Drow Kits



By Shademehr@aol.com

Description: They are bred from the finest fighters in the Houses, from both male and female warriors. These fighters are usually of the fourth or fifth generation of such breeding and thus have all of the instincts necessary to make them the best fighters. The epitome of dark elven skill with the blade. All Death Blades must succeed in passing a test which includes passing through one of the House's battle-mazes.

Role: These elves have been trained for one purpose and for one purpose only, to kill. They are, however, not thrown into any battle that comes along. They are saved for the direst of all emergencies and are even used to guard the high-priestesses themselves.

Bonus Weapon Proficiencies: Specialization in one bladed weapon. See Special Abilities section below for more bonuses with weapons.

Recommended Weapon Proficiencies: (Death Blades start with half the normal starting weapon proficiency slots due to their number of fighting abilities that they receive from other training) Fighting style specialization, continued weapon specialization, and some sort of unarmed combat training.

Bonus Nonweapon Proficiencies: blind-fighting

Recommended Nonweapon Proficiences: weaponsmithing, endurance, heraldry

Recommended Traits: alertness and fast healer

Equipment: The Death Blade is free to carry whatever equipment he desires, but usually limits himself to only his blade, armor, and a few (small) other items to remain as unencumbered as possible.

Distinctive Appearance: Death Blades really do not have a distinctive appearance. Most do, however keep their hair cut very short to prevent interfering with combat. Most also remain extremely unencumbered for the same reason. If a certain trait runs in the Houses clan of Death Blades then the player will most likely have it. In some cases, also, a House's Death Blades will have a certain "look" such as earrings, nose rings, tatoos, etc. but it always varies from House to House.

Special Benefits:

-Death Blades, like all Drow, are ambidextrous, and thus do not suffer any penalties when fighting with a weapon in each hand.

-Death Blades are customarily taught a drow form of the bladesong fighting style, called the Orthae Velve, or Holy Blade. It confers the following bonuses:

  1. they always have a +1 bonus to hit, damage and armor class; but at the beginning of a melee round, they can elect to have a +2 bonus in one of those items (to hit, AC or dmg), but the +1 bonus will be lost in the other two for that round. The +2 bonus can be changed from round to round.
  2. Death Blades get a +1 to initiative, starting at first level. This increases to +2 at 5th level, +3 at 10th level and, if the DM allows for level expansion, +4 at 15th level, and ends with a +5 at 20th level.
  3. All intelligent beings who view a Death Blade in combat (as long as they are a less level than the Death Blade) must make a saving throw vs. breath weapon with a -2 penalty. If the save succeeds by more than 5 points, then nothing happens. If the save succeeds by 5 or less points, then the creature viewing the Death Blade will get a -2 to all attack rolls (hit and dmg) and armor class. If the save fails by 5 points or less, then the creature will be stunned with fear/awe for 1d4 rounds in which it can do nothing but defend itself. If the save fails by more than 5 points, then the creature runs away in terror or surrenders immediately. People who witness the Death Blades attacks often (i.e. for at least 3 battles, will be come used to its effects and will not have to save). Note: This style can be used when fighting with a weapon in each hand and the bonuses apply to each weapon (i.e. +1 to hit with both weapons, +1 to dmg with both weapons, but the +1 bonus to armor class is still +1.)

Special Hindrances:

-Most drow elves shun the Death Blades so all reaction rolls are at -4 when dealing with other drow.

-When using the Orthae Velve fighting style (see above), they can not use any form of shield (or buckler).

-The Death Blades, due to their standing in the ranks of the Houses army, are always under the watchful eyes of the priestesses and sometimes even the High Matron herself.

-The Death Blade lives under a code, called the Orthae Mrimm, or Sacred Inspiration. Some of the basic beliefs of this code are as follows:

  1. The Death Blade must be obediant to his Matron Mother and to the high priestesses.
  2. The Death Blade is ready to perish at any time in the service of his/her House.
  3. Death or success are the only two options, there is no such thing as failure.
  4. To die in the service of one's House is the greatest honor that a Death Blade can endure.
  5. No dishonor to one's house can go unavenged.
  6. Dishonor to the House and its nobles is dishonor to the Death Blade.
  7. Mercy is not an option to one's enemy.
  8. Cowardice is not an option. Granted, some of these rules are normal in drow society, but the Death Blades do hold them in high regard, and live by them without complaint.

Wealth Options: All Death Blades are bestowed with a House Insignia [it's powers vary but they will always have at least 2 minor powers, 1 intermediate power, 1 major power, and the intermediate ability of Charm House Monster(see page 84 of the Drow of the Underdark book for descriptions).] They also begin play with the following items (given by the House): piwafwi, drow boots, drow chainmail +2, and a drow-crafted bladed weapon +2. As the Death Blades station increases, so does the power of the equipment which he/she is given.

Suggested Elf Subraces: Drow elves only

The following information is for the Player's Optin: Skills & Powers rules:

-The Sword bonus (Elven ability) may be taken for 3 points instead of 5.

-The 1d12 for Hit Points Bonus (Fighter Ability) may be taken for 7 points instead of 10. (This is explained in their breeding to be the strongest and best warriors.

-The Defense Bonus (Fighter Ability) may be taken for 7 points instead of 10.

-The Multiple Specialization (Fighter Ability) may be taken for 7 points instead of 10.

Special thanks to the creators of the Elves Handbook, The Drow of the Underdark handbook, the Skills and Powers handbook (all who gave me ideas for this kit) and all who had to do with the creating of the drow.


Death Weaver (Group Specialist)

Written By Brian K. Blair

Description: Of all the warriors in the Drow society, few are respected as highly as the Group Specialist, also known as the Deathweaver. They spend their lives in the art of fighting with a specific group of weapons, never seeking proficiency in others. To be a Deathweaver, one must be a single classed fighter with a minimum strength of 16 and dexterity of 16.

Role: Most group specialists see themselves as the only true warriors and all others are mere novices. Most are important members of their house, being Weapon masters, Instructors, personal bodyguards or troop commanders.

Secondary Skills: Weaponsmith is most common.

Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus, One free weapon style specialization.

Recommended Group: Blades any, Polearm any, Clubbing, Axes, Cleaving and crushing and Mounted weapons only*! Specialization in a single weapon is required by 3rd level.

*Lance (any), Horseman's flail, mace and pick

Bonus NWP: Blindfighting, Endurance, and Tumbling. Recommended: Lizard riding, Weaponsmith, Artistic ability weapon design, Alertness, Observation, Gaming.

Equipment: May carry any equipment that doesn't encumber them greatly. Their weapons are of the highest quality.

Distinctive appearance: They are recognized for their weapons, light encumbrance and solemn manner. Mainly they are recognized for their exceptional weapon skill.

Special Benefits: Deathweavers gain the following benefits

  1. +1 to hit and damage, -1 off speed factor for the weapon of choice. Once the weapon of choice is chosen, it cannot be changed.
  2. +1 to hit per 3 levels when trying successfully trying an unusual maneuver with the weapon of choice.
  3. Beginning at 3rd level, they may increase their weapon specialization, with the cost of 1 weapon proficiency. This means that they may choose to either add +1 to hit, +1 to damageor -1 off of the speed factor. This may only be done with the weapon of choice. Example: At 9th level, they may have used 3 proficiency slots in this manner.. ie.. 3rd, 6th and 9th level.

Special Hindrances:

  1. Must get a group of weapons at 1st level.
  2. May never become proficient in a weapon not in their group.
  3. May never wear armor heavier than chainmail.
  4. -3 to hit and damage and +3 to speed factor when using a weapon outside of their chosen group.
  5. Must constantly practice to maintain weapon skill. If one month passes without practice then the special benefits are lost until practice is resumed. The usual time required to regain benefits is 1 month +3 weeks to gain back the first, +1 week for the second and +1 week per +1 on the third benefit. If practice has been neglected for one year, all benefits and all weapon specializations, including style, are lost until a full 6 months is spent rehoning their skills.

Wealth options: Same as warrior.

Deathweaving: This kit is the Drow's answer to the Bladesinger, found in the TSR's Complete Book of Elves TM. Most who take this kit usually get blades and the weaving of the blades give it its name. Deathweaving is similar to Bladesinging except that emphasis is on speed, as opposed to grace. Not to say that deathweaving isn't graceful, but in a very different way. As bladesingers rely on misdirection and subtlety, Deathweaving relies on speed and deception.

Those who practice deathweaving move their blades at a rapid and confusing pace. While foes are confused by the speed and/or trying to predict when, where and if the attack is coming, the strike is made with deadly accuracy.

Deathweaving is a weapon proficiency that can be learned by other classes, but it requires 3 slots for warriors and 4 for all others, not including any slots for weapons. The advantages however are:

1. They gain an initial +1 bonus to hit and for each additional point up to +3 for 2 extra weapon proficiency slots.

2. They gain a +1 bonus to their AC and for each additional point up to +3 for 2 extra weapon proficiency slots.

3. They can parry and attack in the same round without wasting any additional attacks.


Drow Bladesinger

Author unknown to me

Campaign: Forgotten Realms (but can easily be for other worlds containing Drow)

Description:The drow style of using two weapons in an exotic dance to trap enemies weapons as well as draw them out of position is extremely effective. The fighter must choose two weapons, one must be of small size or the wielder must be ambidexterous with two weapon style. Two small weapons are always allowed (two daggers/ stillettos) Long weapons aren't allowed. Drow bladesingers must be plain fighters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Role: Drow bladesingers are thos who graduate from Melee Magthere or it's equivalent. They are the weaponsmasters, the elite of the drow warriors. The serve as captains of guards, trainers for young nobles, and elite surface raiders

Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus- 1 free weapon specialization. Recommended: short sword, scimitar, long sword bastard sword, and all other swords with a speed factor of 6 or less. dagger, dirk, knife, stilletto, whip, maine gauche.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Bonus- dancing, tumbling, blind fighting, fine balance *

Reccomended- alertness, juggling (especially for small weapons like dagger) jumping, observation, quickness*

Equiptment: Weapons of choice (high quality, and bejeweled).

Special benefits: there are six special benefits to being a drow bladesinger:

    1. +1 to hit and +2 to damage base, (do to decades of extensive training in favored weapon(s).(only main weapon, unless ambidexterous, in which it is both)
    2. Double the amount of attacks per round.
    3. Do to the many lightening quick twists and subtle movements, the Bladesinger gains a to-hit bonus equivalent to his/her reaction adjustment.
    4. Due to the extensive training in total blindness, there are no modifiers for fighting blind
    5. Attacks from behind get no modifier to hit the bladesinger, for the bladesinger's is constantly aware of his surroundings.
    6. All the player's new weapon proficiency slots must be devoted to attaining a higher level of mastery over a weapon, or a new fighting style. (In the book combat and tactics by TSR (it's great) there is a new system called mastery,high mastery and grand mastery which make Drizzt look like a bumbling girley man.)

Special Hindrances: No other weapons can be learned, beside the favorite weapon(s). -5 to hit with all others. no bulky armor,(no bulkier than chain or -2 to -4 to hit. Can't learn or use two handed styleand the weapon and shield style is very rare (in this case the shield is used as a weapon and a defense)(buckler).

Wealth- Drow bladesingers start out with slightly more than their less trained counterparts 4d6x10 gp.

* signifies a new proficiency found in Players option Combat and Tactics (buy this, it's great) (Rahvi's note: Don't listen, player's option is crap, all of it)

New items

Back pouch- This dagger sized pouch is worn in the upper back, or in the small of the back. It can hold up to three doses of potions, a dagger/knife/stilletto, or 10 light pellets.

Light pellets- These coin sized pellets are made of a marble sized reflective stone or glass, with a continual light spell cast on it. The stone is then covered with a thick casing of clay which is dried and hardened. When the pellet is thrown or held and the casing crushed, those in he general vicinity are blinded for 2d4 rounds, up to 4d4 rounds if they've never seen light.

Hood- This simple hood is like a cloth sack for the head which protects the wearer from light spells, bright light, light pelletsand gaze attacks. Note however, that the wearer is utterly blind while wearing it

Bracers of blinding strike- These Bracers are a boon to warriors and make bladesingers even more deadly. When weareing these magical bracers, weapon speeds are lowered to 1, magical weapons to a 0, and the wearer attacks first in any round.


Drow Knight

Author unknown to me

Campaign: Forgotten Realms

Description: These are the Lizard riders, the elite warriors a few steps above the foot troops, and more mobile and versatile than the bladesingers. These Drow are masters of lizard riding and an example of these fighter's can be found in R.A. Salvatore's books, especially the fight between Drizzt and the young Baenre and his death lance.

Role: Drow Knights are the ones matron mothers send to Arach-Tinlith, Melee Magthere, Sorcere, or another Matron's house with letters, secret alliance offers, coupons, etc. They are able to blend in easily with everyone else, and are almost impossible to follow. If they are followed, they simply send their mounts away and hide until they could accomplish their mission.

Weapon Proficiencies:

Bonus- 1 free weapon proficiency in hand crossbow or lance.

Required- Hand Crossbow or Javelin, Lance, Melee Weapon

Recommended: Small-Heavy lance, Long sword, Short sword, dagger, bastard sword, saber, scimitar, two handed sword

Non-weapon Proficiencies:

Bonus- Lizard riding$

Required- animal handling

Recommended-Hide in shadows^, disguise, voice mimicry,

Equipment: War lizard ( obviously) Saddle and harnesses, occasionally barding for more treasured ( read as valuable) mounts, a high quality, usually magical lance, and either a brace or quiver type holder for javelins or a hand crossbow. Disguise kits are also commonly carried, and are easy to use to fool infravision, especially when the subject is not known well.

Special benefits: there are 4 special benefits to being a Drow Knight

  1. Drow knights gain a +1 to hit with a lance at 1st level, thereafter they gain a +1 every three levels. ( at 4th, it's +2 at 7th it's +3, etc.)
  2. Drow knights gain a +1 to hit with their melee weapon or missile weapon ( handbow, or javelin only) for every three levels. ( +1 at 3rd, +2 at 6th, etc.)
  3. Drow Knights gain a +2 to all attacks made from the backs of their mounts.
  4. As Subterranean Lizards are sure of foot as they are swift, attacks made at 1/2-3/4 speed and suffer only -2 to hit ( simply negate the +2 bonus to hit) and at 3/4+ a -4 to hit is suffered, before bonuses and penalties are applied. 

Special Hindrances:

    1. When not mounted, Drow Knights suffer a penalty to hit equal to their reaction adj. subtracted from 4.
    2. If the Drow fails the mission set for them by a matron mother or High Priestess of Lolth, their life is usually forfeit. Even if the Knight isn't killed, he/she may be sold into slavery or maimed as punishment, in which case, they would be useless as an envoy, as they would be remembered too easily.
    3. Drow knights must pay 1,000gp for a new war lizard is theirs is killed, and it must be discreetly and confidently purchased to maintain house security.

Wealth- Drow Knights start out with 4d6x10 gp, as well as a high Quality war lizard, saddle, harnesses, and Pwiwafwi if noble.

$-Riding, Lizard. This proficiency is essentially the same as riding land based, horses, but without this proficiency and a working knowledge of the lizards harnesses and straps, the rider would probably end up dead.

^-Hide in Shadows(Heat shadows). This proficiency is an optional one, as it give PC's a chance to hide in Shadows made from heat differences in the underdark. The chance of hiding successfully is that of a ranger of similar level.

War Lizard- AC 4 HD 6, MV 24 THAC0 16 # att 2 dmg 1d4/1d8 (claw/tail) int 3-5 Size L (15-20') ( wrong order, I know, but I'm lazy)This is like a heavy war horse of subterranean lizards, bigger, smarter, and meaner.


House Weapon Master(Kit for Drow underdark Campaigns)

Author unknown to me

Role: The House weapon master is a master tactician who is responsible for coordinating the offensive and defensive activities in a drow household. This responsiblity includes the training of defenders, the cordination of strategy and tactics, the care of house defenses and maintaining the morale discipline of the house troops.

Requirements: None, each indiviual house may have it's own requirements but the following are commonplace; only drow are chosen for this honor, those of proper social strata, usually a family member skilled in the arts of hand to hand combat or those drow who are known for skill at arms and loyalty to the matron of whatever house they serve.

Weapon Proficiencies: Any weapon normally available to the warrior class

Nonweapon Proficiencies:

  1. Bonus proficiencies: Tactics*, Weakness Identification*, Weapon Improvisation*, Siegecraft*, Strategy*,
  2. Reccomended: Set Snares, Survival(Underdark), Trouble Sense*, Engineering, Reading/Writing, Cartography*, Leadership*, Camouflage*, Endurance


Equipment: Weapon masters start out with equipment that is one grade better than that of the regular troops under his command. (ie: if the regular house troops have +1 equipment then he or she will have +2 equipment and so on)

Special Benefits:

  1. The house weapon master due to long years of training and experience has a practical knowledge of most weapons. Therefore his non proficiency penalty with any weapon is -1 instead of the usual -2
  2. When engaged in combat with his troops he increases their morale by +2
  3. The house weapon master gains a +3 charisma bonus when dealing with house troops.(ie: if his charisma is 13 then it is equivalent to 16 with his troops)
  4. Those proficiencies outside of the warrior group that would coincide with the weapon master's responsibilities cost him or her only one slot

Special Hindrances:

  1. The house weapon master can never be specialized in any weapon. He may only achieve the level of expert although he can specialize in any fighting style he so wishes.
  2. All of his or her initial weapon slots must be filled with the preffered weapons of his or her House.
  3. Any noncombat related proficiency outside of the warrior group that is not directly related to his duties cost double the normal slots.
  4. The house weapon master suffers a -2 reaction adjustment when dealing with other members of the house or its nobles. this is due to the fact he has such a good rapport with his troops.
  5. Each time the weapon master gains a level he is challanged from within the household or from whoever knows of his fighting prowess. The weapon master must face this challange or lose experience points(as decided by the DM appropriate to the circumstances). This can prevent him or her from advancing in level but the weapon master will never go below the minimum need to stay at his or her current level.

Wealth Options: As stated previously the house weapon master gains his bonus equipment free of charge(usually a weapon, armor and shield) in addition to the regular starting gold for a warrior.


Ranger Kit:The Underdark Ranger (UnderRanger)

Author unknown to me

Campaign Setting:Any with Drow

Description:UnderRangers are outcasts of the norm of Evil Dark Elves. They have shunned the evil Drow God(ess) and have struck out on their own,The harshness of the Underdark and the hatred of the World of Light hardens these warriors,both spiritally and physically..they are masters of their chosen weapon,superior to Weapon Masters many time their senior..Quick and Agile,deceptivelly strong and cunning most Drow cannot bear to match the lightning thrusts and cuts,and none can gaze into the fire of their eyes.

Weapon Proficiencies:Good news is that they get two free slots,bad news is that five are already chosen! The UnderRanger MUST specialize in One type of sword(any) ; They MUST be AMBIDEXTEROUS ; They have taught themselves to be armed at all times,even when no weapon is available thus they MUST either specialize in Punching or Wrestling, or take Martial Arts ; they must be Profficient in either a Xbow or a regular bow(The choice dictates where they get the +1 bonus to hit goes) ; The sixth choice is up to the Player but Further Specialization(see later) and the Whippet(also later) is recommended . At Level six,nine,and twelve they MUST spend their WP's in gaining and upgrading MASTERY.

Nonweapon Proficiencies:BONUS:Trailing,Quickness,Blind Fighting. Recommended:Fine Balance,Disguise,Weaponsmith,Bowyer/Fletcher(if uses normal bows),Armorer.

Equipment:The UnderRanger starts out with 20-200 (2d10x10) gp. New and regullarly used equipment is listed at the end of this Kit.

Special Benefits: The UnderRanger gets six special bonuses,they are..

-A +15% to M/S and H/S for in the underdark,you must be light of foot and BE the shadows. He has also learned to make hand and footholds where none are and may CLIMB WALLS at 60% plus Dex bonus' and +3% a level.

-The UnderRanger is able to move without a sound and slip through the shadows with the greatest of ease he may Backstab as a thief of the same level.

-He has been trained in Echo Location or the ability to DISCERN NOISE. This is like hear noise except not only is the Ranger able to hear the noise but is able to make it out up to his percentage (a Ranger with D/N 60% would hear a scouting partys footfalls and would make out 60% of the noise including conversations if any.

-The UnderRanger usually only uses ONE melee weapon other than ranged weapons and daggers..His sword..The shear skill goes beyond anything that can be taught to a point that he may spend WP's to FURTHER his SPECILIZATION. One slot grants a +2 to Hit and a +1 to Damage, this may be upgraded up to +10/+5.

-The UnderRanger,as a Drow has a grasp of magic,indeed Innate powers still live in him,when he learns to harness magic(cast spells) he automatically learns ALL his INNATE POWERS again,over a period of time though,coming back in the way they faded away.

-Does NOT suffer a penalty whatsoever(-0) when fighting blind, has honed his senses to a point eyesight is a Hindrance sometimes.

Special Hindrances:

-May NOT learn any other WP's other than His sword type,Bow or XBow, dagger,Whippet,furthering Martial arts or P/W.

-NEVER gets a +10% Experience bonus for exceptional scores in Main ability requirements.(This can be the worst of all to a -20% Drow!)

-A -8 Reaction Roll to members of his hometown if they recognize him (Thus the disguse skill is handy),they cannot hide hatred or jealosy and Priest(esses) will often come after the ranger for a sacrafice.

-May NOT wear armour heavier than Chain Mail or ALL bonuses go away untill the armor is removed.New Equipment:

-The Nannuattan (Drow for Whippet):is a slender rodlike shape that when sent into a arc like motion unleashes a whip like appendenge (Use the Best Short Bow Range 1d6/1d8) that is as fast as thought and cuts through the finest mail without effort..Thus if the target gets a AC bonus from Dex he must make a Dex check -4 or lose the bonus,also if the target is wearing armor(Not where all AC is from Dex,Bracers,rings,ect) he suffers a AC worsening of 3.The cost is 20 gp.

-The UnderRanger armour: forged by the Ranger PC and The Deep Gnomes This armour looks,acts,and functions like Drow Chain mail except it has a base AC of 5,no Modifiers to Thieflike abilities( This DOESNT mean to use the No Armor modifier though) and retains,and is unnefected by sunlight.The cost is 100gp.

-ChrisM5689's Bladesinger kit has several items of use,I recommend downloading it NOW!(G).... The Ranger survival kit:this is a small Pouchlike Box that is fastened in the small of the back it has a hood,15 Light Pellets,a days worth of food and water for emergencies and a dagger....25gp.

NOTE: The prices for these Items are for WHEN CREATED,after the campaign starts these items would have to be found on the black market, they are also illegal to posses (For the Fact only rangers use them. Which means a good conscience which is not what evil Dark Elves normally have.The prices could be x2-10.


Drow Wardancers of the Cult of Silence

by Doc, (katpal@ismennt.is)

Role: The Cult of Silence is an organization of Drow warrior-mages who follow an incredibily strict warrior code, the Code of Silence. They strive for excellence in combat, rivaling and, if they survive their first years as Wardancers, surpassing most above-world Bladesingers both in the arts martial and in pure viciousness and toughness. Unlike most Drow they are usually not cruel, but neither are they merciful. They prefer to deal a quick death to their prey, but will occasionally resort to torture, though this is most often left to others who can ask questions verbally, The only time they employ cruelty is when they punish a renegade.

Required stats: Int 15, Dex 16, Con 13, Str 13

Nonweapon proficiencies: Bonus: blind fighting, dancing. Required: Alertness. Recommended: direction sense, slow respiration, somatic concealment

Weapon proficiencies: Bonus: ambidexterity, 2 weapon style. Required: battle cloak, longsword or arm blade. Recommended: 1 weapon style, hand crossbow, martial arts.


* Combat modes:

* Special moves: bonus to negate penalties for special moves is +1 for every 4 levels

* Surprise bonus: surprised only on 1, + (level / 2) to surprise others if alone.

* Stealth:Wardancers gain the ability to Move silently at 15% +6% /level, and Hide in shadows at 15% +5% / level. Neither of these include adjustements for dexterity or armor adjustment


* The Code of Silence: As stated before, the Wardancers strive to operate in complete and utter silence. To this end they carry silenced equipment, wear no or silenced armor and take pains to move as silently as possible. In addition, once a Wardancer has survived basic training he or she is rendered mute. In addition to serving as a reminder to the Wardancer that silence is his closest ally, it serves to limit the Wardancer´s possible outside world contact (after all, who is going to accept the surrender of a Drow whose only mode of communication is the Drow sign language, and how is the same Drow supposed to convince others of his good intentions when he cannot speak). Another aspect of this is that all the spells that the Wardancer knows must be modified for somatic and material components only. This limits the Wardancer to studying with his appointed masters and makes it even harder for a renegade to survive in the world outside. It also makes it impossible for them to teach their skills to anyone who does not know the Drow sign language.

* Armor restrictions: A Wardancer is prohibited from wearing any armor other than leather (ac 7) or elven chain (ac 4), and even in those cases the armor must be silenced. Most Wardancer do not wear armor, preferring instead a Drow spidersilk bodysuit treated with heatbane. Sometimes this suit is the equivalent to padded armor (ac 8). It always has a full face mask.

* Becoming a renegade: Should a Wardancer choose to become a renegade, he may expect to be hunted by other Wardancers until the day he dies. Should he ever be caught alive, he will executed in ritual fashion by his peers. The execution will be overseen by a master. During the ritual the renegade is stripped of all armor and clothing and his hands tied to a stake set in the ground behind him. The renegade ends up kneeling inside a circle of hot stones. Each Wardancer present will then approach the renegade and cut him or her deeply with a ritual knife. The overseer usually has the honor of the first cut and, should the renegade still live after all present members have cut him three times, the honor of ending the ritual by slitting the renegade's throat.

* Weapon restrictions: Although a Wardancer may carry and be proficient with any weapon available, he will always choose the cloak and sword (and sometimes the blastpipes) over any other carried weapons. When using any other weapons the Wardancer receives a -2 to his attack roll. Note that a Wardancer may only be specialized in one of the three available sword types but may be proficient in the other two and use both without penalty. A surprising number of Wardancers have their right arm replaced by an artificial one with an arm blade mounted in the forearm.

* No family: Once the Wardancer joins the Cult of Silence he is no longer considered a member of his former house or family. No Wardancer will ever be seen wearing any marking related to a house or a family.


Drow spidersilk bodysuit treated with heatbane (renders the wearer almost invisible to infravision), elven or silenced boots, cloak (see weapons), adamantine sword of choice, blastpipes (see weapons) or hand crossbow, poison (death/15, save at -2; sleep/drowsiness). Their clothing is most often matte black, as are their weapons.


* Adamantine longsword (d8/d12), arm blade (d6+1/d8) or scimitar (d8/d8). Note that the scimitar is a very rare choice with the exception of Wardancers from the city of Ched-Nasad. The longsword is the most common specialty weapon of the Wardancers, and is often created with a spring loaded dagger blade (d4/d3) in the handle.

* Blastpipes are a set of three tubes, mounted together either under or above the wirsts, which use a spring loaded mechanism to launch a hand crossbow quarrel. The quarrel is usually coated with poison. The range is the same as that of the hand crossbow, as is the damage (d4+1/d4).

* Arm-mounted crossbows: Hand crossbows mounted on the forearm.

* The Battlecloak is a silenced (sometimes elven) cloak with an inlaid adamantium web. This enhances the AC of the wearer by 1. Also within the cloak are a set of 5 adamantine spears (d8/d6 together). The cloak may be used to make a fan-like attack causing the aforementioned damage. The hem of the cloak is often strapped to the wearers off-hand and is always attached to the shoulders, not tied around the neck. The spears in both hems of the cloak are telescopic, and so the one attached to the off-hand may be withdrawn out of the way. When not withdrawn the spear may be used to stab (d4+1/d4). The cloak may also be used to disarm opponents and deflect their weapons at +2 to the roll required. The battlecloak is an enormously difficult weapon to use and requires two weapon proficiency slots (one for attack, one for defense). If used without proficiency the penalty to do so is the standard penalty -3 (-8 for wizards, -5 for fighters, etc). If used with only the attack proficiency, the defense options can be used without penalty, if only the defense proficiency is possessed, however, the user suffers a -1 to all attack rolls with the weapon.

* The Wardancers always carry enough poison of each type to coat their sword at least three times (one flask of poison will coat one sword or ten crossbow bolts). The cloak blades are usually not poisoned.

Note: All Wardancer equipment is usable in daylight. This means that their adamantite weapons and armor (if any) are not magical, rather they are just weapons forged of non-radiated adamantium. All non-magical adamantium weapons have a +1 to both hit and damage.


Drow Weapon Master

Author unknown to me

Campaign: Forgotten Realms

Role: Drow Weapon Masters are used for training young family nobles in the art of of combat and weaponry. Weapon Masters are used for special missions of assassinations and are a major role in interfamilywars. These warrioirs have learned the use of all Drow weapons and can specialize in eight different weapons.

Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus-1 free weapon proficiency in Hand Crossbows

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus-fine balancing* required-blind fighting, move silently, hide in shadows

Equipment: Weapons of choice(usually of highest quality) Drow Boots, Piwawfwi, Drow Chain Mail.

Special Benefits: There are 2 special benefits to being a Weapon Master

  1. +3 to specialized weapons and a +2 to hand crossbows
  2. Specialization of eight weapons(must specify)

Special Hindrances:

When a mission is failed the Weapon Master may lose his life to the Matron Mother. Depending on house rank other Weapon Masters may want to prove themselves better, also younger sibling males may try and takeyourplace.

Weapon Masters must start off at level 1 fighter until level 3 then begins training in weapon master.


Xp chart: class level hd




Hit Die








































10d10 +1




10d10 +2




10d10 +3




10d10 +4




10d10 +5




10d10 +6

















Class Abilities:

Prime Requisites: strength,dexterity Minimums: st. 10 dx. 14 in. 12

*This proficiency is from Combat and Tactics



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