MAY 28: June issue of Nightfall added.

MAY 26: Added 7 sketches by Gabriel Giust; added 30 new observations by Auke Slotegraaf.

MAY 19: Links pages updated (SEDS, Brian Skiff, MAC, etc.)

MAY 06: Individual Uranometria charts from -17° to -90° (U305 - U473) are now available, containing the visual description of many of the southern skies finest objects.

MAY 01: There's now a free discussion mailing list, hosted by ONELIST.COM, for southern deepsky observers. Check out the subscribe page.

APRIL 27: A What's Hot page has been added, listing some 30 wicked objects.

MARCH 28: The April '98 edition of the Nightfall column is now on-line.


Don't forget to check out the resource pages for all sorts of observing goodies.

Object Descriptions
The archive of visual descriptions can be accessed via the starmap indexes.

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