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Chiyi (Righteous Revolution) Stone Tablet
The site of the tablet is in Jenai village, Nantou county. It was built
in memory of aborigines, who started an uprising in 1930 against
Japanese cruelty.

Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake is a year-round resort situated 748 m above sea
level in the lofty mountains of central Taiwan. The lake area has
many worthy places of interest, a peacock farm, etc.

Tablet of Taiwan Geographical Center at Puli
The tablet was set at Mt. Hutou of Puli village, the center of Taiwan.
The area has very beautiful scenery, an attraction to tourists.

Fenghuang (Phoenix) Bird Garden at Luku
The garden has three sections in which 5,000 and more birds of
some 300 species are displayed.

Chaotien Temple at Peikang
The temple was built in 1694 for the purpose of setting up the statue
of Matsu, which was brought to Peikang by a monk named Shupi from
Meichou. It is one of the oldest temples in Taiwan dedicated to Matsu,
a Taoist divinity.

Sino-Saudi Bridge
Sino-Saudi Bridge in central Taiwan is located three km upstream
from Silo Bridge. Constructed with a design of pre-stressed concrete
piles and beams, the bridge is 2,345 m in length, four-lanes in width,
and is considered the longest highway bridge in Taiwan.

Silo Bridge
Silo Bridge crosses the Choshuichi, the longest river in Taiwan, on
the North-South Highway. It is 1,938 meters long in 31 spans, and
nine meters wide.

Wufeng Temple at Chungpu
The temple is also known as Alishan Chungwang (Loyalist) Shrine.
It was built to honor Wufeng, an officer of the Ching dynasty
(1644-1911), who was devoted himself to serving the aborigines.

Sacred Tree of Alishan
The Alishan Forest Recreation Center is in the village of Alishan,
Chiayi county. The point of special interest is a sacred tree, a 3000-
year-old cypress, which belongs to the species known as
Chamaecyparis formosensis.

Meishan Park
The park, located in Meishan village, Chiayi county, is famed throughout
Taiwan for the 3,000 plum trees that attract thousands of visitors
at bloomtime in the winter.

Tungpu Hot Springs at Shuili
The water of the springs is abundant enough to supply people living
there all year round. Colourless and tasteless, the water is good to
drink or to bathe in.

Chitou (River Head) University Pond
The Chitou Forest Recreation Area in Central Taiwan is a bamboo
forest region of expectional beauty and serenity. It is operated as an
experimental forest by the National Taiwan University. A favourite
spot in the area is a bamboo bridge that spans a pond called
University Pond.


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