Yuliy Synkevich :



Honoured art worker of Ukraine.Born on April 8, 1938 in Kyiv.  
Graduated from Kyiv Arts Academy (Sculpture department) , 1961.  

In co-authorship with sculptors M.Hrytsyuk and A.Fuzhenko created the monument to T.Shevchenko in Moscow in 1964. 
Author of the monument "Birds of Chernobyl" in Berlin. 
Author of many monuments and pieces of decorative sculpture  in Ukraine and outside. 
Author of the monument "Prometey" in Chernobyl 
His sculpture composition "The Family" was presented by President of Ukraine at the case of 50-th years anniversary of UNO to the Headquarters of UNO in Geneva (Switzerland). 
Initiaitor of symposium movement in Ukraine.Prize winner of small  forms plastics contest in Budapest and Ravenna (Dante Memorial).  Works in all genres and all sculpture material. 

Participant of many international exhibitions and symposia : 

     - Hungary  
     - Germany  
     - Kyrgizstan  
     - France  

Initiaitor of symposium movement in Ukraine.Prize winner of small  forms plastics contest in Budarest and Ravenna (Dante Memorial). 


1976 the personal exhibition in Kiev 
1978 the personal exhibition in Lvov (Ukraine) 
1989 the personal exhibition in Kiev (sculptures and graphic pictures) 
1990 the personal exhibition in Paris (France, the gallery "Natalie" 
1991 the personal exhibition together with the father L. Sinkevych (architect) 
1992 the exhibition in Malm (Sweden) 
     the personal exhibition in Kiev (The museum of  Russian Art) 
1993  the exhibition in Toulouse (France) 
     monument "Music" in Toulouse (France) 
     the exhibition in "World Bank" 
     the exhibition in Toulouse (France) "L'atelier" gallery 
1994  the group exhibition in "Ukrainian House" gallery 
     the exhibition in Paris (France) "Art Viva" gallery 
1995  the  exhibition in Kiev, Yuliy Sinkevych, Lev Sinkevych second (sculpture), 
           Lev Sinkevych (graphic) 
     Kiev (Ukraine) UNO embassy 
     Kiev (Ukraine) "Earth Club" 
     Kiev (Ukraine) "Triptych" gallery 
1996  the personal exhibition in Slavutich (Ukraine) 
1998  the personal exhibition in "Lavra" gallery in Kiev 

Participant of international and ukrainian symposia on sculpture:   
1978 Nadu-Tad (Hungary) wood; 
1979 Nadu-Tad (Hungary) wood; 
1983 Frunthe (Kyrgyzstan) stone; 
1986 Truscavets (Ukraine)  wood; 
1987 Berlin (DDR) stone; 
1988 Kiev (Ukraine) stone; 
1988 Odessa (Ukraine) stone; 
1989 Olesík (Ukraine) stone; 
1991 Beshkek (Kyrgyzstan) stone; 
1991 Ochakiv (Ukraine) stone; 
1992 Ochakiv (Ukraine) stone; 
1993 Toulouse (France) stone; 
1994 Carhaix (Bretagne, France) "Evrosculpture 94"; 
1995 Mykolayiv (Ukraine) stone; 
1995 Truscavets (Ukraine) "Stone 95"; 
1996 Buik-Slivke (Turkey) stone; 
1997 Solonik (Greece) stone; 
1992-93 Kiev (Ukraine) stone