Fallen Ones

These are those men and women and other creatures who have met a horrible end, or glorious if slain in the defense of goodness...
Groups & Associations:
The Chosen of Mystra
The Windblades
The Fallen of the Realms
These individuals are the stuff of legend. They spend or may have spent a large portion of their lives defending and/or slaying either other creatures of the Realms or their beliefs and principles. Some of these characters have been shown in other websites and accessories, but never have they gotten the just and respectful attention they deserve. This glimpse at the Fallen Ones of the Forgotten Realms is hopefully the best and most comprehensive one to date.

Thank you for your time, enjoy!

Lord Piper

Fallen Ones

Arilyn Moonbow
Barakus Blade
Drae'zearious Evanero
Edwin Xarlynae
Keli Evanero, The Sly Blade
Naerdromisc the Black
Quentrez Oril'lyn'l
Symrustar Auglamyr
Veskelxo Del Evanero
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