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Welcome to Sand'z Cattery.
We have remodeled the site to use frames. Click the banner above to enter.
Known problems: Fortune City keeps throwing up a page that says "This file type is not allowed on our servers." SIGH! Try reloading the page. I've had to do it up to 8 times to get to view some pages. This is all Fortune City. There isn't anything I can do about it. Since the files in question are html files, and definitely not one of the prohibited files.. who knows what's up. Sigh!
Let me know if you find any other problems. Thanks!. :-)

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Sand'z Cattery is heartsick over what happened on the east coast. We've made and are displaying this graphic in memory of the lives lost. Please feel free to take it and display it on your own page.


This banner was made for us by DAYNA of the now closed Tie~Dye Kennelz
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