Piéraut Francis Curriculum Vitae

fpieraut@hotmail.com, tel: 514-737-5570 (Montréal)

http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~pierautf ou http://go.to/fpieraut

I want to be constantly exposed to new software and algorithm-related challenges in a research and development team.

1995-1999 - Ecole Polytechnique, Université de Montréal. Computer Engineering. 

I complete my Computer Engineering degree in December 1999
Recognition of equivalence of accredited engineering education program : the Washinton accord

2000-...    - Master in science (Optimization of big capacity Neural Network)

Excellent Knowledge of:

Some Knowledge/Experience in:

Professional Experience:

summer 1997 (R&D departement Labs of Microcell, team picture)
I did a prototype application to decrypt and merge data in a standard form. Encrypted files were generated by an Ericsson switch.
Some of my past achievements were:

Winter 1997 (Microcell-Labs : UI and Learning Algorithms)

Summer 1998 (Microcell-Labs : Learning Algorithms)

Developer: I integrate decision Trees algorithms in AD library of Microcell-labs. It was the subjet of my last year project. You can see my report on this projet at: http://www.fortunecity.com/oasis/tahoe/936/francis/PFE/pfe.htm

Summer 1999 (Speach Recognition: Locus Dialog)

In the R&D group of Locus Dialog, a leader in the field of automatic speech recognition I adapted an transcriptor application under Unix to Windows with MFC. I create an application who give them the opportunities to work home. I also evaluated there post processing base on decisions trees and I suggested them ways to improve it.

Other experience :

At Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, I was in charge of a programmation laboratory in C++ for cours INF1101 during 3 semesters.

Virtual reality contest in Laval, France, during summer 1999 (http://www.laval-virtual.org/). I was a member of Polytechnique broker team who win the public first price (Station SGI) and the second jury price for the Robot virtual contest.(photos)

During summer 1999, I did some bike-race criterium of more than 50km in the industrial park of Laval.

Teaching experiences:

At "Collège Laval" and at "Ville de Laval" I was a swimming teacher and evaluator.

Particular interest in:

Software-Related Personal Projects:

2002 - I build a specific Neural Networks library for my master project.

2001- TCP/IP and UDP Integration in ICU2 project(real time video compression over internet).

2001- Encryption/Decryption projets realised in my security course.

2000- Video compressor MPG, I was in charge of video capturing, image memory management, displaying
reconstructed image, memory optimisation and user interface.

1997- Dame Nation: A multi-player strategy game, we never had time to complete it but the design was done.

1996-I did a strategic game with an automatic solving features in C++.

Other Projects :

2000- Euro-Velo project

1998- I Bike throw the Rocky Montain

1997- NEZ ROUGE : benevolent

1996- SAE Formule: The club designed and built many race car that participated in international competitions in the USA. I was involved in the frame construction and with the electric engine team.

Speak french and english (intermediate)
Letters of recommendation: Microcell-labs, Ecole Polytechnique, Locus Dialog, LISA laboratory
Available for interviews