Star Wars: Episode I

The Next Furalaxy Trailer


Ethan Allen of the New Furalaxy Team

The movie theater dims and the sound system crackles. A green screen appears saying that the following preview is rated PG. Fade to back screen.

Audio: Mubbling that canít be made out. Suddenly a gravel hammers down three times.

Fade from back to show a huge circular room which hundreds of half men half animals sitting on a series of gradually raising chairs. In the center of the room, stands a podium with half man half lion behind it.

Announcer: In a time, not so long ago...

"All those in favor, say I," shouts the man from the podium.

Announcer: In a galaxy, not so far away...

"I," shouts a voice off screen.

Announcer: Where peace and prosperity...

"I," shouts a voice off screen.

Announcer: Belong to a mighty republic...

"Congradulations Representative Kai, your speech has swayed the house to vote in favor

of the King." The lion man at the podium shakes hands with a cheetah man.

Announcer: Led by a great king...

The scene changes to showing a nurse holds a new born lion baby in a blue blanket for the audience to see. The screen pans up to show a smiling father. "Congradulations your Highness."

Announcer: Joins a galaxy of millions...

The scene changes again to that of a huge grandstand with hundreds of screaming fans above the starting line for large group of race vehicles each composed of two engines and a control pod. "Racers, start your engines," shouts a voice that echoes over a microphone.

Announcer: To live peacefully... forever.

Audio: Flutes fluttering...

The scene is that of a city with buring wreckage, no characters are on screen. Suddenly there is a loud shirll of a rocket at it flys with blinding speed across the screen leaving a grey smoke trail. The camera struggles to turn to follow itís flight.

Audio: Cymbals clash. Violens begin to play at fast tempo...

"The coucil has decided that you shall be allowed to take your place as heir to the throne, as you have asked." The scene is now that of a lion man nodding as he says, "I am very gratefull."

The scene changes back to the flying rocket. The camera begins to turn to follow the flight of the rocket but there is a sudden explosion that fills the screen, shrapnel flying everywhere and camera is blown backwards. As the camera falls back, it turns and reveals the smoking base of some vehicle with hundreds of droids carrying blasters headed itís way. A laser blast hits the camera dead on, and it goes to static.

The scene changes to that of a lion man, in a small dark office with several others, his eyes red with anger. "What! The council is letting him claim the throne after his training! No! Itís mine!" He slams his fist down on the table shaking a light. The light swings back and forth and the audience can see the lion man has a huge scar next to one eye.

Announcer: Until one day, someone made a deal that would change it all.

The static disappears and the scene is that of the office again. A blue hologram appears out of the floor from a special circular pad. The figure is hard to distinguish because they are hidden beneath the cloak. "So you want to republic," questions the figure his voice deep and raspy. "More than anything," replies the lion man as the screen turns to him.

On screen there is a flash of a lionís face with several beads of blood on it. "Noooo," cries a voice.

"... exterminate them. Leave no Jedi breathing," comes the raspy voice. "Deal," the lion man replies.

The scene flashes to that of a thone, a golden headpiece sitting all alone in it.

Audio: The viloens suddenly cut out and a loud marching theme begins to play...

The scene is now that of space. "Your highness your brother has betrayed us all," comes a male voice. Huge warships exchange volleys, three pouring red laser fire into one which is returning with green fire. Explosions rack the hull of the ship firing the green lasers as all the enemy warships concentrate their fire on it. Inside the bridge of the green laser ship, the captain braces himself as it rocks. "We canít take this much firepower you highness," the captain cries into his comlink. A crew member stands up from his station.

"Weíve lost bridge deflector shields!" The captain turns back to this comlink. "Your Highness we must surrender."

The scene flashes again to that of a pile of three silver blasters. "I rather die with my people. Surrender is not an option, Captain," comes a female voice. A furry hand reaches down and grabs a sliver blaster from pile of several others. The snapping of power packs into weapons are heard.

The scene changes yet again to that of three men, all wielding swords of light. Two men are lions, while the third is a panther and holds a double bladed light sword. They seem to be in a cargo hold with many different crates of all sizes.

Audio: The music is fast full of violins and beating drums. An African chorus is singing words in the background, but the lyrics are hard to make out.

The three continue in their duel, sabers clashing against each other. The panther swinging around with ease, deflecting the others attacks easily. He kicks out viciously nocking one of the lion men back into the a stack of crates.

The scene changes back to the bridge, the captain barking orders. "Bring me around port and get those shields back up!" A crew member next to a viewpoint begins to step back in horror. "Incoming," he cries. The camera turns to show a small spaceship, mostly a fireball, heading towards the bridge.

The scene flashes to that of one lion man holding another lion manís head. "You have honored me greatly... my student... now go... before itís too," the lion manís words choke off as his eyes shut.

Audio: Blaring trumpets and pounding drums...

The scene is now of medium sized starship flying towards the audience which is thrown forward as a giant explosion rips itself out of a burning warship. The camera zooms around to the aft of the ship as it regains itís flight. Immediately ruby light beams fly towards it, flashing up against a invisible spherical shield. The scene changes to that of the lion man from the duel, tears in his eyes. "Father." Red lights go off all around him, and a voice shouts, "Weíre loosing our shields!" The camera pulls back to reveal a cockpit with a pair of pilots struggling with the controls. "Once we make the jump to hyperspace, they canít get us." The scene turns to that of stars beginning to stretch outwards. Engine noise can be heard in the entire cockpit.

Announcer: This summer...

"Our engines are heavily damaged," one pilot says looking at a screen. "There is a planet not to far from here... Naboo. Itís our best bet."

Announcer: Prepare yourself...

Audio: Trumpets blaring music all alone...

The scene switches to that of that a young lion woman dressed in a red gown and a golden headpiece. She is sitting in a throne with a huge pane window behind her. "I am Queen

Aminala. Welcome to Naboo."

Theater: Werewolf howls and whistles are heard in the theater.

Announcer: For the beginng...

Now the scene is of the lion man from the duel bumping into a lion woman carrying a sliver tray of food which she drops. "Oh Iím sorry, let me help you." The woman leans over at the same time as the lion man, and they bump heads. "Ouch!"

Announcer: Of the saga!

Audio: Trumpets continue to build...

"Who are you?" "My name is Padme..."

The scene switches to that of the lion man with the scar standing on the bridge of his ship. The bridge viewpoint looks out to that of the planet of a geen planet covered with white swirls of clouds. The lion man turns to a near by officer. "Begin landing your troops general." "Yes my lord."

The scene is now that of a city. Huge hovertanks roll between buildings while laser fire fills the air. Robots carrying blasters climb over some burning wreckage. Battle cries are heard through out the theater from the deluxe sound system. The camera turns to show a young lion woman in a purple battle gown holding a rocket launcher. The audience is placed behind the targeting system HUD. A red box flashes over the tank followed by a red crosshair. A shrill begins to beep and then holds.

Audio: Trumpets hold a loud, strong note that sends chills up your spine...

Now the scene is of the lion man, and the panther man both standing apart, their light swords igniting. "We end this now," the panther man grumbles as he twirrles his double bladed light sword around.

The screen flashes to show two lions passionately kissing.

It flashes again to a panther shouting commands and pointing.

Audio: Trumpets cut off and drums beat.

"I can assure you that," the lion man replies bringing up his saber.

Light swords clash in front of the audience.

Auido: Cymballs clash in place of the slight swords sound of hitting each other.

The screen immediately goes black with large gold letters "Star Wars: The Next Furgalaxy" across it. After a pause they fade away and white letters of "Coming May 19,1999 " replace it. The audience begins to shout on the top of their lungs, some doing the Aresno Hall whoop, all while popcorn goes up into the air.