The Bestiary

The New Monsters
The following monsters have been encountered and cataloged by Piper and various major players in the Planes, the majority of whom are not from the Forgotten Realms setting.
Dragon, Quicksilver

Monstrous Personalities
These beings are creatures of various races who have their own place in the history of the Realms and/or have made their mark above the common "monsters" as those listed above. Complexe, powerful, or otherwise unique familiars are also contained within this list. Especially those who have been enhanced with the Art.
Jadesblood, Green Dragon
Mace, Iron Golem
Piper's Servitors, Servitor Homunculi
Reymmanthaer, Elven Cat/Pixie Familiar
Scythe, Great Elder Black Dragon
Sylva Thrathel, Silver Dragon
The Portal Dragon, Paragon Flame Dragon

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