this writing, the guardianship of Morgan Hopson concerning the three
Boyd boys, Edward Jr, George and Robert, can be neither confirmed nor
denied. It should be noted however, that Morgan's first wife was one
Nancy W Boyd. Morgan and Nancy were married on April 4, 1811 in Halifax
County,VA. It is unknown if Nancy is an Aunt or otherwise related to the
three Boyd boys.

Children of EDWARD BOYD and WILMOUTH ? are:
i. EDWARD2 BOYD,JR, b. Abt. 1800, Virginia.
ii. GEORGE BOYD, b. Abt. 1803, Virginia.
2. iii. ROBERT BOYD,SR, b. 1805, Virginia.

Generation No. 2

2. ROBERT2 BOYD,SR (EDWARD1) was born 1805 in Virginia. He married (1) PARTHENA HENDRICKS 05-Jan-1826 in Mecklenburg, Virginia, daughter of THOMAS HENDRICKS and SALLY WALL. She was born Bet. 1800 - 1810 in Virginia, and died Bet. 1843 - 1849 in Kentucky. He married (2) JANE HENDRICKS 01-Jan-1850 in Trigg County Kentucky. She was born 1811 in Virginia.

3. i. SUSAN MARIAH3 BOYD, b. 13-Jul-1831, Virginia, Mecklinburg Co; d. 17-Dec-1910, Fairdealing, Ripley Co, Missouri.
4. ii. JAMES J BOYD, b. 1833, Virginia, Mecklenburg.
iii. ALEXANDER BOYD, b. 1835, Virginia.
iv. FRANCIS MARION BOYD, b. 1838, Kentucky.
v. LINN BOYD, b. 1840, Kentucky.

Notes for LINN BOYD:
Linn fought at Shiloh and Vicksburg, saw action in mounted engagements,
and was promoted to the rank of Corporal.

5. vi. ROBERT BOYD,JR, b. 08-Mar-1843, Trigg Co, KY; d. 19-Apr-1931, Evansville Indiana.
6. vii. (RANDY) MARANDA J BOYD, b. 08-Mar-1843, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 03-Apr-1893, Kentucky, Trigg.

Generation No. 3

3. SUSAN MARIAH3 BOYD (ROBERT2, EDWARD1) was born 13-Jul-1831 in Virginia, Mecklinburg Co, and died 17-Dec-1910 in Fairdealing, Ripley Co, Missouri. She married CORNELIUS MITCHELL 01-Jun-1854 in Kentucky, Trigg Co,
son of ELIAS MITCHELL and SENSION ?. He was born 02-Jun-1831 in Kentucky, Trigg Co, and died 21-Oct-1901 in Bandana, Ballard Co, Ky.

vii. JOSEPH MITCHELL, b. 1853, Kentucky.
viii. KITTY MITCHELL, b. 1855.
ix. ELIAS MITCHELL, b. 22-Mar-1859, Kentucky, Trigg.

4. JAMES J3 BOYD (ROBERT2, EDWARD1) was born 1833 in Virginia, Mecklenburg. He married ELIZA ANN ? Mar-1853. She was born 1839 in Kentucky.

Children of JAMES BOYD and ELIZA ? are:
i. WILLIAM H4 BOYD, b. 22-Nov-1854, Kentucky, Trigg.
ii. J BOYD, b. 1856, Kentucky.
iii. ENDORA BOYD, b. 1858, Kentucky.
iv. VICTORIA BOYD, b. 08-Jan-1859, Kentucky, Trigg.

5. ROBERT3 BOYD,JR (ROBERT2, EDWARD1) was born 08-Mar-1843 in Trigg Co, KY, and died 19-Apr-1931 in Evansville Indiana. He married MARY MOLLY FAULKNER 27-Dec-1866 in Cadiz Kentucky, daughter of HUTCHINS FAULKNER and ELIZABETH GRAY. She was born 19-Jun-1847 in Cerulean Precinct, Trigg Co, Kentucky, and died 31-May-1931 in Morrison Illinois.

Robert fought in the Civil War. He enlisted in the Confederate Army on
August 28, 1861 at Camp Boone, Kentucky. He was detailed as a courier for
General Buford and fought at Shiloh, Vicksburg and Brice Cross Roads, to
name a few. Robert was wounded in the fighting and was mustered out of
service in Cairo,Illinois on May 31, 1931 in Morrison, Illinois.

Children of ROBERT BOYD and MARY FAULKNER are:
i. CHARLES HUTCHINS4 BOYD, b. 12-Sep-1869, Nortonsville Hopkins Co Kentucky; d. 06-Nov-1939, Evansville Indiana;
m. ALMA GRIFFITH; b. Abt. 1873; d. 13-Sep-1940, Evansville IN..
ii. BEULAH MARION BOYD, b. 07-Apr-1871, Nortonsville Kentucky; d. 12-Jul-1966, Miami Beach Florida; m. GAMON PAYNE.
iii. ERNIE LEE BOYD, b. 13-Aug-1875, Princton Kentucky; d. 20-Mar-1966, Evansville Indiana; m. JOHN SETH WILLIAMS; b. 1865; d. 19-Dec-1934, Evansville In..
iv. MACE CLEMENTS BOYD, b. 29-Dec-1877, Nortonsville Kentucky; d. 05-Jan-1953, Rockport IN; m. RUTH ?.
v. MARGARET BOBBIE BOYD, b. 31-Jan-1880, White Plains Kentucky; d. 15-Oct-1977, Evansville Indiana; m. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON NEWMAN,SR, 22-May-1901, Evansville Indiana; b. 13-Dec-1872, Evansville Indiana; d. 01-Dec-1957,
St Marys Hospital, Evansville, Indiana.
vi. BILLIE EDNA BOYD, b. 24-Feb-1882, White Plains Kentucky; d. 29-Jan-1977, Evansville, Indiana.
vii. JOHN HARVEY BOYD, b. 17-May-1884, Madisonville Kentucky; d. Mar-1968, Evansville Indiana; m. VIRGINIA ?;
b. 1893; d. 21-Jun-1970.
viii. BIRDIE BERNICE BOYD, b. 05-Apr-1888, Nebo Kentucky; d. 14-Dec-1978, Evansville In; m. EDWARD J LITTLE;
b. 1888; d. 03-Apr-1947, Evansville Indiana..

6. (RANDY) MARANDA J3 BOYD (ROBERT2, EDWARD1) was born 08-Mar-1843 in Kentucky, Trigg, and died 03-Apr-1893 in Kentucky, Trigg. She married (MICK) MICKENS CURTIS Bet. 1860 - 1863, son of WILLIAM CURTIS
and MARY STARNES. He was born 1832 in Kentucky, Trigg, and died 05-Jul-1893 in Kentucky, Trigg.

i. KITTY LYNN4 CURTIS, b. 20-Aug-1863, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 04-Oct-1943, LaCenter, Kentucky, Ballard; m. JIM JAMES BENNETT P'POOL, 16-Dec-1880, Kentucky, Trigg; b. 22-Sep-1860, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 30-Jan-1940, Kentucky, Ballard.
ii. WILLIAM G CURTIS, b. 1865, Kentucky, Trigg.
iii. SIMMON CURTIS, b. 1867, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 15-Mar-1893, Kentucky, Trigg; m. ARTIE WALKER, 11-Jan-1887, Kentucky, Trigg.
iv. CYNTHIA R CURTIS, b. May-1868, Kentucky, Trigg; d. Jan-1927, Kentucky, Ballard; m. JAMES FORT CURTIS, 22-Sep-1888, Kentucky, Trigg; b. 13-Feb-1866, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 1900, Lover, Tennesse.
v. MOLLIE ANN CURTIS, b. 23-Feb-1870, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 09-Mar-1960, Kentucky, Trigg; m. PATE JOHN THOMAS HENDRICKS, 22-Aug-1889, Kentucky, Trigg; b. 23-Mar-1870, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 07-Jan-1937, Kentucky, Trigg.
vi. WEBB C CURTIS, b. 04-Aug-1873, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 20-Oct-1954, Kentucky, Graves; m. E FLORENCE BRABOY, 25-Nov-1892, Kentucky, Trigg; b. Jun-1873, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 20-Jul-1927, Kentucky, Graves.
vii. MARY ALPHA CURTIS, b. 1879, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 17-Jun-1937, Vanderbilt Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee, Davidson; m. LEE ONEY STALLONS, 28-Feb-1895, Kentucky, Christian; b. 25-Oct-1872, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 17-Sep-1951, Western State Hospital, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Christian.
viii. NOUNCEY C CURTIS, b. 18-Mar-1881, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 05-Jul-1927, Paragould, Arkansas, Greene; m. PETER EDMOND GREGORY, 16-Oct-1897, Kentucky, Trigg; b. 17-Dec-1871, Kentucky, Trigg/Marshall; d. 16-Nov-1953, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Kalamazoo.
ix. PEACHIE CURTIS, b. 02-Aug-1885, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 03-Jan-1926, Kentucky, Ballard; m. JIMMY CANADA.
x. BOB CURTIS, b. Sep-1888, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 25-Jul-1967, Kentucky, Ballard; m. ELIZA CANADA, Dec-1907, Kentucky, Ballard; b. 14-Feb-1889.
xi. GOLDIE CURTIS, b. 1889, Kentucky, Trigg; d. 1904, Kentucky, Trigg.


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