Thank you to everyone for visiting our site and for your patience: we now give something in return. We strongly suggest that you print out this page for reference.  Please read all of the instructions first!

Achernar Astrology is Freeware - this means that you do not have to pay for it! The program has been developed over many years using various versions of Basic, the latest being Visual Basic 5. The author believes that this program may be interesting and useful, but no responsibility can be taken by the author for any problems arising from any use of the program.

Download has now (at last!) been simplified considerably, and there is now a single download file,, just under 2 Mb in size.

(1).  Download to a folder of your choice.

(2).  Run a program like Winzip on, and follow the instructions on screen to automatically setup and install the program Soupup2.  All of this should occur automatically, at least using Win95/98.

(3).  The program can now be run from Start >>> Programs >>> Soupup2 >>> Soupup2

(4).  To escape from the program, once it is running, use the Quit Option in the Main Menu.

The program is copyright material, as are all the files associated with the program.

Please Email if there are any queries, comments, suggestions and I will do my best to respond to them. Your continuing feedback is essential, so that I can carry on trying to sort out any problems. Thank you.

A full updated version with documentation will be produced in due course, but in the mean time please be patient. The Program has served me well for many years, as I have been adding to it and updating it, and as far as I know the routines are accurate, though some of the bells and whistles are yet to be developed fully. The program will calculate horoscopes very accurately, (within about one second of Arc), draw a chart and provide an interpretation of the chart. If you are experienced in Astrology, you will find that the program will also do relationship charts, progressions, transits etc. etc. Try it and see. A special feature allows you to view horoscopes as seen from another planet, as well as from Earth and the Sun. Explore interplanetary lines and more. Some of the features may not work yet, and the program is best used by someone with some experience in Astrology - though anyone should be able to understand the basic commands.

The following should get you started.

Main Menu --> New Chart --> Enter all your data --> All Done --> Main Menu --> Horoscope.  This should do the trick.  N.B.  Whenever you enter "New Chart" from the main menu the date/time reverts to current computer values.

Further updates will follow soon as time permits, including the possibility of an online version using Java or ActiveX (when I understand these languages better). Good luck and enjoy.

Achernar - page last updated November 12th 2000

Download (UK Server).  Recently this has tended to be the most reliable link.

Now that Fortunecity have increased the maximum file size from 1 Mb to 10 Mb, I have also uploaded to the Fortunecity server.  Please report any problems so that I can try to sort them out.

Download (USA Server).  

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