Ascendant Sign Interpretations

N.B.  Accurate Birth Time essential for Ascendant to be correct.

With Aries rising in your chart, your initial approach to situations is to
attempt to deal with them directly and immediately.  Your natural way of org-
anising your immediate experience is motivated by a powerful, albeit unconsc-
ious, sense of personal urgency, and you throw yourself into life spontane-
ously and with vigour.  Thus whatever the rest of your psychological make-up,
you come across initially as being a dynamic assertive person with consider-
able self-confidence.  You appear to act very much on impulse, and you may
well have a reputation for hastiness, for you tend to act and react to situ-
ations very fast.  Act first and think later might be your motto.  However,
your eagerness to enter into situations directly may lead to problems unless
you are able to develop qualities of perseverance, forward planning and an
awareness of others' feelings in addition to your continuous tendency to
seek new situations and experiences by "making waves".  You will make the best
of your potential if you learn to channel your enthusiasm constructively, as
you have a considerable amount of power at your disposal.

With Taurus rising in your horoscope, your initial approach to life is to
attempt to deal with it systematically.  Your natural way of organising your
immediate experience is motivated by a strongly developed ability to perceive
the details in the material world around you, even though you may not be con-
sciously aware of this, since it is unconsciously based.  You therefore show
a keen awareness of the world around you, and you process your experience
through your senses.  This takes some time, and you are likely to come across
as a cautious methodical person who is well grounded in the material world,
and who recognises the potential therein, as well as the limitations of mat-
erial reality.  You are likely to explore the world through your physical
senses, and you believe strongly in the value of personal experience in dec-
iding on a course of action.  You may be rather sceptical about matters of
which you have no direct experience, and you need to develop an ability to
place your experiences within a broader framework in order to avoid the rep-
utation for being too "down to earth".

With Gemini rising, your initial approach to life is to attempt to analyse
all experience with the aim of forming a theory as to how the world ticks.
Your natural way of organising your immediate experience is motivated by
an unconscious drive to understand the world according to an idiosyncratic
theoretical model.  You are therefore likely to be highly inquisitive and
curious about the world around you and about other people, and you are
highly developed in the science of lateral thinking.  You ask a lot of
questions, with the aim of adding to your store of knowledge, and you
come across as being quite talkative.  However, since you operate on
your own individual wavelength, others are likely to see you as being
quite unpredictable, and perhaps superficial, since you tend to jump from
one topic to another rather quickly, since you see connections where others
do not.  You need to learn to give depth to your understanding, and to find
some practical framework within which to apply it, in addition to accepting
the wishes and feelings of others, even if they fail to fit into your system.

With Cancer rising, your initial approach to life is highly subjective, for
you attempt to respond to situations in such a way that you feel emotionally
secure.  Your natural way of organising your immediate experiences is to
place a value judgement upon them, as to whether you feel good or bad about
them. This is not a conscious exercise on your part, it is just the way you
handle your experiences.  Since your value judgements are entirely personal,
and since your past feeling states influence your present emotional status
so strongly, you come across as a sensitive emotional person.  You have a
long memory for emotionally charged events, both good and bad, and show a
tendency towards prejudice based upon your subjective experiences.  Whilst
this means that you may be empathetic and caring, attributing feelings as
strong as your own to other people, it can also indicate oversensitivity,
unless you are able to develop some degree of detachment from your resp-
onses, checking out that what was once perhaps an appropriate attitude in
the past is equally suitable in the light of your present needs.
With Leo rising in your horoscope, your initial approach to situations is to
make a personal impression on them.  Your natural way of organising your imm-
ediate experience is to attempt to impose your own personal stamp of authority
upon it, for you act with a conscious sense of your own validity as a unique
individual with all the rights and responsibilities that this entails.  Thus
you come across, at least initially, as a person with marked poise and self-
confidence, with a liking for being at the centre of things.  People will ad-
mire your simple honesty and integrity, and will back you in your schemes,
provided they feel that you are supporting them too, and that you are not just
out to hog the limelight.  Leo rising gives you considerable enthusiasm and a
bright disposition, but to make the most of your talents, you need to ensure
that your rather dramatic approach to life also serves a deeper purpose, or
you will earn a reputation for selfishness, particularly if you are intolerant
of anyone who happens to hold a different point of view from yourself, or if
you do not learn to take second place gracefully on occasion.

With Virgo rising at the time of your birth, your initial approach to life is
governed by a conscious awareness of the importance of meticulous attention
to detail.  Thus you attempt to organise both yourself and other people eff-
iciently, realising that in any undertaking it is essential that the wheels
run smoothly.  Your concentration on detail will be apparent to others, and
you will therefore come across, at least initially, as placing less emphasis
on yourself and your own wishes than you do on making the world a tidier and
more efficient place.  Although your ability to help in any practical under-
taking is highly useful, you need to ensure that you do not place the needs
of other people or society above your own deeper needs and wishes, feeling
that you have to get the world into some sort of order before you can start
to enjoy yourself.  It is important that you channel your efficiency towards
achieving some previously defined goal, rather than getting obsessionally
wrapped up in a frenzy of activity for its own sake, and you also need to
remember the importance of emotional as well as practical considerations.

With Libra rising, your initial approach to life is governed by your con-
scious understanding that there is a theoretical framework beyond the world
of individual human aspirations, emotions and practical considerations.
You therefore approach the world with a view towards developing a general
blueprint or ideal as to how the world ticks.  You are therefore friendly
and sociable, since you need to talk to many different people in pursuit
of knowledge, though your concentration on the framing of general rules
about human behaviour is likely to make it hard for you to be pinned down
on any particular issue, hence a likely reputation for indecision or lack
of commitment.  Also, you may find a problem in close relationships where
the other person may expect a more personal commitment than you feel able
to give: in some ways you are too fair!  While your intellectual quest may
take you a long way towards understanding, you will only make the most of
your opportunities if you are able to appreciate that there are other re-
alities apart from scientific and theoretical ones.

With Scorpio rising, your initial approach to life is governed by a consc-
ious awareness on your part of the importance of emotional considerations in
any human activity.  You are keenly in touch with your own feelings, and you
are probably good at sussing out how others are likely to be feeling too.
The result is that you come across as an emotionally intense person, with a
great deal of "presence".  You may not say too much in words, realising
that action based on feeling can speak louder than words, and you may there-
fore have a reputation for being somewhat self-contained and reserved.  In
return you may be distrustful of those who talk too much and say too little
and you are likely to respond with less verbal reactions of disapproval!
Your emotional approach to life probably stems from a keen inclination to-
wards self-preservation; your ability to sense an atmosphere long before
others allows you to prepare for fight or flight.  You are good at both,
but if you are to develop your penetrating potential to the full, you need
to develop more trust, recognising that there are other options.
With Sagittarius rising, your initial approach to life is spontaneous and
open.  Your natural way of organising your immediate experience is to try
to incorporate it into a growing body of self-awareness.  You feel that
you should do yourself as much justice as possible, and this inner permiss-
ion allows you great scope in self-expression, encouraging you to cover a
great deal of territory in your search for truth.  You are brave and optim-
istic, and will stand up for any cause or belief system in which you have
belief.  While these strengths are clearly desirable, there is some risk
of overdoing things somewhat.  Thus your bravery could become exaggerated
into rashness, and a tendency towards gullibility needs to be watched.  In
addition, honesty may not always be the best policy, at least in human aff-
airs, and you may be lacking in tact.  Thus the very boldness of your init-
ial approach may be your undoing.  This is particularly true, if there are
other more sensitive areas of your personality: you may offend or scare off
those people who would respond to your more gentle qualities.

With Capricorn rising, your initial approach to life is cautious and res-
erved.  Your natural way of organising your immediate experience is to try
to incorporate it into a long-term plan directed toward material security.
You have a strong conscience, feeling that you should take yourself and
the world pretty seriously.  It is therefore hardly surprising that you have
a reputation for looking before you leap, and for being somewhat sceptical.
You are likely to be ambitious, like most people brought up to take things
seriously, and your ability to endure patiently through difficulty, working
with the longer term in mind, may result in your becoming successful.  How-
ever be sure that this is what you really want: while your caution may be a
virtue, it is possible that your reserve holds you back from expressing
more extraverted or emotional aspects of your personality easily, and
with your tendency to be self-critical you may even feel that happiness is
for other people.  The truth is that you can be as happy as anyone else, and
you will probably become so as you grow older.

With Aquarius rising, your initial approach to life is unusual.  Your natural
way of organising your immediate experience is to relate it to a highly idio-
syncratic theoretical framework, or put more simply, you see things in a str-
ange way!  You are not self-centred in the ordinary sense of the word, indeed
you are humanitarian and kind, supporting minority groups and showing a liking
for innovations.  However you do overidentify with your ideas, being pretty
arrogant and intolerant if people disagree with your ideas.  This is usually
because you believe that you are right.  Even if you are correct, (which you
often are), it is not always best to stubbornly insist on it, since the maj-
ority of people will see things differently.  While your unconventional way
of approaching life can give you wonderful insights into the way things are,
your unusualness may disconcert some people: this is important to remember
particularly if there are more conventional or softer sides to your person-
ality which also need expression.  However, you are not one to take advice
too readily, so no doubt you will do your own thing and come out O.K.!

With Pisces rising in your chart, your initial approach to life is decidedly
sensitive.  You attempt to organise your immediate experience in such a way
that it is consistent with how you believe you ought to feel.  You may well
have been taught to put other people first, or you may feel that living is
a confusing business where dozens of impressions come upon you all at once
and you have to try to make some sense out of it all.  Whatever the reason,
your impact upon the world is likely to be emotional and empathetic, and
you may feel that other people manage to see issues as being clear cut while
you see them as vague.  You are likely to feel confused about all this, and
you probably retreat to your own private world of the imagination from time
to time, for in your own fantasy world, you can make all the rules for your-
self.  Whilst you may be very kind, it is important that you learn to stand
up for yourself rather more, particularly if other aspects of your personal-
ity demand a more urgent or precise mode of expression.  Check out that you
really do owe people favours, rather than take it on trust.

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