New Magical Items

Presented here are the New Magical Items that have been created or encountered by the characters within this website.

Potions & Oils
[Bottle of Black Wine]


[Ear Ring of Martial Arts] [Ear Ring of Vengeance] [Flight Ring] [Ring of Curing] [Ring of Flight] [Ring of Illusions & Healing] [Ring of Stone] [Ring of Sunmotes] [Ring of Superior Regeneration +4]



[The Infinity Wand] [Wand of Purification (Priest)]

Miscellaneous Magic:

Books, Librams, Manuals, Spellbooks, and Tomes
[Codex of Silence]

Jewels, Jewelry, and Phylacteries
[Amulet of the Escapist] [Apothecary's Amulet] [Beads of Nothingness] [Bracelet of Ultimate Charms] [Gem of Darkness] [Neck Chain of Attractiveness] [Necklace of Free Action] [Symrustar's Choker] [Winter's Seed] [Wolven Choker]

Cloaks and Robes
[Cloak of the Living Wood] [Firebane's Cloak]

Boots, Bracers, and Gloves
[Auglamyer bracers] [Bracers of the Eagle] [Bracers of Hunting] [Bracers of Shielding & Striking] [Gloves of Vampiric Regeneration] [Phoenix's Bracers of Haste]

Belts, Girdles, Hats, Masks and Helms
[Belt of Flying] [Crown of Stars] [Draven's Stone Helm] [Girdle of Titan Strength] [Helm of Homecoming] [Helm of Kainus] [Helm of Paralyzation Resistance] [Lionesse's Charisma Tiara] [Mask of Protection +3 (Drow-Vampire Face)] [Outlaw's Belt] [Rolt's Mask of Shame] [Shadow Dragon Helm]

Bags, Bottles, Pouches, and Containers
[Frizzan's Case of Darkness] [Leg Band of the Elements] [Sheath of Darkness]

Candles, Dusts, Ointments, Incense, and Stones
[Luckstone of Chaos] [Stone of Sharpening]

Household Items and Tools
[Arkon's Alcoholics' Cup] [Zagixn]

Musical Instruments

The Weird Stuff
[Acorns of Stoning] [Arkon's Shoulder Plates of Charisma] [Azuth's Stone Avatar] [Ceramic Pig] [Jarid's Lucky Platinum Coin] [Living Hole] [Living Steel Pants] [String of Returning] [Tooth of Protection +2] [Transport Hole] [Wizard's Lamp]

Armor and Shields
[Bat Plate Mail] [Green Dragon Scale Elven Plate Mail] [Leather Armor of Curing] [Living Steel Breast Plate] [Phoenix Shield] [Phoenix's Mercury Mail] [Plate of the Sharkskin] [The Razorshield] [Shield of Fear] [Spider Death Armor]

[Adamantite Claws +4] [Blade of Battledancers] [Bloodglass] [Cesti of Death Blows] [Crystylpeak] [Dagger +3 of Invisibility & Nondetection] [Dawnsreaver] [Defending Bo Staff +5] [Dragon Bow of the Elders] [Drinker] [Elfeater] [Flameberge] [Genie Scourge] [Helkris] [Jayelyn's Dagger] [Londeirth] [Lords Scale] [Phoenix's Blade Bow] [Runic Severys] [Silverblaze] [Staff-Spear of the Sylvan Kings] [Whirlwind]

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