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A PERSONAL NOTE Before the Uranometria 2000.0 atlas became available, like many deepsky observers, I was using the old SAO Atlas. This atlas is not the most user-friendly, but it did at least show faint stars, which made star-hopping possible with the narrow field of the 15.5-inch f/9 I was using.

When the more slick Sky Atlas 2000.0 by Wil Tirion was published, it was a bit of a disappointment, because even though the deepsky stuff were labelled, it showed too few stars. Perfect for binoculars, too coarse for the telescope. I had to wait for the fruition of an idea by someone I did not know existed.

The Uranometria 2000.0 was the brainchild of Perry Remaklus, president of Willmann-Bell, Inc. In the 80's, Remaklus had been using the little-known 1944 "Webbs Atlas of the Stars" and was also familiar with Tirion's Sky Atlas 2000.0. He thought about producing a new set of maps, merging the best features of these earlier works into a comprehensive and practical atlas.

Work on the new atlas started in 1983, and was to cover the sky in 160 hand-drawn charts. After further planning, it was decided to computer-plot charts at a finer scale, producing 473 overlapping charts showing 330 000 stars, the RNGC and a further 10 300 nonstellar objects. The atlas, produced by Wil Tirion, George Lovi and Barry Rappaport, was named after Bayer's milestone 1603 atlas Uranometria.

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