THE "DEEPSKY OBSERVER's COMPANION" (DOC) web-pages is an on-line resource for the deepsky observer, consisting primarily of visual descriptions of deepsky objects. Besides the work of contemporary amateur astronomers, descriptions of historical interest are also collected, including work by James Dunlop, John Herschel and E J Hartung.

The DOC pages are also supposed to promote the Deepsky Observing Section of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa, and functions as its on-line archive.

WEBSITE POLICY: Because of the current nature of the WWW, the policy of my service provider, and the size of these pages, I am unable to keep a full version online at my usual homepage (

Thanks to the extended free hosting policty of the folks at Fortune City, I am able to keep the complete pages online here.

Two other full mirror sites exist:

- Geocities
- Xoom

THE WEBMASTER of the DOC pages is Auke Slotegraaf, who is also Director of the ASSA Deepsky Observing Section; he welcomes email at


Don't forget to check out the resource pages for all sorts of observing goodies.

Object Descriptions
The archive of visual descriptions can be accessed using the starmap indexes.

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