Villains' Lorebook Vol. II

Villains of the Realms
These individuals are the stuff of nightmares. They spend or have spent the majority of their lives thwarting other creatures of the Realms and the beliefs and principles of the good races.Some of these characters have been shown in other websites and accessories, but never have they gotten the just and respectful attention they deserve. This glimpse at the Villains of the Forgotten Realms is hopefully the best and most comprehensive one to date.

Thank you for your time, enjoy!

Lord Piper

Groups & Associations
The Brothers Black
Dark Forces
The Black Spiral
The Golden Enclave ~~~~Join Now~~~~
The Silver Crowns
The Windblades
Villains of the Realms

Amalica Aleval, Weapon Master of House Aleval of Ched Nasad
Amara Deathstone
Arael'el'lyon, Dark Angel
Araya Elkhorn, Traitor to the Elven Court
Arnood Kezloean
Artemis Entreri
Bladen, Patron of House Leudith of Ched Nasad
Brizzen Sa'Naxith, Elderboy of House Sa'Naxith of Ched Nasad
Chaszmyr Bladen'Kerst, Elderboy of House Bladen'Kerst of Menzoberranzan
Dalamar [DragonLance]
Drae'gious Faen'ya, Secondboy of House Dael'Faen'ya of Menzoberranzan
Elaith 'The Serpent' Craulnober
Gyle of the Midnight Scales
Kae'man the Forgetful
Kala Ravensclaw, Mistress of Death
Kaerf Claytail, The Chosen One
Koriel Tahl'Atria, Traitor to the Elven Court
Lamar, the Loonie
Prince Lorarlao, Soulless of the Trees, The Evassive Oak
Nicoleous Pale-Heart, The Forever Mage
Raistlin Majere, The Dark Mage [from DragonLance]
Solarn of Westgate
Tark Ravenshood
Tarthul Halfblood
Tatyana Armgo, High Priestess of House Barrison Del'Armgo of Menzoberranzan
Tremble Orell'Zan
Vripaed Jaevvoir
Zirealik Aussom, Runechild

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