(I Mother Earth)

Christian Tanna (Drums)
Bruce Gordon (Bass)
Edwin (vocals)
(gone now *sniff* and soon to be replaced)
Jag Tanna (Guitar, Background vocals)
*pic from Derek Tam*


A group shot Edgefest
A surprise from Glueleg Edwin and Bruce in front of a camper
One with Edwin too Edwin and Jag hanging out
The IME web ring pic One more astronaut video
Cool group shot: OMA Relaxing in the studio
Edwin (*sniff* now replaced) B&W- Edwin between takes
Edwin's Autograph Edwin...just standing and thinking
Edwin singing on stage On a rock
Edwin reaching out to his fans At a recording studio
Edwin smiling Edwin singing and smiling
Christian in front of a mirror Jag on stage
Bruce with Jeremy from OLP's glasses Jag, Christioan and Bruce in while filming Rasberry
Bruce with fans Chris, Jag and Bruce again
Bruce smiling at the camera Chris in front of a wrecked car from OMA
Good picture of Jag Daniel and Christian sleeping
Christian with Jeremy from OLP  

Sounds: (MPEG 60 secs each) -
Scenery and Fish 
Hello Dave!
Like A Girl
One More Astronaut
Another Sunday
Three Days Old
Used To Be Alright
Shortcut To Moncton
Songburst & Delirium
Sense Of Henry
Earth, Sky & C.
 Movies: (Quicktime, 30secs each)-
One More Astronaut (1.7M) Used To Be Alright (1.7M)
Another Sunday (2M) Raspberry (2.5M) 
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