The History of Model Aircraft Flying in Romania


1906 Aurel Vlaicu flew a scale model of his proposed aircraft, the Vlaicu-I., in the Carol-I park in Bucharest The model was powered by a rubber motor (a skein of twisted thread of rubber). The flying demonstration was made to the Minister of the Education, Spiru Haret, and also to the General Staff of the Romanian Army. The successful flight of the aeromodel resulted in the award of a contract by the state for the construction of the full size aircraft.
1934 The first National Championship for gliders was held on the San Petru aerodrome near Brasov. The sailplanes were launched from a 60 meters high slope and then from the 80 meters high slope.
1942 The first courses in aeromodeling were taught by Romanian instructors Ioan Bobocel and Anania Moldoveanu in Germany.
1938-1960 The Experimental Center for Model Aircraft Flight was established and operated in Bucharest. During World War II it sought refuge moving first to Craiova and then to Campina. In 1954 it was moved to Bucharest and later abolished by Soviets in 1960. It has been formed 700 flying model constructors for schools (lyceum and universities). The center published plans and books and also hosted meetings and conferences.
1954-1968 New categories of aeromodels: were introduced abd flown: indoor aeromodels (1 gram); control line stunt, combat, and team racing; radio control gliders, motor-gliders, and helicopters.
1968 The first National Championship for Rocket Models was held in Targoviste, for the 2.5 to 5.0 Nm impulse category rocket motors. Also, it has been found Romanian-Model Aircraft Flying Federation (which is affiliated to FAI) and organised in Romania National Model Plane Flying Championship indoor 1 gram at the now world-famous venue in Slanic Prahova; aeromodels, rockets at Suceava, scale models Bacau, and free flight (F1) at Sibiu.
1978-2000  In the workshops of aeromodels it construct first ultralight aircraft like delta planes and motor deltaplanes with pilot on board, at Arad, Brasov, Bucharest and Bacau. Today (1999-2000) this activity continues and has been expanded to include gyrocopters, hot air balloons with, and motoparapantes.


1952 "Popesti-Leordeni" aerodrome:
9 instructors (building and flying) with Pulse-jets (175-200km/h). The models and engines were built in the Experimental Center of Model Aircraft Flight, Campina-Romania.


The Romanian team participated at Socialist Countries Championship in Czechoslovakia


European champion, Anania Moldoveanu (free flight power class F1C - 2.5 cc engine)


The first FAI Team Racing in Romania.( 2.5 diesel).. In the picture the national championship team: left, G. Craioveanu-pilot, middle St. Purice pit man. The contest director was St. Benedec.


1958-National Championship
Targu Mures free motorgliders; "OK" model, 750 grams, 2.5 cc engine. (this is the champion model in the picture)


Model box with two champion free flight power models.


5-time Romanian Team Racing champion  (left St. Purice pit man and G. Craioveanu pilot)


Monoblade helicopter establishes a world record: 3600m (11104 feet) and 3 hours (left St. Purice, right G. Craioveanu)


TV presentation; G. Craioveanu


Introduction of the new category F2D (combat) in Romania


Romanian television - contest for children- Apollo 5 rocket


World Championship for Indoor models at Slanic - Romania


In the salt mine (Ocna Muresului, Slanic Prahova-Romania) - 30-35 minutes flights record.


From the magazine "CUTEZATORII"; an experimental hand launched glider. Built from pine and thick paper.


1973-Saliste, Sibiu-Romania
R/C Aerobatic course (10 cc engine) with 18 students-teachers from "Pioneers" school.


1973-Saliste, Sibiu-Romania
R/C Aerobatic course (10 cc engine) with 18 students-teachers from "Pioneers" school.


1973-Saliste, Sibiu-Romania
R/C Aerobatic course (10 cc engine) with 18 students-teachers from "Pioneers" school.


First course for R/C pilots (slope glider) taught in Romania (Brasov, San Petru)


European Championship of rocketmodels, Czekoslovakia (left, G.Craioveanu)


Model rocket course on Targoviste with five groups, each with 25 students and teachers from schools; coordinator G. Craioveanu


1975-European Championship (Czekoslovakia)
Rocket-model, 2.5 Nm motor- First place contestant (G. Craioveanu)

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