There may be other Campanus Tables of Houses on the Web: if so I have yet to come across them!  Following my production of Tables of Houses for London and New York, I have decided to produce tables for other latitudes, as requested by a correspondent.   No tables have been prepared for Arctic latitudes - Astrologers do not even agree as to how to calculate the Ascendant in polar regions, let alone house cusps, and I do not want to enter that particular debate at the moment.

The tables will hopefully be extended to cover more latitudes in due course, but in the mean time, interpolation will often work reasonably well, (though some of the house cusps change fairly quickly at sidereal times between about 16 hrs and 20 hrs at high latitudes).

N.B. The tables can be used for the Southern hemisphere, but a few adjustments are necessary.  For the Southern hemisphere only, add 12 hours to the Sidereal Time (or subtract if Sidereal Time is greater than 12 hrs), then use the table for the correct North latitude.  Finally replace the signs on all the cusps by the opposite signs.  This procedure is only necessary for Southern hemispere locations.

Please select the latitude required from the table below.  (You may need to look at the Table of Houses for more than one latitude for interpolation purposes).

10 degrees North
20 degrees North
30 degrees North
35 degrees North
40 degrees North
45 degrees North
50 degrees North
54 degrees North
57 degrees North
60 degrees North
63 degrees North
66 degrees North


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Last Updated June 5th 1999

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