Valorum rules the Republic which is a large cluster of worlds bound together by a single govemerment. Palpatine, Valorum's brother is heir to the throne, untill Valorum and his wife Sei give birth to a son who is very in tune with the force. Obi-Wan trains to become a jedi and so doesn't threaten Palpatine being next in line. At the end of training Obi-Wan is granted to become heir by the Jedi Council. Palpatine finds out and turns to a Sith Lord for help. The Sith decide to help Palpatine take the throne if he extermiantes the Jedi. Palpatine quickly agrees and lures the King, Queen, and Son into a trap. Palpatine attackes their space yhat and the king and queen are killed while Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Maul fight in the cargo hold. Obi-Wan escapes abord a shuttle and Maul ejects on an escape pod, but most everyone else is killed. Palpatine turns to the Repulic and makes everyone belive it was an accident. Then Palpatine takes the throne.

Sidious orders Palpatine to hunt down and destroy the now scattered Jedi and so Palpatine relucantly takes up his part of the deal. Maul tracks Obi-Wan to Naboo and so King Palpatine tries to get the Queen of Naboo to hand over Obi-Wan. The queen refuses so Palpatine tries to get her to belive that Obi-Wan murdered his parents. She still doesn't belive so Palpatine decides to cut all planetary communciations and take control before the planet can spread any word of deceit. Palpatine invades the planet and the queen is 'killed' in the battle. The queen's closes handmaiden, and girlfriend of Obi-Wan takes the throne. She orders Obi-Wan to get help and so Obi-Wan escapes to Tatooine to find help. While in the palace he does fight Maul and kills him. Obi-Wan meets Anakin on Tatooine, and while that happens Palpatine forces the fake queen into marriage.

Obi-Wan is able to free Anakin and his mother through betting on the podraces, and Obi-Wan also beings to free the slaves. Unfortunately they can not free all of them because Obi-Wan wishes to return to Naboo. The group all boards the Royal Starship and they arrive on planet just as the battle starts. Obi-Wan and the slaves show up just in time and are able to turn the tide of the battle long enough for Queen Aminala to slip into the palace and capture Palpatine. She forces him to sign a treaty that he will never attack Naboo again, and then lets him go. The Episode I then ends with a parade and celebration of Naboo's freedom, as well as the marriage of Obi-Wan and Padme.

Then begins Episode 2. For Episode 2, Palpatine begins to assemble a huge force to competely whipe out the planet of Naboo. At this time Obi-Wan begins to try to make contact with the Jedi that have fled across the galaxy. Rumors say that some Jedi are hiding out on (any planet) and so Obi-Wan takes Padme and Anakin with him. Of course the rumor turns out to be a trap. And then sometime towads the end of the Episode Palpatine declares himself Emporer of the New Order and dissolves the House of Representives. Once the house is dissolved the people begin to retailate, but Palpatine has already taken all the weapons away. Mid Episode 3 is when the Rebellion forms.



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Looking for something do to? Well then just read on. Here at SW:TNF we have many TPs all going on and we need players for each.

The planet of Naboo has a open cast call for palace guards, citizens, and merchants. The following FCs related to Naboo are open: Captain Panaka, Governor Bilbbe, the Advisory Coucil, the queen's handmaidnes, Boss Nass, the Reps, Jar Jar, and Captain Tarpals. Not your peice of pie?

Well then the ice planet Hoth is looking for anyone who would like to work in it's mining colony. It needs a leader badly, as well as workers and scientists. Still not right for you?

Well Tatooine needs citizens, merchants, and podracers. All the related FCs are open: Shimi, Anakin, Watto, Kister, Sebulba, Jabba, Garulla the Hutt, and Bib Fortuna. Ah, still not what your looking for?

Well then Courscant is looking for Jedi Council memebers, house representive members, and a king and queen. All FCs related to Courscant that are open are: the King and Queen, the entire Jedi Council, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Maul, Darth Sidous, the King's evil brother, as well we need military leaders such as captains for a half dozen large warships, and we need a couple generals for ground forces. If this isn't what you want, then I don't know...


For those who wish to know, here is how the basic politics of the Repubic work. A king and queer rule, but it's a consutional monarchy. For instance when the king and queen create a new law, or a new tax, it goes to the house of representives to be voted on. If 1/2 decides against it the law is stopped, redrafted, and sent to the king. He can either dump it, say yes, or change it slightly. If he changes it, the law goes back and it's voted on again. If 2/3 decide against the law it is competely thrown out. The house of representives can also make a law or a new tax just like the king and queen. It only takes one memeber to get the ball rolling. The one member can draft the law himself and present it to the house, or he can inform the house of his plans and others can join him and they draft as a group. If 1/2 of the house decides yes, it goes to the king, if he says yes it passes, if no he can and send it back with some slight changes. If 2/3s decide for it, the law then passes.


Building status: Deep Space/Outer Space: Completed -- Hoth System: Completed -- Naboo System: Completed -- Tatooine System: Completed -- Coruscant System: In progress (ETA: unknown) -- Yavin System: Shelved -- Tyferra System: Shelved -- Big One System: Shelved -- Endor System: Shelved --