Heroes' Lorebook Vol. II


Even amongst the Heroes,
Injustice to most assail.
Often more than common man,
And in much more grand of scale

Glory and Honor,
Within them can be found.
Sadly they are short of life,
Courage oft times leads to ground.

~~~~~~~~Lord Piper~~~~~~~~

Groups & Associations:
The Arcane Specialists
The Chosen of Mystra
Company of Deadsnows
Company of the Songblade
The Dalesmen Adventuring Company
It All Started In Waterdeep (The game based from the Excite club of the same name)
The Golden Enclave ~~~~Join Now~~~~
The Knights of Mystra
The Knights of the Pyre
The Silver Crowns
The Windblades
Heroes of the Realms
These individuals are the stuff of legend. They spend or may have spent a large portion of their lives defending either other creatures of the Realms or their beliefs and principles.Some of these characters have been shown in other websites and accessories, but never have they gotten the just and respectful attention they deserve.This glimpse at the Heroes of the Forgotten Realms is hopefully the best and most comprehensive one to date.

Thank you for your time, enjoy!

Lord Piper

Heroes' Lorebook II
Aendreas Strongwing, The Airborne Paladin
Aras Stormblade, The Cutthroat
Arik Tenderfoot, Blademaster
Arkon Zutat, Transmuter of Great Renoun
Bannolas, The Blade Dancer
Draven Lahar, The Stone Elf
Drexor of Cormyr
Drizzt Do'Urden
Drogh DeGisfi
Elminster Aumar
Galakaerun, The Half-Faced
Hexté Thrathel, The Wild One
Hezikiah "Zeke" Selgard
Jarid of Sembia
Jaylyn of Damara, Supreme Conjurer of the Cold Wastes
Johran Beasttalker
Prince Kalorithian Silvertree
Kat Lucretzia, 4th Daughter of House Lucretzia of Menzoberranzan
Ken Dragonfire
Kesnor Silversword
Khirsa, The Fallen Queen of Helimbrash
Klaus "Guardian"
Lasiser Moonlark, The Gallant One
Lester Lesserspell
Lionesse Blueleaf
Lirieltrinathanna Greenhand
Medvorl Silversword
Mythrien Moonstar
Nakil Delquion
Rivvaard De La Roché
Rizzen DeVir
Ryiat "Jade" Syldartria, The Fire-Starter [Ravenloft]
Silvan Moonsong
Shungeera Razorshield
Solarn of Westgate
Stadius Evanero
Sujabar, Tarbosh The Ugly (The Ladykiller)
Symrustar Auglamyr
Talina "Phoenix" Faynevon
Tannus Blade
Twilight Thrillseeker
Lord Tyrianado
Uthegen'ryld Ghaun
Vixen, The Sorceress of Chaos
Vladimir Trollslayer
Xerix the Bold
Zaknafien "Zak" Selgard
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