The O'Briens of Wexford, Ireland

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There are many O'Briens listed on numerious websites and newsgroups who are busy purusing family histories around the world but most do not know how to access information much beyond living memories. This site is an attempt for group participation for doing historical research in a more organized fashion. A lot of people may not know where in Ireland they are from but by listing what needs to be done everyone can see how little tasks can help us understand a bigger picture. If someone does a parish lookup it is not much more time consuming to do it for all O'Briens as it is to look up one or two names. In the long term it will be very rewarding. Please provide comments via the discussion groups or e-mail me (ie. project mail).

The accumulation of records are found in the following pages:

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For Backgroud information on Wexford County access the following page: 

Wexford County Description


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